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Dump Your GF to Fatten Me
You need this big, blubbery body as much as I need to be fatter. My only question is this: how are you going to make me huge and heavy while you're still with that tiny little twig?


Giantess Repels Table Attack 🫵😡🫳🔫
The giantess was a power to be reckoned with. She found herself under attack by a group of tiny soldiers. With more bravery than brains, they launched their feeble attacks, only to have them bounce off her towering figure. Frustrated by their audacity, the giantess decided to teach them a lesson. She effortlessly grabbed one of the soldiers and began to dismember him, showcasing her dominance. They tried to bring their puny weaponry to bear against the ruthless giantess, but it only served to annoy her. In one swift motion, the giantess knocked them clear off the table, putting an end to their misguided endeavors and lives.

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Giving Up Adventuring to Gain ⚔️🛡�🐷
Unsatisfied with your life as an adventurer, you boldly make the decision to embark on a transformative journey. Tired of denying yourself anything, you look to those who value new sensations above all else. As you step through the bejeweled chiffon curtains, you see a woman of unparalleled beauty. She is everything you lust for and secretly long to be. She effortlessly commands your undivided attention as she weaves her personal tale of how she embraced hedonism and never looked back.

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Listen up. We need to talk, and I'm far from happy. You call yourself my feeder, but you're failing miserably at your job. I'm not gaining weight fast enough, and that's a problem. When you said you wanted to be a feeder, I expected you to step up and take care of me. Feeding me means having enough money to indulge my cravings whenever I damn well please. This house should be overflowing with all my favorite foods, but it's not. And I've had enough of your pathetic excuses. I don't give a damn if you have two jobs; that's your problem, not mine. If you can't figure out how to feed me adequately, I might just have to resort to other means. Trust me; you won't like the consequences. So get your act together or be prepared to face the consequences.


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Thinking About 👉👌You
I can't stop thinking about 👉👌 you. I need to feel your hands all over my
big, blubbery, blob bod as you squeeze, grab, and jiggle every inch of my
overfed, obese body. You've fattened me up like livestock. Let's see if we can
still make all of your favorite positions work?

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Big Sis Wants Me to Gain
I was in total shock when my big sis told me she wanted me to be even fatter! Why would
someone as slim and perfect as her want to be with someone like me? I trust my sister but
this seems too good to be true. Could she really want me?

Stuck in Mom's Kitchen
I have the worst mom in the world; she never cares about what I need! She rented this
stupidly small apartment that I'm waaaaay too big for. Now I have to squeeze past the
refrigerator to get into the kitchen. It's as if she's asking for me to get stuck!

Post Apocalypse Pig
The town pig has passed, and in our tradition, another must take his place. You have been
chosen to be our town's new pig. From now on, you will be chained to the center of town,
where you must eat any food that is given to you without exception. Every day, each of the
townsfolk will give you a portion of their daily rations. It is your job to make sure that each
and every bite is consumed each day before sunset.

Why the long face? It is an honor to be chosen to be the town's new pig. Yours is as
important a job as any other. You will be a constant reminder to the townsfolk of what
happens if you overindulge. We simply can't have people greedily overindulging when
food is so scarce. Don't worry, Piggy, as your body grows, so will your love for this job.

Fat Shamed By My Mom
I was having a pretty good day until my Step-Mom decided that it was time to talk. I quickly
learned that she's fed up with my plummeting grades and skyrocketing weight. I bluntly tell
her that I'm not interested in school or what it has to offer. That I will find myself a feeder to
take care of me. My Step-Mom laughs at me and calls me delusional. I tell her that there's
men that love big women like me. I equally love gorging myself and lazing about all day.
It would be a match made in Heaven! She isn't amused and definitely doesn't agree.

Featuring: Bianca Baker

My BF Secretly Fattened Me 😲
I couldn't believe that I had finally met the man of my dreams. Naively, I was completely blindsided by his ceaseless affection. He made me feel like a princess. As days turned into months, I noticed that I was starting to gain weight. Despite my efforts to eat healthy and go to the gym, the pounds just kept piling on. I was perplexed; it never crossed my mind that my wonderful boyfriend could have been the cause. Once I became too overweight to continue going to the gym, he confessed. He had been secretly adding weight gain powder to my protein shakes. Alongside enabling my every bad habit, it has caused me to balloon into the beached whale that I am now. The dress I wore on our first date is now stretched to its limit, struggling to cover my triple-sized body. I am now too fat to care.

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I'm getting too fat for my own bathroom. That's something that should embarrass me, not make me dripping wet. As I try to squeeze past the partition, I can feel all of my fat squishing against it. If my fat wasn't so soft and supple, I probably wouldn't be able to squeeze by at all. If I try to walk past facing the sink, I have to lift this big hanging belly over the basin to get by. There's just too much ass, and it doesn't have the squish that this belly does. My gluttonous ways have brought me to this point. This should be a blaring red flag to stop being such a greedy sow. I can't stop. I'm pathetically addicted to overeating and the feeling of being overfilled. I know that if I keep gaining weight, there's a real possibility I might get too fat to squeeze myself through.

