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Karen, was a huge woman. She had been big all her life, ever since she was a little girl. She was constantly being looked down apon for her size. Dealing with the looks and insults her whole life had started to wear her down and make her a jaded and angry woman. Karen was now in her mid 40's. She stands a looming 6'1" and weighs in at a strong and solid 450lbs. She was agile for her size, and muscular. Eventhough she was strong and solid she was still very obese. She had long blonde hair and a very pretty face, deep peircing blue eyes, and full pouty lips. She always made sure to keep herself pretty in maricures and pedicures, and wore very stylish attractive clothing. Even being so large she liked to dress in low cut shirts, and short skirts. Her legs were massive. Muscular, yet covered in layers of fat. Her ass was simply enormous! Close to 4 feet wide, and very lose and jiggley. Her belly was round and thick, and her breast very a perky and large 54 HH.

Karen had never had a boyfriend, due to her lack of confidence and incredible size. She was infact still a virgin, but this would all change by the end of this tale. The closest she had come to sex, was at her senior prom. She was asked to the prom by her high school crush. A mousey little young man whos confidence was as low as young Karens. They spent the night dancing away, and when the night was over her gave Karen her first and only kiss. It was a night Karen always treasured, because it was the only time she felt truely attractive and wanted. Things never worked out with Karen and her date. They went their seprate ways after high school, and never spoke to one another again. This broke Karens heart and ate at her over the past 25 years. Making her angrier and more jaded.

On this day Karen had to make a trip to the grocery store. It was a blisteringly hot day. 90 degrees in the shade at they say. A very humid uncomfortable Saturday afternoon. A day that was to be made so much more uncomfortable for a smart mouthed young man! Karen dressed herself in a short summer one peice dress. they type much much smaller women wear on a day like today. The dress barely covered her more than ample behind, and allowed her huge breasts to spill out over the top. She wore no bra, because even for her size her breasts were very perky. Beneath her dress she put on her favorite G-string which was completely invisible under her rolls of fat. She also chose to wear a pair of nude colored pantyhose. Eventhought it was so hot outside, she felt that the pantyhose would conceal and hold back some of her leg fat. She also put on her favorite pair of sexy high heels, which strained to support her unimaginable bulk.

She made her way into the store and once again endured the gazes and whispers. Her anger grew by the moment, but she held her tounge. As she gathered up her few items and headed back to her car, she heard laughter behind her. She tried her best to ignore it like she always had, but this was getting unbearable. She finnally snapped when she heard a loud "MOO!" as she opened her trunk to put in her purchases. She quickly spun around to see a skinny young man, just barely 18 laughing away behind her. In a flash 45 years of tourment was let loose! She walked towar te young man, and wordlessly threw a swift and devistating kick straight into his balls! He instantly dropped to his knees in horrific pain! Karen looked around and saw no other witnesses, so she made a decision that would forever change her life. She let fly with a second even more severe kick to the young mans balls. He now flopped to his belly and vomited from the pain. He couldnt even speak. she reached down and effortlessly brought him back to his feet. She drug him over and stuffed him into her trunk and slammed the lid closed, striking his head and knocking him unconcious in the process. She drove the 5 miles back to her country home anticipating what she would do next. She had just kidnapped and beaten a young man and had no idea what the conciquences may be.

As she pulled into the garage and was sweating heavily. Partly because of the heat, and partly because of her fear and excitement. Karen was always a heavy sweater, she didnt so much sweat, as she rained! Today however, was even worse. She could feel beads of sweat running down her ampits, and thighs, and the crack of her ass. Before she had left the house she had eaten a big meal of ham and cabbage, which gave her unussually bad gas. She had also had to relieve herself and due to her size had trouble keeping her buttocks clean. She almost always had to shower after a bowle movement because it was the only way to ensure that she was clean. Today she didnt have the time and simply left for the store. This would prove to make her victims suffering far more disgusting and degrading. She could feel that her ass was sticky with leftover shit, and sweat. Karen laughed to herself as she opened the lid of her trunk to find her captive slave just starting to come back to conciousness.

