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BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Ass Power
« on: March 13, 2007, 09:00:39 PM »
The last person Evan would ever expect to hear waiting for him down in the main foyer was Tamara. Evan's heart began to race, his palms sweating as they had done many times before whenever Tamara was near. Evan took a few deep breaths before getting up from his desk. "Are you Ok? " asked Jenny from across the office hallway. "Uh..yeah, yeah, I'm fine." nodded Evan to the thin, pale, faced woman. "Hmm.. You look as if you have just seen a ghost" continued Jenny. Evan smiled. "I'm fine.. really, but I do have to get going." Said Evan. "Wait a minute.. Not so fast. When are you going to take me out for a drink?" "Not tonight Jenny." Replied Evan as he looked down at his watch and taking a few steps from his chair, he still seemed out of sort. Evan walked into the hallway corridor and pressed the elevator button. Minutes later the elevator doors opened up into the main entrance where Evan could see Tamara standing in front of a wall with a large display of the company plaques. Evan stopped just a few feet away and gazed at Tamara. She looked spectacular, wearing high heel shoes and dressed in a long, beige, fall coat with the length of the coat dropped just over her thick, shapely calves leaving more to the imagination then Evan had usually seen, however with a belt strap tightly fitted around her narrow waist, it still did little to conceal her curving , ballooned out hips. Evan sneaked up to her and said jokingly. "Just too cool a mission statement". Tamara turned and smiled. "Cool building. These high tech places don't mind spending money on entrances." Evan laughed. "Don't let the entrance fool you. Ever see the movie "Office Space?". "No I haven't?" nodded Tamara.
"Then I'll just have to take you to the movie theatre some time and we'll see it. It's very funny and oh so realistic, especially from where I'm coming from". Tamara sighed. "Well deary, You'll have to take someone else, cuz I don't exactly fit in movie theatres.. if you know what I mean." Giggled Tamara. Evan chuckled but didn't comment. "So.. you've come by to see me, I'm quite surprised." He said looking towards the entrance. "I guess you are". Smiled Tamara with a slightly embarrassed look and then with a more apologetic look Tamara continued to say "I came by to try give you a little explanation about last Friday. Let's start by walking to one of our cars and I'll explain my bad behavior."

Once outside the building, Tamara bent down giving Evan a light peck on the cheek. "So hard to kiss you with these high heels." smirked Tamara. "Just call me Shorty." Winked Evan. "Ok Shorty, so uh.. how you feeling or should I say recovering?" teased Tamara. "Just fine." Laughed Evan. "That's good, cuz I was a little worried about you when I took off last week. Speaking of which. I feel bad about that and was wondering if tonight was a good time to try and make it up to you." Evan stopped and studied Tamara before replying. "I really thought you were pissed off at me for uh.. Hmmm.. not being able to perform that� that impossible task." Laughed Evan. Tamara smiled. "Actually, you did extremely well and yes it was an impossible task. Although.. I'm sure you had fun trying to give me that�" Tamara paused and looked around and then in a whisper she continued to say. "�that horsey ride. I know I had fun." Giggled Tamara. Evan smiled. 'Yah.. it was fun, until you left." He said in a playful snarl. "Well, now I'm back and if things go well, I'd like to try that again� so changing the subject, are we taking my car or yours? We never did decide that." We could take mine." Suggested Evan as they now were coming up to his car. "Depends what kind of car you have." Said Tamara with a slight swing of her huge hip into Evan's side. It's right here." Said Evan pointing to the red Honda Civic." Tamara looked at Evan with rolling eyes. "I bet that's probably a standard too." Giggled Tamara. Evan grinned. "Uh yah.. it is." Tamara Nodded. " I figured that. Well Evan, if I ever got in that thing, I'd be sitting on the stick shift, and the only stick shifts I sit on is�." Tamara looked down at Evan's crotch and laughed. "Never mind. Think we'll be taking my Silverado where ever we go". "Yah, I see what you mean, not that I'm complaining." Said Evan looking appreciatively at her wide hips.