Oh, you're ready to go? No, I'm not quite ready... These are my only pair of clean pants. What do I mean? Well, there's this... It seems that my thighs have gotten too fat for my leggings. My lard engorged legs have literally caused them to burst at the seams. They're so tight around the waist that they dig painfully into my bulging belly. Then there's this shirt... There's not enough fabric to cover this growing gut. It rolls up everytime that I stand up. Whenever we see each other it always revolves around food. If we're not eating out then we're ordering in. Every time that you come over it's a new round of cookies, cakes, pastries, chocolate, or other treats. It's done a number on my waistline. I know you didn't sign-up for a girlfriend that's outgrowing her clothes right before your eyes.

Good, you're out of the shower. I've laid out some clothing for you to wear. What do you mean that they're not going to fit? They'll fit. They just won't cover all of that naughty fat you've put on since we started dating. You're just going to have to make it work Piggy. Today is your lucky day, I know just the place to fulfill that deep seated desire to be publicly humiliated. There's a little grill off of the Los Vegas strip where people over 350lbs (159kg) eat for free. In order to eat for free you have to be weighed in front of the whole restaurant. Yes Piggy, that means every single customer is going to be staring directly at you.

I know you've been perving on me! I know how you can touch a fat body that you lust after. You're going to gain for me. If you don't, I'm telling Step-Mom EVERYTHING.

Devouring all of those tasty morsels has left me full and satisfied. Hundreds of souls consumed. They're fulfilling their purpose now of making my big blubbery belly even bigger. What's this, did one of you manage to escape? How quaint. ** BURP ** Aww, are you getting sick from smelling your friends digesting inside of me? Too bad!

**BURP** What the hell do you think you're doing in my room?! Have you been watching me you pervert?! What, you like the way that I burp? Please, you can't handle my big boisterous burps! **BURP** If you truly think that you can handle this then put your money where your mouth is. If you can take 20 minutes of all this weight bearing down upon you while I burp into your stupid face, then I'll give you $100. If you can't, then you owe me.

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Seducing You to Gain
Don't try to deny it. I've been in your mind. Everything that you know, I know. Every single one of your deepest darkest desires have been laid bare before me. Every day you yearn to allow yourself the permission to let go. To give into gluttony, and shrug the burden society has placed upon you. Give into me. Release the pig inside you, and grow massively obese for me. Allow me to enable you; to feed you, fatten you, and fuck you. I can fulfill every feedist fantasy your little human mind has ever conceived. Your whole life will be nothing but pleasure. All that I ask return, is to feed on that delicious pent up sexual tension.

SSBBW Xutjja's Shameless Gluttony
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I'm proud to announce that my ONLYFANS will be splitting in two. @Xutjja will now have a tighter focus. Focusing on feedism, female weight gain, immobility, giantess, vore, goddess worship, and taboo. While at @FeederXutjja Every week you'll be treated to a new female feeder/FFA themed clip. All clips are full length. No PPV ever! You'll also get to partake in an ever evolving weekly choose your own adventure style story via polls. If that wasn't enough, I'll also be providing daily encouragement messages. Both sites will be dropping to the low piece of $12/month!


Quote from: pancakedone on September 05, 2022, 05:20:52 PM
You should sit on him & eat all of his food.

I just might 😈

Put those boxes of donuts, and bags of fast food on the coffee table right now Mister. Now, sit down! Why am I angry? I'm angry that my once fit boyfriend, is now too fat to fuck! Three pathetic pumps is not what I call "fucking". You're out of breath just walking down our hallway. It's truly pitiful.

You're out of control. You've eaten yourself into caricature of your former self. Your whole body engulfed in a sea of lard. I'm impressed by how quickly you turned from feeder to feedee. You're managed to get even fatter than I am in a record breakingly short time. You weigh more than 400lbs (180kg)!! Congratulations you're now twice the weight of an average adult male.

I don't know what to do with you. I'm supposed to be the feedee in this relationship! Clearly at your size you'll be unable to properly exercise. Changing your diet won't do enough. What to do, what to do?

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Immobilize Me With Fat
This big blubbery body isn't enough. All of this weight you've
packed on me, simply isn't enough. I need MORE!! I need you
to bury me in my own fat. I need my belly to consume my lap
until it hangs heavily over my knees. Feed me until I permanently
have to spread my legs to accommodate the giant sack of lard
between them. I need you help. I need you to push me until my
body is completely engorged with fat and totally useless.

PoV Making Love to Step-Mommy
Hey, what are you doing in here? Step-step-mommy is only in
her undies. You shouldn't be in here. Go on downstairs and I'll
be down shortly. What's wrong with my back? It's nothing to
trouble yourself over. You want to make your Step-step-mommy
feel so much better? You want to give me a massage? I guess...
that would be okay. How do you want me?

