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The relevant person in charge of changsha city human resources market analysis, the rural population ratio big, but now the rural college students proportion showed a trend of decrease. Compared with cities, the rural education level is more weak, more and more high quality education resources gathered in cities and towns, differences between urban and rural students in infancy. In addition, the cities student to have more social resources, it is also the important factors that lead to rural children is more difficult employment.
From the point
<a href="">brand market</a> of the survey data, the employment of university graduates quality remains to be further improved.
<a href="">popular sunglasses</a> A lower rate. Along with the "labor contract law", the implementation of the "social insurance law, the legal consciousness of college graduates has become increasingly strong. But part of the unit of choose and employ persons to circumvent the law, not timely pay social insurance for employees. Frequent job-hopping, in addition, the college
<a href="">caps</a> graduates employment liquidity is bigger, is also a reason of lower rates.
Second, the salary is low. Respondents, according to a recent grouping actual salary, salary is in 2000 yuan the following college graduates accounted for 59. 6%, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan (29%), a monthly salary of 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan accounted for 8. 4%, only 3% of more than 4000 yuan. Changsha city club - salary is
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Respondents, the vast majority of college graduates tend to be "big" and "medium" unit of choose and employ persons. In the employment intention of unit size options, select the "large" accounted for 29. 7%; Choose the "medium" (62. 7%); Choose the "small" accounted for
<a href="">gucci 2013</a> 7. 6%; And "micro" no choice. City people club bureau in 2013, on the other hand, the enterprise labor demand survey data show that the employment needs of large and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 76%, of labor demand accounted for 24% of small miniature enterprise, only 7. 6% of college graduates are willing to choose. 
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#1 - July 24, 2013, 03:22:49 AM

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