It wasn't until Evan got into Tamara's truck did he remember just how big a girl she really was. Her massive behind loomed passed the center of the wide bench seat of the truck. He watched in interest to see Tamara pull out her seat belt to it's maximum length and casually lifting up her huge behind, she inserted it into the slot for the seat belt of what would have been for the middle passenger. "What!" said Tamara looking over at Evan's shocked expression. "Nothing." Replied Evan with a shrug. "Bull shit nothing. Your eyes my dear little man have a way of� saying it all� So tell me.. What exactly are you thinking?" asked Tamara in a rather demanding way. Evan looked around and chuckled. "OK Tamara, how come I feel like I'm five years old in this thing, I can barely see over the dash board. Tamara nodded with a pleased, almost proud look. "You're so observant and so right. You see, I had to have the truck fitted with lower seats because of the.. the extra padding that I carry." "Wow, guess I'll have to get a booster seat." Said Evan jokingly. "That could be arranged." Giggled Tamara. "Yah and while your at it, you should also have had the steering wheel moved over too." Said Evan looked over at Tamara's huge thigh pressing up into the steering wheel. "No kidding, just my one thigh alone goes from the door to almost the other end of the steering wheel. I'll just have to get you to design my next truck for these�.." "For those awesome, big thighs of yours!" interupted Evan excitedly ." "You know what Evan, I'm so glad I broke into your computer. I just loved learning about your� your little secrets." Giggled Tamara. Evan smiled and nodded. "As stupid as I felt, I'm now kind of glad you did too, because all of this right now is almost to good to be true." Said Evan looking up at Tamara in a warm, meaningful look. He looked at her tenderly and Tamara bent over to kiss him. Evan welcomed the kiss with his passionate tongue. "Mmmm� " moaned Tamara and turning the key she pulled out from the side of the street. "So we never did decide where we were going, but then how could we. After all I've practically hijacked you from work and I'm also very glad I did that too." Smiled Tamara. "So am I". Said Evan putting a hand on Tamara's warm thigh. "So I guess we can treat this as a first date, so would you like to go out somewhere special to eat?' asked Evan. Tamara shrugged. " Not really and I wouldn't go on assuming this to be a first date. This is our second date. Last time was our first date because, I don't have sex on first dates.. so that's my excuse for leaving you all by yourself last week� I do have morals." Giggled Tamara. "Of course you do!" said Evan with enthusiasm. "Thought you'd go along that line of thinking." Winked Tamara. "So even though I am not crazy about going out for dinner, I was thinking more on the lines of� say pizza and bring it back to my place." said Tamara with a hinting gesture of a twirling finger running down his chest to just above his crotch. "Sounds great to me." Said Evan. Tamara smirked. "You're so� so fucking hard right now. You'd agree to anything." She said reaching down further and patting his crotch, but then pulling her hand away Tamara asked. "Oh Evan.. I nearly forgot, this is your pool night. Did you plan on going before I .. I bulged into your work unannounced?" Evan turned to look out the window. "Well� sort of, but I don't think I'm in the mood to go now?" said Evan looking at her lustfully. Tamara laughed. "Your pool buddies are going be pissed off. Aren't they?" "Probably." Shrugged Evan. "Well if they give you a hard time, I'll� I'll just sit on them." said Tamara jokingly. Evan looked into her eyes and replied."I don't think so, if are going to sit on anyone, I think it should be me. Wish you were.. sitting on me right now." Said Evan closing his eyes. "Hmmm� Never sat on anyone while I was driving." Giggled Tamara. "Well I wouldn't mind being the first." Laughed Evan. Tamara started to laugh. "Yah I'm sure we'd get noticed fast." "Yah your right. Just have to try it at night on a secluded road." Said Evan giving her a light peck on her cheek. "You shouldn't joke about that, cuz I wouldn't mind trying that. Infact�" Tamara paused and laughed. "You know what Evan?" asked Tamara excitedly. "No.. what?" grinned Evan. "Well my� my parent's cottage is about an hour away from here and very private and very secluded. No one is up there right now and there is a pizza place on the way. We could pick up the pizza and before we get to the cottage, we can just stop at the entrance to the gravel road and I'll sit on you from there until we get to the cottage. And by the way, the road leading into the cottage is about a mile or so and really bumpy and I mean bumpy. It has these really big potholes that�" "Yes! Yes! We'll do it!" interrupted Evan.