Gain for Your Goddess
Can you hear it calling? The FAT, it wants MORE!! It longs to grow,
expand, weigh you down, and make you struggle. Turning the
simplest tasks into nearly impossible ones. Your own body
restricting your movements through its own sheer bulk and
awkwardness. That's exactly what you want, isn't it? You want things
to be become increasingly difficult as you helplessly watch your body
balloon with lard.  I understand the way no other could. You see,
you've subconsciously summoned the Goddess of Gluttony with your
aching need to act on your burning desires.

Cursed VHS Tape Makes You Gain
There's no escape, the moment that you put this VHS tape in your VCR
you were cursed. Cursed to get fatter, and fatter, and fatter. Just a month
ago I was active and attractive; the captain of school's cheerleading squad.
Now look at me, a useless pile of quivering blubber! The worst part of this
curse... you start enjoying it.

Too Fat for My Pants
The sun is shining and the birds are chirping that means that summer is finally
upon us! With summer comes BBQs!! The perfect social event for a pig like me.
That is, if I can find something that fits...

HuCow Jiggles & Fat Chat
I wore this outfit so there would be no illusion as to the woman I truly am. You
should know what you're in for. I'm more heifer than your average hoe. This body
was made for pleasure. Made to be used. To be fed, fattened, and fucked. I always
want MORE! That's how I became so big and blubbery. A spoiled sow spending
her days grazing through calories like a cow.

SSBBW Smelling & Tasting My Kitty
There's nothing else that tastes or smells like it. The sweet, spicy, and slightly musky
odor that can only be pussy. A scent recognizable to anyone that's ever been lucky
enough to catch a whiff. The smell of a woman. Her taste equally unique slightly
salty and the light taste of something else that can only be described as her.

Jumping Jacks, Arm Jiggles, & Fat Chat
My big blubbery belly is threatening to burst right out of these too tight bikini bottoms.
There's just no room left to spare. Every inch of fabric is stretched around my fattened
form. If my body wasn't so very squishy, I wouldn't be able to fit into this outfit at all.

Even with such an incredibly soft body I still struggle with sleeves. These thigh sized
arms are just too big for most plus size clothing. As my fingers dig into the heavy
hanging sacks of fat that are my upper arms you can clearly see why. There's just too
much of me.

You don't have to take me on my word that I'm staggeringly soft. Once I start moving
my fattened form every inch of me starts to sway and jiggle. I was as shocked as you
that I could even move this lard storage tank of a body in such ways. Doing so was
utterly exhausting. Pigs like me aren't made for such exertion.

Morning Masturbation & Fat Chat
It's getting so very hard to reach my perfect plump pussy. These naughty thick rolls of
blubber threaten to block the path to my pleasure. You don't care. All you want is more,
and more, and more. You won't be happy until I can't reach my own pussy anymore.
Making me to beg for you to get me off. A fattened sow cowed by my food addiction.
A pathetic pig stripped of all willpower and completely bent to your command.

Camera Shaking Belly Drops
This outfit is absolutely ridiculous! Yes, I know... I lost the bet. Your fantasy is to see your
bloated pig of a girlfriend masquerading as a cow? I suppose I can indulge you and show
you just how heavy this big fat belly really is. The way it plops down on our table with a
big old thud. Heavy, hanging, and so deliciously soft!

Masturbating for My Step-step-sister
I'm going to miss you soooooooooo much! I can't believe my little step-step-sister is heading
off to college. Maybe, we can do something special before you leave? I was thinking that you
could watch me play with myself, and then I could watch you. Wouldn't that be fun?

Smelling & Tasting My Kitty
There's something so incredibly sensual about the smell of a woman; that sweet, spicy, musky
scent that can only be pussy. There's nothing quite like the smell and taste of a nice juicy pussy.
My kitty is dripping wet for you.

Fattened Cow Wants You
Look at all this naught blubber you've packed on my poor body! It weighs me down and causes
me to struggle with the most basic of tasks. I love every moment of it. A bloated cow that's
ready to be fed and bred. This body has been built by you for your pleasure.

HuCow Hangers
Do you like this outfit? I thought it appropriate for a bloated cow like me. My saggy, heavy, and hanging
udders are begging to be shown off. Naughty udders that deserve to be punished for not producing any milk.

Step-step-mommy NEEDS You
These jeans are so very tight. I've definitely been packing on the pounds. It's not enough, it's never enough.
I need to be fatter now! Lucky me, I found a way to do so. A magic potion that will make it so when someone
dumps their cum in me my body will explode with FAT! Every inch of me expanding outward at an alarming rate
till I'm hundreds of pounds heavier. Will you donate your hot cum to your Step-step-mommy's cause?
This kitty isn't gonna please itself.

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Maid Notices Your Gain
I can not believe the states of this house! You should be ashamed
of yourself! Did you spend the whole week in bed fattening yourself
up like some kind of livestock? I found empty pizza boxes, greasy
wrappers, empty pop cans, and empty fast food bags throughout
your bedroom. Did you order from every delivery place in the
neighborhood fatty?