She pulled him out of the trunk by his messy blonde hair and the young man made his second mistake of the day. He looked up at his captor and spit in her beautiful face! He shouted "Let me go you fat cow!" Karens face seathed with anger! She placed her meaty hand around his throat and pulled him out of the car and to his feet. She used her other massive hand to slap the teenage punk across his cheek and ear. She struck him so hard he was speachless and knocked back onto the car. As he slid down onto the cold concrete she stomped her dangerous high heel into his aching balls, tearing a hole in his jeans. She kept her weight on his crotch and leaned down into his face increasing the weight on his badly damaged genitals. He winced in pain and tried to speak, but she clamped her sweaty palm across his mouth easily cover more than half of his frightened face. She looked into his eyes and calmly told him, "If you wish to leave her with your life you will do what I say when I say, and you will not speak unkindly to me again!" "Do you understand me?" He did not speak only shook his head vigorously saying yes. She took her weight off of him, and ordered her new toy to stand up and carry her grocieries into the house and place then in the fridge. He silently did so and turned to his new mistress for further instruction. "W-w-w-what would you like me to do for you now ma'am?" She laughed at how quickly his tone changed, and relished this new found power she had discovered. She thought for a moment about what she truley wanted, and then an idea popped into her beautiful head. She looked down at the young man who was probably only 5'4" and maybe 150 pounds. She dwarfed him in everyway, and she loved that! After what seemed like an eternity she spoke, "I want you to please me!" "Strip naked and lay on the floor before me!" Do not say a word, unless I command you to!" Quickly he did as he was told. In a flash he was naked and lying at the feet of this enormous Goddess. He trembled with fear as he looked up at her. She was huge in any position, but from his vantage point this woman was simply too much to even describe. She paced around him proding him with her feet and heels, as she approached his cock she could see the bruising she had caused. She laughed at her accomplishment and began to tease him. "Ha ha ha, look at that pathetic excuse for a cock! "You call yourself a man?" "You are not even half a man! and when I am done with you, you will not even be a man!" "In the next few hours I am going to crush the life nearly out of you!" "I will kick you, stomp you, trample you, smother you, sit on you, squash you, and force you to do the most humilaiting things I can think of!" "I will make you pay for all the horros I have experienced in my life!" Her victim was scared to death, but his penis betrayed him. Her dominance caused him to become aroused. His tiny cock was swelling and beginging to throb. Each throb sent waves of pain into his abused balls, and his Goddess saw his reaction. "Awe look!" she said, "Is the fat cow turning you on little man?" Without permission he spoke up. "I'm so sorry Goddess!" "You are not a cow, I didn't mean to hurt you!" "Please forgive me!" Her face grew red with anger! "Silence you pathetic peice of shit!" "I told you not to speak, unless I ordered you to!" With that she stomped down onto his stomach with full force! His body shot up with the force and pain, and all his wind left his lungs. He was silent, and looking up at her awaiting what would come next.

o To see the story re-create it in video go here [size=78%][/size]
nice pic BUT ur missing something very important in the picture.

my head being crushed under that amazing milky wight ass!
I think this would be in human if I actually saw this happen
me cry mercy

hit me up if ur close to atlanta
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May 22, 2012, 08:33:13 PM
if u can get the next story up in 2 hours ill set u up the real deal
do u think he would ever let u sit on him with his hands handcuff behind his back?  how did yall meet?
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May 09, 2012, 07:20:18 AM
so this sounds like its about to get real good
if u want email me part 7 and ill give u some suggestion
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February 20, 2012, 03:47:20 AM
What type of special activities will be going on there?
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January 10, 2012, 03:27:33 AM
Count me out
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September 25, 2011, 04:30:17 AM
no stop
how do i delete this post
has any one over come porn and masturbation?