Tamara started to slow down and when she smiled at Evan, he knew it was almost that time. Tamara pulled off from the old, winding highway and onto a single lane gravel road. She drove up about a hundred yards. Without saying a word, Tamara opened the moon roof from a switch and then opening the door, she walked out about 10 feet from the truck. "Slide over Evan." She said in a commanding tone and Evan slid over to the driver's side and put the pizza down on the seat.. He looked out to see Tamara look around to see if there was any one looking and then cautiously she unbuttoned her long coat. She pulled the jacket away from her and Evan eye's widened like they had done so many times before. Seductively Tamara stood there in her tight low cut black leather top, her cleavage beautifully exposed up top. Her matching black skirt as did most of Tamara's other clothes, hugged her massive round hips to perfection and just barely covered the most massive part of her huge upper thighs. Then lifting her arms up and putting her hands lightly on her head she started to circle around like a ballerina until her back was towards him and then gyrating her huge hips, Tamara teasingly shook her huge ass and then turned to smile at Evan in a totally flattered expression. Evan's eyes looked so passionate, so wanting and Tamara wanted him. She came forward and then looking around again she turned to face the other way and pulling at a zipper from her leather skirt, Tamara hiked up her skirt to expose her huge, beach ball sized buttocks. Evan could feel the whole truck descend downward from Tamara's great weight and then it all happened. Tamara squished herself between him and the steering wheel. That big ass was finally on top him. "Wow, I thought I would need to look out over the moon roof, but I've crushed you down so far, I don't think I'll even have to look out over the roof." Said Tamara, and with a heavy foot, the big truck bolted forward and Tamara's crushing weight shifted back into Evan. He couldn't see what was coming, but for a good 300 yards, the truck rolled over a series of small bumps and even with those bumps, Tamara's huge heavy ass and thighs vibrated on him to the rhythm of the road. The truck turned a sharp corner and then Tamara grinned widely as the trucked bounced over pothole over pothole. Bang, bang, bang went the truck and with each bounce, Evan found himself being pushed down side ways into the seat. Tamara's huge ass continued to bounce more furiously on top of him. Evan was on the verge of panic. He tried to yell out, but his voice was muffled by Tamara's massive behind. "We are almost there. How you doing back there?" asked Tamara teasingly. "Evan tried to speak again, but could not answer. "Evan, Evan�." Said Tamara more loudly "Evan..answer me!" Said Tamara in alarm and then without further hesitation, Tashe pulled the truck over onto the wrong side of the road, as this was the only safe opening for the truck in the midst of winding, narrow road. She placed the truck in park and looked down to see Evan's head partially visible from the side of her hip. Yes she realized now that she had bounced on Evan so hard that he had been crushed down sideways into the bench seat. No longer was Tamara just sitting on his lap, but also sitting across his entire, stomach, chest and just covering his mouth. She could see Evan's eyes and knew from the way he was looking up at her that he had miraculously survived. "Oh my." Said Tamara holding a hand to her mouth and then as she tried to lift her huge ass away from him, she realized the steering wheel was in the way. "Just a minute Evan, I'll have to get out of the truck." Said Tamara looking down at Evan's more reddening face, but as she tried to open her door, it opened not even an inch, when it was stopped by a big oak tree just off to the side of the truck. Tamara looked back down at Evan and said "Well Hun, I'm not sure if you can hear me, but I'm stuck and well,�. I'll need to slide over to the passenger side". Said Tamara in an almost giggle like manner. She knew all to well from past experiences that Evan's red face was still good for another twenty to thirty seconds or so before final suffocation and then removing the pizza from what was left from the passenger side, Tamara placed it up on the dashboard. Even could see just enough to realize what was happening and then the migration process started. Tamara's huge ass started to slide across his head. With each shift, he could feel more and more of her huge ass envelope his face. Tamara slid over until she was fully centered right over Evan's face and as what had happened in Evan's apartment, was happening now. An unexpected wetness quickly intensified. "Oh yes, oh yessss." Moaned Tamara, her whole body shook as the orgasmic flow continued. It wasn't until Evan's struggling began to weaken did Tamara continue to move over. Then opening the door, she continued to slide off of him. Tamara quickly pulled down her skirt and looking back in the truck, she watched in shock to see Evan lying there in a crumpled up composure, gasping for his life. Then as if Evan were some sort of rag doll in a playhouse, Tamara pulled him up from his squashed down position and propped him up right into the seat. Evan tried to speak but Tamara put a finger to his lips. "Shhhh." She said in a soft hush. "The cottage is just about a hundred feet or so up the road, I think I'll have to carry you." said Tamara and pulling him out of the truck, she carried him in her arms up a steep hill. The light headedness was gradually dissipating. Evan felt a little foolish being carried like this, but what could he do. He was still too weak to walk and so far wasn't quite sure if anything was broken. A very secluded rustic, wood cabin, surrounded by high trees came into view. Tamara continued effortlessly and when she put her foot on the first step up to the cabin porch, he could hear the boards creak and bow down to Tamara's heavy weight. Tamara eased him into a bench so as to pull a key from her purse. Evan staggered up from the bench and followed Tamara into the very dark cottage. Tamara reached out for him as he fell into her. "Oh hun, are you going to be ok?" she asked. "I'll be all right." Said Evan still panting and Tamara led him over to a big sofa.
"She gently layed him down and Evan could hear her not far from him, prepare a fire. After only a few minutes, the room lit up and there Evan saw the magnificent view of Tamara squatting in front of the fire to strategically move a log into a better burning position. Tamara turned to look at him. "You look beautiful." He said softly. Tamara