Feedee Humiliates Herself on Cam
I can't believe that my whole body jiggles with every movement
that I make. I've really let myself go. Any "normal" woman would
be aghast by the state of their body. Saggy tits, heavy and hanging.
Pendulous drooping down past my plump pussy. Thighs thicker
than most people's waists and covered in dimpled cellulite. Those
things just make me want even more!

Supersized Executrix
The Goddess of Gluttony masquerades as a hired hitman in her
spare time. The normally sensual Goddess is shockingly a most
brutal and merciless executrix. Using her divine form to overpower
her marks and end their pathetic existences with a combination of
squashing, smothering, and trampling.

Humiliating Self in Shower
Ewwwww, I can't believe how disgusting I am! I've been such a lazy
sow lately that I couldn't be bothered to take a shower. Today one
of my Feeders are taking me out in public. This pig needs to be able
to pass as a "normal" girl.

Fattening the Maid
Don't deny it, you can't keep your eyes off of me.  Whenever I glance
your way, I see you watching my big blubbery body out of the corner
of your eye.  I know you touch your rock hard cock thinking of my soft
fat pussy.  You want to fuck me, but you're too afraid to.  I know, it's
wrong, I'm your employee.  That shouldn't matter to you powerful men
take what they desire!

Easter Bunny Got FAT
This naughty bunny ate ALL the Easter chocolate that I was supposed
to deliver. I couldn't help myself. Now it seems that I'm hooked. I can't
stop shoveling deliciously fattening food into my greedy mouth. My
once lithe body has become weighed down with heavy fat. I don't care.
In fact, I want MORE! More FOOD, more FAT, and more FUCKING!

Smoking & Feedism Chat
There's something strangely erotic about watching a fat pig smoke.
Such an unhealthy habit for someone who's super morbidly obese to
have. Reveling in the indulgence of the act regardless of the
consequences. Living for sheer pleasure no matter the cost.

I finally filmed a pee vid. What can I say, I had to go and I was too lazy
to haul this big blubbery blob bod off of the floor.
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Corrupting Alicia (Part 1 of 4)
Such wicked thoughts swirled through my mind as I watched her walk away. I couldn't help envisioning
what she'd look like as the weight settled. How the thin layer of fat that covered her slightly plump body
would become engorged. Her waistline expanded as her willpower diminished. Every temptation that she
gave into bringing her one step closer to succumbing to gluttony.

Fattening Alicia (Part 2 of 4)
To release her inner sow I needed to show her what a pig she truly was. I could see the apprehension in her
eyes as I bound her to the chair with duct tape. Soon she'd learn that this would be more than just a feeding
session, it was an exploration in sexuality. I knew making her beg for every bite would have her panties
soaking wet. Now where is my funnel?

Fattening Alex (Part 3 or 4)
Temptation, the ever looming beast. A beast that I'd need to masterfully manipulate if I was going to be able
to sway this fataphobic fitness freak. Alicia meticulously kept track of everything that Alex would let himself
indulge in on his cheat days. She made sure the house was stocked with each and every one of his favorites.
All he needed was a little push in the form of an appetite stimulant.

Will You Be My Pig Too? (Part 4 of 4)
As this story comes to a conclusion, you're going to have to make a choice. Will you suffer the same fate as
Alicia & Alex, or will you muster what little willpower you have left and waddle out that door? If you stay,
you'll never walk again.
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Fatty Tries to Exercise
I haven't seen my best friend since she left for college after high school.
The rumor is that the prom queen herself has fallen from grace. That the
once svelte cheerleader was now quite rotund. Sure, I've put in a bit of
weight myself but I'm nowhere near as fat as her! You'd think she'd have
been able to accept that with poise. Here she was slandering me with
accusations of a bigger pig than her! There was only one way to resolve
these outlandish allegations, we'd have a fitness test!

Fat Pig Burps
Do you like what you see? I've heard that you like to watch big blubbery
babes like me chugging empty calories and burping like the pigs that we are.

Valentine's Day Pig
This is your Valentine's Day wish?! To see your girlfriend dressed as a pig.
I've been starving myself trying to lose this weight for you! This is how you treat
me? You never wanted me to lose this weight?! Then it wasn't coincidence that
every time I brought up cutting back that you'd come home from work with trays
of "leftovers" from some corporate event? You've enjoyed watching my willpower
faulter. You want me to give into gluttony, don't you? To be your greedy gluttonous
sow. Aren't I that already? Just look at me! You've already put so much weight on
me. Even exerting what little willpower that I still have my body has swelled like a fat
filled water balloon. If we go down this path I'll become scarcely more than a
shapeless barely mobile pile of lard.

Fattening Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day Piggy. Want to see your greedy Goddess out of this little black dress
and into the skimpiest of lingerie? Then eat everything on this table! I'm not joking fatty,
tonight we're going to push you to your limit and past. No ifs, ands, of butts; I'm going
to see just how much that lard storage tank you call a gut can hold!

Corrupting Alicia - Part 1 of 4
Such wicked thoughts swirled through my mind as I watched her walk away. I couldn't
help envisioning what she'd look like as the weight settled. How the thin layer of fat that
covered her slightly plump body would become engorged. Her waistline expanded as her
willpower diminished. Every temptation that she gave into bringing her one step closer to
succumbing to gluttony.

Fattening Alicia - Part 2 of 4
To release her inner sow I needed to show her what a pig she truly was. I could see the
apprehension in her eyes as I bound her to the chair with duct tape. Soon she'd learn that
this would be more than just a feeding session, it was an exploration in sexuality. I knew
making her beg for every bite would have her panties soaking wet. Now where is my funnel?

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Feeding Your Feedee
How sweet, you remembered how your greedy gluttonous sow was desperately craving donuts. You should've seen the
look on the delivery man's face when he saw me. All this blubber hanging out of my tiny purple lingerie. He couldn't meet
my eyes as he handed me the order. I should've been embarrassed having my big blubbery body on full display. It only
made me more hungry. I'm such a pathetically addicted pig.

Watching Your Feedee Masturbate
Oof, I'm stuffed! I know if you were here you'd be whispering in my ear that I'm a greedy gluttonous sow that needs to keep
eating, and eating, and eating. That I need to show you how insatiable that I truly am. You know making a complete pig of
myself makes me soaking wet. The need to cum will overwhelm me till I can't think of anything else.

Jiggling My Fat Arms
I've heard that you like big blubbery babes. The kind with arms the size of a fat girl's thighs; bigger than her head. It seems
that I fit that description to a tee. My arms are a testament to my insatiable greed. Only through complete gluttony can one
achieve arms such as these; heavy, hanging, and full of cellulite.

Jiggling My Fat Thighs
If you enjoy the flabbiness of my arms, then let me welcome you to my thighs; massive, thunderous, big, and blubbery. Behold
the pillars of my gluttony, bigger than most people's waists!

Belly Drops & Feedism Talk
Look at what you've done to me! You've caused my whole body to balloon with fat. Now every inch of me jiggles! My whole body
has become so unbelievably soft. Such softness comes with a price. That price is its heft. Come listen to the sound that all of this
lard makes?

Punishing My Udders 💢
These big saggy udders are just begging to be milked.  This heifer 🐮
hasn't been producing milk 🥛 and her udders need to be punished!

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I'm a Pig Slut for You 🐷💦

There's a stereotype that fat girls are easy, and it's absolutely true.
Pigs like me love getting fucked. Reduce me down to the greedy
gluttonous sow that I am! Feed me till I'm bloated, breathless, and
ready to burst! I'm yours to use!

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Roommate Shocked By Your Gluttony 😱

This has to stop! It's time for an intervention, your gluttony is consuming you!
Every time I leave the house you devour everything in sight! No snack is safe
from your greedy maw. You're spiraling out of control. Are you still working?
I can't remember the last time you left the house. I can't even remember the
last time you got dressed. Do you have any clothes that can still cover that
lard engorged body of yours?


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Worship Your Goddess
No, you're not in trouble. Quite the opposite actually. You've shown yourself
to be a devoted servant. True obedience and loyalty are to be rewarded. As a
reward you may worship the perfection that is my divinely soft and supple body.

C4S SSBBW Xutjja's Shameless Gluttony - Worship Your Goddess
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IWC Xutjja - Worship Your Goddess - iWantClips
OF OnlyFans

I Want to Be a Lazy Pig
I want to let my gluttony consume me. I want to move as little as possible while
glutting myself on thousands upon thousands of calories. I never want to cook
again. I don't want to even use a microwave. I want food brought to me;
thousands upon thousands of processed artery clogging calories.

I never want to have to lift a finger in the house. No cooking, no cleaning, and
definitely no laundry! That's a waste of precious calories that could otherwise
be turned to fat. The only exercise I'll tolerate is walking to the front door or fridge.

C4S SSBBW Xutjja's Shameless Gluttony - I Want to Be a Lazy Pig
MV Hottest vids from your favorite content creators | ManyVids
OF OnlyFans

Grab & Use My Fat
I need your hands on my big blubbery blob bod. I need you to use my fat; treat
me like the luscious lard filled sow that I am. Feed me till my body balloons with fat
and then use every engorged inch of me. I'm your kept pig to feed, fatten, and use.

C4S SSBBW Xutjja's Shameless Gluttony - Grab  Fuck My Fat
MV Hottest vids from your favorite content creators | ManyVids
OF OnlyFans

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Step-Mom Wants You to Fuck Her Fatter

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Quote from: mrsbibbw69 on July 27, 2021, 01:45:37 AM
Hunny you are a very sexy lady.

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As I eat, I slowly begin to strip down. I know what
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Teasing & Then Eating You

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Showing Off My Fat Arms

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When you have arms the size of a fat woman's
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There's no long sleeve shirt capable of
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gluttonous binge has done. Why would I want
to hide such magnificence? Watch the way they
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isn't it? There's power in such size. I could
literally smother you with all my softness.