smiled back. "Coming back to life I see." And then getting up from her squatting position, she drew closer to Evan.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Sitting Poolside
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:56:32 PM »
I wanted to tell you all what I saw today. It was amazing. I was hanging out in my apartment which is right next to the pool. I was looking out the window to check to see if there were any girls out there. There was one very attractive lady and a young boy. They had just finished swimming and were getting out to lay in the sun. The boy, who was about 8 years old I would guess, laid down on a lounge chair flat on his back and was talking to the lady. I couldn't hear what he was saying so I turned off the TV and watched from the shadows. The first thing I heard was her saying, "You want me to do what?" The kid asked her to sit on him. She laughed and said, "Why?" He said that he wanted to see if he could take it. She said, "Well I'm much too heavy to sit on you. You're too small. I'd smoosh you." He said, "Try it, I think I can do it. Just go slow and there won't be a problem." She had that look in her eye like she wanted to do it. She was a pretty heavy girl though. She was probably about 22 years old, tan, beautiful, about 5'9" and thick. She was probably about 180-190 lbs. She was looking around to see if anyone was looking. She looked down at him and said, "Ok, but I think I will be too heavy for you." She turned around and slowly sat on him side saddle. She was still supporting herself with her hands and asked if he was ok. He said he was so she just applied all her weight and put her hands in her lap. "Are you ok?" She asked. He looked like he was having alot of trouble but he said he was ok. She was sitting across his chest and stomach. He compressed alot when she sat down on him. I thought he was going to break. "You feel like I'm killing you under there." She said. Just then a couple of people entered the pool area. They were friends of hers, a guy and a girl. The girl looks at her sitting on this boy and says, "Lisa! What are you doing!" She started giggling and said, "Just sitting here on my little cousin." They walked over and sat down on the chairs and the girl started to ask her, "Aren't you crushing him?" She looked down at him and asked, "Am I crushing you?" He was having trouble but he said, "no." Then she got up off him and said you try it. He looked like he was relieved to have her get up. The girl said, "no I couldn't. I would hurt him." The big girl said, "Oh come on, I'm heavier than you and he could hold me." She was right, the second girl was small, probably only 110-120 lbs. She looked at her boyfriend and got up saying, "You think I should?" He said he didn't care so she walked over to the boy and asked him, "You sure its ok?" He said, "Yes, I can do it." So she turned around and slowly sat on him side saddle as the first girl did. "This feels wierd", she said. The big girl said, "See I told you he could hold you. I'll be right back, I'm going to get a soda from the machine." So she left with her friend sitting on her little cousin. The girl said, "Well I'm getting off.", as she began to get up. The boy said she could stay there but she said, "No no, I'm much too heavy to sit on you." Even though she was the small girl. She got up and sat in the chair by her boyfriend. Then the big girl came back. She went right over to the boy, turned around and sat on him. "Smooosh", she said. It was amazing. She had a bikini on even though she was too big a girl to wear one really. She was wet, tan and heavy sitting on a small boy. Her but was sinking into his chest and stomach and reaching from his chin to his waist. She giggled and said, "Did you miss me?" He smiled but he was turning red and I don't think he could breath very well. The other girl asked, "Don't you think you're going to hurt him?" She replied, "If he wants me to get off I will, until then its kinda fun squishing him." She leaned back and opened her soda and just sat there full weight on him and talked to her friends. She would rock and shift her weight occasionally to get more comfortable. She sat there for over 15 minutes! This lasted until he finally said, "Ok, you're getting too heavy now." She said, "I am?, Oh darn. I wanted to sit on you longer." He just shook his head no. He was having alot of trouble now. She said, "Well ok, thanks for letting me sit on you. You're a trong little man." She got up and he breathed a deep sigh of releif. She just sat next to him on the lounge chair on continued talking to her friends. It was the most awesome sitting I've ever seen.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: New from Jason
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:54:12 PM »
 Well where we left off Sandy was had flatened me out pretty good. She was actualy comlaining that she wasnt heavy eneouhgh. Can you beleve that she didnt think her 200lbs on my small 50lb frame wasnt eneough. So she stood up and walked to the bedroom. She said dont you go anywhere or ill never get off you. Where did she think I would go, It was the midle of winter in a very ruged part of the country miles away from the nearest town. We were alone for the night and I could hear the wind picking up outside. And not only was I her prisoner for the night, I was just crushed by her for about 25 minutes. I was totaly exsausted and sucking wind as fast as I could. I knew she was far from over, one thing I can say about my step sisters is they didnt quit untill they were spent.