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Can you believe I was able to squeeze all of this fat into that jumpsuit? (Video included.) I'm
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I was hesitant to make another one of these videos. The sounds that rental made on the
way to return it were truly worrisome. Recently I had the opportunity to bounce my buddy's
parts car out in front of his apartment building. After being under my ass, hopefully one of
the parts he needed wasn't the rear suspension!

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I've had several requests over the years to do a revving video. Since my buddy let me use
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fasten the seatbelt.

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I can't concentrate, my mind is consumed by your cock. How it fills every inch of my pussy; making me cum, over, and over,
and over. The power to reduce me to a quivering pile of lard. I want you, no, I need you. Please come home and fuck me?

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Good morning my love! Did you sleep well? I got up early so I had plenty of time to get ready for my session this afternoon.
I thought I'd give you a little preview of how I've dressed for it.
Clip Updates

Fingering My Supersized Feedee

It's funny how kinks can evolve. Now I'm as much of a feeder as
a feedee. I don't want to just fatten myself up, I want to fatten
someone else as well. Meet my new greedy gluttonous sow,
Peppa. Ravenously hungry and eager to gain she's a mutual
gainers dream! In this clip I'll kiss her big blubbery body and then
finger her plump pussy to orgasm.


Supersized Threesome

Enjoy this blast from the past with this found footage of
two supersized sows getting fucked.



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Mesmerized Into Being a Human Hog

You feel your heart skip a beat. You've just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime! A three figure salary with all the bells
and whistles. If that wasn't enough, the orientation takes place on the company's private island! You pinch yourself to make
sure you're not dreaming. Ouch, that hurt. You're definitely not dreaming.

You quickly pick your jaw up off the ground as you enter the room and see a blob of a woman dressed in panted on pleather
leggings and a straining leopard print blouse. You've always had a soft spot for greedy, gluttonous sows, that don't know
when to put the fork down. You beam your best smile at her and take a seat. You think to yourself if you play your cards right
maybe this job will have yet another perk.

Your eyes drink in her figure, this porker must be at least 400 lbs! As you tune back in, you hear her talking about some kind of
video. You feel strangely as you turn your head towards the television. What's happening?

Themes: bbw - ssbbw, fat, feederism, gaining weight, mesmerize, mindwash, gfe, pov



Confronting You About Our Weight Gain

I'm glad you're home early, I want to talk to you. Don't worry my love, it's not that I'm unhappy.
Quite the contrary actually. I am curious however as to why you haven't brought up my
considerable weight gain? It's normal to put on some relationship weight but look at all of this!
I've blown up like a balloon! There's no way that you couldn't have noticed, I've more than doubled
my weight since we started dating. Your eyes betray you with lust and the way you touch my
fattened body makes me think that you like it. I like it too.

If we're being honest with each other, I'm not the only one that has been piling on the pounds.
Did you think that I wouldn't notice that you had to replace all of your jeans? What's the saying,
"a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips"? You weren't thinking of the consequences of your
overindulgence were you piglet? That's right I called you a piglet, you're not fat enough to be a
proper hog yet! What? You know you want this as much as I do.

Themes: Female Fat Admirer - FFA, Feeder/Feedee, Facestuffing/Overeating, Fat, Gaining Weight,
Immobility Fetish, GFE, POV


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Have you taken a look at yourself recently? You've glutted yourself from a piglet into a proper hog.
How long did it take to squeeze yourself into that ill fitting outfit? You're fat is literally pouring over
the top of your pants. The poor seams look like they're about to burst! You just couldn't stop eating
could you? Soon nothing in your closet will fit. No matter, it's time to measure and weigh you. Let's
see all the damage that you've done to yourself fatty!

You've certainly fattened yourself up. Now that I have more free time I'm going to see that you grow
even bigger. I'm thinking twice my size? Soon you'll be nothing more than a wheezing sweaty sack of
lard. Too stupid to stop eating yourself further into immobility. After all, who needs to walk?

Themes: Feederism, Feeder/Feedee, Female Fat Admirer - FFA, Mutual Gaining, Body Comparison,
Gaining Weight, and Immobility

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Nothing has been as freeing as giving into gluttony; to be able to eat
whatever I want whenever I want damn the consequences. As you
walk in on me glutting myself on cheesecake I should be ashamed
but I'm not. I've embraced my greed. I'm not the only one that's been
greedy now am I? Your pants are getting tight there my darling feeder.

Themes: Feederism, Mutual Gaining, Eating, PoV (Point of View),
GFE (Girlfriend Experience)


I warned you, I told you that I was a bad influence. You didn't listen. A
piece of candy here.  A slice of pizza there.  All of a sudden you're pants
don't fit.  You didn't stop there did you?  You kept glutting yourself like a
overfed hog. 

You couldn't even bring yourself to get dressed and pick me up from the airport. 
You were too busy stuffing your face with fattening calorie laden cheesecake
and jerking off.  Most girlfriends would be angry but I enjoy watching you sink
further and further into the deeps of addiction.

Themes: Feederism, Mutual Gaining, Eating, Weight Humiliation, Masturbation,
Jerk Off Encouragement, PoV (Point of View), GFE (Girlfriend Experience)


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After a long day there's nothing better than relaxing in the tub with a snack.
Unfortunately for this fatty I forgot my snack.  While attempting to get out
of the tub I quickly realized that I was stuck!  Will I be able to free myself
without any help? 😨

Themes: Feederism, Stuck


Up Close Teasing

It feels as if every day my body becomes more engorged with fat. The ponderous sack of lard I call my stomach
ever inching closer to my knees as my ass continues its journey outward from my lower back. Do you want to see?

Themes: Strip Tease, Pussy Spreading

Being apart from you is torture! I need your hands on my big blubbery body
as you press a donut against my lips and whisper words of encouragement
in my ear. You've been working so hard for your jiggle pig, it's time that I
return the favor.

Themes: Feederism, Male Feeder/Female Feedee, Eating, Masturbation,
PoV (Point of View), GFE (Girlfriend Experience)


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Dump Your Girlfriend For Me

Don't deny it, I know that you're my anonymous feeder. Did you think that
I wouldn't notice the way you look at me? I know you want me and my
growing body. Break up with that skinny bitch and be with me. I'll fuck you
the way only a pig slut can.

Gain For Me

Picture yourself in your mind's eye the way that you want to be. The weight that you want to be. That you need to be! Release yourself from society's hold and glut yourself till your pathetic fat engorged legs can't hold your mountainous bulk.


Give In, Get Fat

You've turned me into an helplessly over indulgent sow.  My whole body is now covered in an obscenely thick layer of fat.  You've been a dedicated and doting feeder but I've grown bored with our relationship.  I want to do for you what you've done for me.  I've seen the way that you look at me.  How your eyes linger on my lips as you press food against them.  There's a longing in your eyes that betrays your true desire.  The desire to get fat.  To be free of society's standards.  To let go of all inhibitions and eat, and eat, and eat.  To feel the painful pleasure of having your stomach stretched to its limits.  You know it's what you truly want.  It's time to give in to me and get fat.

Let's Get Fat Together

I've seen the way that you look at me.  There's more than just lust in your eyes, there's envy.  You want a body like mine; to be fully encased in a thick layer of lard.  To have eaten yourself to the point of being a shapeless blob-like mass of quivering blubber.  I understand your desires like no one else can.  I'll show you how to let go of all inhibitions and eat as if it's your last meal.  Submit to me and I will set free your inner pig.

Get Fatter For Me

Why are your pants unbuttoned fatty? Have you been snacking before dinner? You haven't been snacking? Then why won't those pants button? Oh, I see. Someone's put on a little weight... maybe more than a little? I'd noticed but this, it gives me confirmation. Don't worry fat boy, I like what I see.  In fact, I think I want you to get even fatter!

Morbid Feeder Wants You Immobile

The content of this video is not for the faint of heart. This video is for pigs; greedy gluttonous pigs that want to grow hopelessly pitifully obese.  The type of pigs that struggles to get through the day as their thoughts are consumed by food, fat, and sex.  I know what you need.  I know that you want to be reprogrammed to let go of all inhibitions and willing trap yourself in a life of over indulgence.  I can do that for you fatty.  Follow my instructions and you'll watch as your rolls of fat thicken by the day.  Soon you'll find yourself trapped in the cycle.  You see the heavier your body gets the lazier you will get and the lazier you get the heavier your body will get.  Till you find yourself on the brink of immobility.

Noticing Your Holiday Gain

Did you truly think that I of all people wouldn't notice? Then again, it's obvious to everyone but you. Your clothes have become so tight that they look like they're painted on you. This is the consequence of your actions. You thought you could indulge without worry. After all it's only a slice of piece or a cookie. Only it wasn't just a slice of pie or a cookie, was it? It was months of overindulgence.It caused me endless amusement to see your will finally falter. To see you mindlessly grazing throughout the day like the pig you so often like to tease. What you failed to see was the sparkle in my eyes as I was watching your clothes slowly grow tighter.  It made me so wet watching your clothes slowly grow tighter.  Why are you trying to fight this?  It was inevitable.  Everyone I'm with eventually succumbs to the lure on unrestrained hedonism.

You're My Pet Pig Now

As you open your eyes you're unable to focus.  Your body feels as if it's weighted down by some unknown force.  You're having a hard time keeping your head up.  Someone is speaking to you but the sound is distorted as if you were listening while underwater.  Slowly your vision clears and you see a woman standing before you.  She's dressed simply in a black bra and panties.  What stands out about her is her size, she is simply massive.  You attempt to speak but words fail you.  Your throat is raw.  She hands you a glass full of milky white liquid.  Provoked by thirst you take a big gulp without hesitation.  You're pleasantly surprised by the taste of the liquid; it's rich, creamy, and lightly sweet. 