I lay flat on my belly, just starting to feel my limbs again. Every muscle in my body was totaly spent. But I couldnt help but miss her weight on me also. It was funny it hert when she sat on me but I also loved it. My mind started to wonder and I couldnt help but think of what she ment by saying she wasnt heavy eneough. There was no one else in the house, we were alone.

Fear and excitement flooded my mind as I dreamed of what would come next. Would she stsnd on me, sit on me, lay or ride on me, maybe she would sit on my head. Well I didnt have to wait long because I herd the doar to her room close and the floar creak and grown as her foot steps came closer.

I turned my head to watch her beautifull feet in the soft white socks slightly bend the floar boards as she walked over to me. Funny she actualy sounded heavier as she came closer. She was now standing directly over my tiny head, her feet, one along the back side of my head and the other was tight against my face. As she stood there above my head her large body covering mine with a shadow, a chill ran up my spine as she said, see how I feel now budy. Im going to flatten you like a pancake.

I felt like I was hit by a cave in, her weight came crashing down on my sholders like a ton of bricks. It didnt knock the wind out of me but her sitting position on my sholders made my head feel as though it would shoot off. I could hear and feel my heart beat in my head, I was straining so hard to take her weight. And she just sat on me giggling.
Her feet were tight around my head and my face and nose were baried flat in her right foot. I was forced to smell that sweet musky sent of her dirty sock as it cover my face and restricted my air flow. It didnt register in my brain rite away but she did feel heavier. What could she have done. I thought it might be my imagination but no,she did feel heavier.

Again she spread her legs out over me, this gave me some fresh air but it didnt make it any easier to suport her masive weight. She than began to wiggle and walk her butt up and down my back. Starting at my sholders and creaping back to my butt, she wiggled and rocked herself front to back. Inch by inch her weight traveled the length of my back. The warmth of her big soft round bottom pressed into my flesh. With every new place she sat a new and diferent pain sensation struck my brain. Every time I thought that I couldnt take her sitting where she was anymore shed move just a few inches and a whole new degree of pain and pleasure took over.

It was incredible, her weight just flatened me to the floar. I was at the end of my strength and endurance,I was just a little boy with this full figured full sized women on my back. The only thing that kept me from giving in to the pain was the shear size of her butt. It spread her weight out over a large eneough area that I didnt pass out.

Then Sandy said you know I still aint heavy eneough. I really want to flaten you out. I couldnt belive her, how much more could I take didnt she realize what this felt like. Sany stood up and grabed my ankles, and in one quick move she draged my flat body over to the sofa and fliped me over onto my back just infront of the sofa on the floar.

I was in a daze my mouth was open wide getting all the air I could before I was squashed again. How much more coould I possibly take but I was to week to run and leave and all so some where in my young mind I wanted more. But how could she make herself any heavier my other sisters were gone. Normaly when one of my sister wanted me really crushed theyed just pile on somebodies lap while on top of me and I would get there combined weight. But It was only Sandy. Ya only 4 times my own weight. It was like having 4 of my friends from school pile on my back.

Well Sandy sat on the sofa right above my chest, her feet were resting on my chest and again I felt just a small portion of her total mass, and it was already painfull.

I was so impressed with the size of her huge butt just hovering above me only a foot or so away. The sofa cushins were squashed flat as I looked up at her shaply fanny. I was able to get a good look at her croch and I notised just how faded her jeans were. Her size and weight were slowly busting through the stitching of her levi jeans. Sandy cought me looking at her and then I glanced into her eyes as she asked me please Jason let me sit on you just a little longer. I was totaly spent but I couldnt resist this woman who looked so good and heavy just abouve me. And just like that I mutered a weak OK.

Oh boy I would never learn, She now had her exscuse. I basicaly asked her to crush me some more. She smiled and said you asked for it. On the count of three, Im going to land on you, One, two, three, and with the count of three she through her feet into the air and pushed herself off the sofa and into the air.

Time stood still as her large round bottom inched closer to my chest. Her body seemed to hang suspended in mid air, my whole body tenced from the impact that was coming. Wham, my chest bent and compresed with the impact of her weight. Everything got dim, I thought I was going to die. And thats when Sandy told me to turn my head to the side. I guess I didnt react fast eneough so quick as a flash Sandy shifted just eneough to cover my face with fer thigh. I was in the dark and unable to breath. Her weight was incredible and her large thigh covering my face made my position unbelivably dificult. Sandy then lifted her thigh just eneough so I could tilt my head away to get some air. She was really flatening me when all of a sudden it felf like her weight doubled for just a few seconds.

Wow what was going on, it felt like someone was getting on and off her lap. But that wasnt it, I could see out from under her thigh and butt. We were all alone and yet her weight just kept fluctuating. What was she doing, all I could feel was her massive weight and this ocasional thud. Well I was forced to endure this for some time. Sandy just seemed to grow heavier and heavier. I slowly started to give up I couldnt take it any longer I started to beg for her to get off but instead she slid herself from a side sadle position to sitting with her legs over my head and her croch covering my face.

I was now forced to breath what little air I could through her warm moist croch. This position lasted for what seemed like a eternity as Sandy bounced and grinded above me untill she finaly laid back over my body and let out a big sigh and said Jason you sure are alot of fun. Wow she seemed to lay back over my body for what seemed like forever. But then she sat back up and squated on my face for just few seconds and wiggled, Thanks again she said and she stood up and walked away. She just left me, a flat crushed crumpled heap. I tried to sit up but it took a long time. I just was totaly exsausted. But I still couldnt forget the night, I was brought too, and past my limits. That night the combination of pleasure and pain were crossed and I survived again to be crushed another day. And as I made it to bed later that night and Sandy tucked me in and kissed me good night I couldnt help but long to be under her again. To feel her warmth, to smell her scent, to feel her flesh engulf my small body. I wanted more. And as the snow storm raged on outside I new there would be other nights and other adventures under the bottoms of my step sisters.

The End.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / New from Jason
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:53:47 PM »
 This will be my first story with the help of my step sister Sandy, later on I will be talking with my other step sisters for there imput to.
This story took place late one winter afternoon. My adoptive mother was out for the night with my aunt and my other sisters were at friends houses and I was home alone with Sandy. For those who need a refeshment for there sences. Sandy was 24 years old and close to 6' tall and close to 200lbs she had this terific hour glass figure, a real big firm butt and thick thighs. Me however at the time was only five years old and very small for my age, I wasnt even 4' tall and only 40 to 50 lbs. When I looked at Sandy from behind I looked her square in the Butt.

Well this particular night it was snowing hard and I came in from playing outside and Sandy was talking on the phone. I was off school for the day and I was a real pain to my sister, and she wasnt thrilled about baby sitting me and when she found out she was stuck with me for the night alone she wasnt happy.

My mom couldnt get home because of the weather so she was going to stay with my aunt, that left just me and Sandy. Well she got off the phone with my mom and said well its me and you tonight kid. What would you like to do? Well the first thing that came to my mind was wrestling was on tv that night so I wanted to watch it. Well Sandy wanted to watch something else so I started to be a real pain to her and she said that the only way she would watch wrestling was if we could wrestle together. Well I couldnt belive what she said, I was thrilled with the idea of wrestling her I loved being sat on by my sisters even if they allmost crushed me to death. So we put wrestling on and the first match was between a big guy and a little guy. Sandy Sat and watched the match and she just started to smile. She looked at the tv and then at me and just giggled, Oh are you in for it tonight she said. I was excited but a little scared to, Sandy sometimes went a little to far with sitting on me. Even talking with her today she still doesnt understand just how heavy she was or how small I was. The size and weight difference was terific. Well the match was almost over and I was tence with fear and excitement, what was she going to do to me and would I be able to handle all her 200lbs. Well I didnt have to wait long, as soon as the match was over Sandy got up and said time to pin my little brother. She was in a small chair which creaked as she got up I watched as her large frame came over to where I was laying on the floar, she was standing over top of me just looking down, her huge legs like tree trunks on eather side of my little chest. She just seemed to hover over me, I drank in every detail of her body. Her hair was puled back in a pony tail and hung to her right side as she looked down at me she had a devilish grin. Her sweater was to tight revealing her firm round breasts and her jeans were soft and faded, she had soft white socks on and she Gently laid her big foot on my face as she said take your last good breath because your gona need it. Wow she wasnt kiding she landed with a thud on my chest as her big legs firmly secured my head. She was only stradling me and suporting most of her weight when she said ok try to get out of this hold.