Although she is speaking to you, you don't quite understand what she is saying.  You feel an intense hunger gnawing at your gut.  The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts up.  Your stomach growls and mouth begins to salivate.  As she presses the cookie to your lips you feel compelled to take a big bite.  The cookies have a surprisingly soft texture with a rich buttery taste that's perfectly complemented by the chunks of decadent chocolate.  You find yourself longing for more.  As if reading your mind you find another cookie pressed against your lips.  Eagerly taking a bite you nearly take a chunk out of one of her perfectly manicured fingers. As you finish the cookie you find that you're once again thirsty.  As if she's once again reading your mind she encourages you to finish your drink.

Your eyelids feel as heavy as the rest of your body.  Try as you may you can't seem to keep them open.  Despite your best effort your nod off.  You awake to the sound of her snapping her fingers.  As your vision clears the look on her face tells you that she wants your full attention.  You try to speak but she cuts you off.  She tells you that the liquid you've been drinking is her very own breast milk.  You should feel repulsed but strangely all you want is more.  Some of those cookies wouldn't hurt either.  How can you already be hungry again?  You feel strange as if you're stuck in a dream.  You try to ask a question but become focused on her bosom.  She's slowly unhooking her bra.  To your embarrassment you feel yourself begin to drool.  Your eyes are glued to her chest.  As her big breasts fall free from their confines you feel your pants become uncomfortably tight.  The way that she's playing with her breasts is mesmerizing. 

She genitally touches your shoulder.  You must've nodded off again.  The tone of her voice indicates that what she's saying is serious.  You try to focus.  Could what she's saying be true?  Are you going to be completely under her control now?  You admit to yourself that you're finding her more and more alluring.  It's as if you want to do anything that she tells you to.  She tells you that you're now her pet pig and that you're going to gain copious amounts of weight for her.  Your cock twitches upon hearing this.  You can't believe you're getting so turned on.  This is completely insane yet you find yourself ready and willing to eat anything that she puts in front of you.


Two Feeders Fatten You (NEW)

We're going to feed you till you're so fucking fat that you'll never be able to walk again. We don't care about your health, all we care about is turning you into a pathetic quivering pile of hog jelly; a truly massive mountain of pure lard.


We Want You FAT!

We've seen the way that you look at us.  You're not looking at us because you simply find us attractive.  You're looking at us because you want to be us.  We know your secret; We know you long to let go of all inhibitions.  You want someone to tell you that it's alright to free your inner pig.  We're here to tell you just that.  You see we want you to get fat.  When we say fat we don't mean a little chubby, we mean super morbidly obese.  We want to corrupt you.  We want to brainwash you till you're hopelessly addicted to food.  Till you're on your way to becoming so pitifully obese that you can't reach your cock.  Not that it would matter if you could.  As your cock will become completely engulfed by your thickening fat pad; swallowed by lard and next to useless.  Stop doubting yourself and start listening to your dark desires.  Your cock knows what your body yearns for.  We're here to show you the way.

Morbid Feeders Want You Bed Bound

Did you think that your gain would go unnoticed?  It hasn't.  Don't worry piglet we're not mad at you.  Quite the opposite actually, we've decided that we're going to embrace your gluttonous behavior.  We're going to enable you to become the hog that you long to be.  We're going to make sure that you grow super-super obese.  We're not going to stop there either.  We're going to feed you until you're immobile.  We're going to make your body swell with fat so quickly that it won't be able to keep up.  You'll be imprisoned by your gluttony.  Hog unable to do anything but eat himself further into oblivion. That's what you secretly want isn't it fatty?


We Want You Immobile

You're going to sit down and listen carefully.  We've grown bored of simply being your wanton sows to feed, fatten, and fuck for your arousal and amusement.  It stops now.  We've decided that you're no longer in charge.  For years you've been fattening us into the supersized sows that we are now.  No more.  Now you're going to be our piglet.  Don't laugh!  You heard us right, we're going to fatten you up whether you like it or not!  We'll tie you down if we have to.  We're going to condition your body to associate food and sex just like you did to ours.  By the end of the month you'll be begging us for more. 

Say goodbye to your stylish wardrobe.  Soon you won't fit in any of it!  You think that we're talking about fatten you up till you're a little bit chubby?  We're not.  You're going to be a proper overfed hog.  We're going to make you so fat that you're out of breath just sitting.  Then we're going to make you even fatter.  You'll be fattened to the point that you're too big to struggle.  Our helpless hog pinned down by lard.
Secretly Filming a Fatty

Unbeknownst to her a feeder is secretly following her around as she overindulges. No audio, just a fatty waddling up to the buffet and then cluelessly eating thousands of calories.
Fatty Gets Fucked & Fed

I moan as you push a the deliciously fattening fried dough between my lips. My whole body is engulfed in an ever thickening layer of lard. Yet I can't stop. I won't stop. Nothing makes me cum harder than when you fuck me and hand feed me!

Fatty Tries On Lingerie

This big blubbery body is simply overflowing this lingerie. Watch as I try on various outfits for you.
Giantess Eats Her Victims

The potion truly has turned me into a giantess! Now I'm hundreds of times the size of an average human! I'm going to devour anything and anyone in my path! Do you think you can hide from me? Impossible! I'm going to enjoy feeling your body explode in my mouth like a Gusher.