Well I was in trouble she weighed a ton, there was no way I could get out and even her partialy suported weight was to much. I fought and squirmed and wiggled but I was traped under her warm round bottom. Her legs held me firm and I was forced to look up into her face and I saw she was having fun. Sandy finaly said ok ill let you role over and try to push up. Ya I felt like the mouse the cat would play with there was no way i could lift her, but she wroled me over onto my stomach and I tried with all my might to lift her and much to my surprise she started to go up. Well as a kid I was to dumb to know that she was helping and even dumber when she said now give me a piggy backride. I held as firm as I could and she was suporting most of her weight but even so my arms were shaking and my back was bent in the middle and thats when I lifted my head up and saw our reflection in the full lingth mirror.

It was a incredible sight. She looked so massive on my back, her butt covered me from my lower back to my sholder blades. And I watched in the mirror as she started to increase her weight on my back. Inch by inch my back shrank and bent. I looked like a old hoarse with saging sides. And then I again looked at Sandy and she had a devilish look in her eye. I tried as hard as I could to hold her but she just cept pressing me lower and lower untill I was in a ball on my hands and knees. But her weight just cept coming untill I wasnt able to breath in this position, and I looked into the mirror and Sandy said Ok im going to slide my feet forward and over your sholders so you can hold all my weight. My god in this position still crumpled in a piggy back position she would break my back. But true to her word she slid her feet forward and through her big legs over my sholders and all 200 lbs were on my back. I couldnt belive how much she weight she had been suporting, she was so heavy and I could still see my reflection. She was so huge.

The pain was intence and I couldnt breath at all, she started to bounce and wiggle and in this position I couldnt lay out flat I was stuck in this ball shape. I could feel the warmth of her bottom as it sank and spread over my back. She was laughing and yelling giddy up horsy, giddy up. She continued to bounce and buck, I felt as though my back was going to brake. She was so heavy but she also felt so good. And luckily for me as she bounced I was starting to spread out of my colapsted piggy back position to a flater position.

Sandy was now just sitting on my back with her legs spread out over my head I felt like I was under a truck. And thats when Sandy said she wished she was heavier. I couldnt belive her saying that. I was totaly crushed by her weight. And thats when she stood up and said hay I can fix that.

To be continued.

Please tell me what you think and I will continue later. The ending of this story is unique because Sandy told me somthing I never knew had hapened before.

See Ya Jason :)

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Colossal Kay Fantasy #1
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:50:11 PM »
Colossal Kay walked her gigantic 1,674lb body through the park. Kay was a classic, but huge, hourglass figure � she had huge boobs, her waist was enormous, but not as enormous as her monumentally large backside which flowed out from her waist (giving her the hourglass look) down to her massive, tree-trunk-thick, flabby legs. Each time she placed her size 14 feet onto the grass, the blades and earth got crushed and compacted under her titanic weight, leaving huge, foot-impressions in the grass.

It was a lovely afternoon, and Kay was enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. All of a sudden, she heard a voice shouting out, �Argh! Stop it! Help me! Somebody help! I�m bein..�
And then the shouting stopped abruptly. Kay headed her 6�9� figure over in the direction of the noise. As she emerged from behind a tree, she could see three men on the path in front of her. Two young men had their backs to her, and a third much older man was lying on the floor. One of the young men kicked the old man as the other one shouted �Give us your money pops!�.

Kay realized that the poor old man was being mugged, and she decided to help. She swiftly moved her gigantic bulk over to behind one of the attackers. They were both about 5�10� tall, and were about 170lbs. Kay towered above them and was twice the width of both of them put together!

She reached out a huge arm and picked up the guy standing on the left. Before he knew what was happening, Kay whisked him to the left side of the path where there was a four-person wooden bench. She lay his tiny body on its back on the seat of the bench, and turned her gargantuan bulk around, gently sitting her enormous ass on top of the tiny man. Her huge butt was so wide that it completely filled the width of the bench, and her belly overflowed the depth of it.

She pressed a couple of hundred pounds of weight down on the man, to make sure he couldn�t move, and the man let out a gasp of air as her body compressed his lungs. By this time, the other attacker had realized something was going on, and he turned around to see.

�I suggest, for the sake of your friend, that you leave that poor old man alone� boomed Kay.
�Eh? What?� mumbled the puzzled man, unable to see his friend, just a mountain of flab completely filling the park bench.
�I am currently sitting a fraction of my full weight on your friend here�, she pointed to the bench, �and if you don�t stop what you�re doing right now, then he�ll get the rest of my weight. Do you know how much I weigh?�
The man shook his head with a look of amazement on his face
�I weight just over three quarters of a ton� Kay paused, to let this incredible information sink in, �and if I sit my full weight on your friend, his body will be crushed to a pulp under my ass�
At this point, the guy underneath Kay managed to get some air back and cry out for help, �Bob, help me! I�m being squashed underneath her! Help!�
Bob had no idea what to do, but decided to try and help his friend.
�Get off him� he cried, and ran towards where Kay was sitting. Colossal Kay saw him coming towards her, his arms flailing, and she smiled to herself.
He ran at full speed and collided with her ginormous body, hoping to push her off his friend. As he hit her flab, Kay wrapped a huge arm around him, and squeezed him against her body, with his head just below her head, his face resting on top of her mighty cleavage.
�Oh dear� laughed Kay, �it looks like I�m going to have to crush you both now!�
Bob looked horrified, and struggled to escape, but realized that he was trapped in her mountains of flab, �Oh God! No! Please don�t squash us!�
�Your friend here is about to find out why they call me COLOSSAL Kay� she boomed, laughing at their terror. The man under her massiveness must also have heard what was about to happen, and began to make muffled pleas for mercy.
�Right then Bob� said Kay looking down at the terrified man, �I�m now going to turn your friends body into a pulp with my FULL sixteen hundred pound ass. Are you ready?�

A petrified and desperate muffled scream came from under Kay�s huge butt which she ignored and began to lower her monstrous weight. As her titanic weight pressed the little man�s body further into the bench, his screams and pleas became louder and more desperate. She added more and more weight to the doomed man and the bench began to make creaking noises as it, too, was struggling to hold up under her immense bulk.

At about half a ton, things started to snap. Was it his bones? The bench? Who knew? Colossal Kay didn�t care � she was loving it. Finally, the bench could hold this Goddess no longer, and the wooden slats that made up the seat broke and splintered all at once. The beam that supported the slats could also no longer cope, and that also broke in two. The entire structure of the bench had now been destroyed, and Colossal Kay�s continuing pressure just made the whole thing collapse. The bench crumbled to the floor with the full-weight of Kay closely following it. Her gigantic ass landed unrestrained on top of the little man, who�s body didn�t stand a chance. His bones broke and his body crumpled underneath her massiveness.

Kay sat on top of the debris with a satisfied smile on her face.
�See what my full weight can do?� she asked.
Bob was petrified. He had no idea what to do! The old man on the ground looked on in awe at his gigantic saviour!

Colossal Kay rose to her feet, still holding Bob.
�Now it�s your turn� she boomed at him
�Oh no! P�p�please! I�m sorry! Don�t sit on me! Have mercy! Please!� he begged
Kay smiled down at him, �I won�t sit on you� she said and paused. Bob looked slightly relieved, but then she continued, �I�m going to SPLASH you instead!�
Bob knew what she meant � she was going to dive her full three quarters of a ton into the air, and belly-flop onto him. There was no way anyone could survive her doing that. He began to beg for his life, but Kay wrapped her other arm around him as well and squeezed him in a massive bear-hug. He disappeared into her enormous rolls of fat and flab and had all of the air squeezed out of his body. He couldn�t breathe, and was on the verge of passing out when he realized that he�d been released. He was now lying, face-up on the ground, feeling dazed.

He opened his eyes and saw the immense, petrifying figure of Colossal Kay staring down at him.
�Ready for my Colossal Splash?� she asked
�Oh God Noooooooooooooooooo� he began, but it was too late.
Kay bent her huge knees and leapt into the air, positioning her gigantic belly so that it was right over his tiny body. Bob looked up, frozen in fear, at this mountain of woman that was about to pulverize his body.

Kay landed full-weight onto her belly. She deliberately hadn�t broken her fall � Bob took the full impact of the splash. There was a sickening, yet satisfying crunching and cracking sound and then everything was quiet. Kay got to her feet, leaving the mangled remains of Bob on the path.

She walked over to the old man, who�s face turned to a look of fear. He began to cower, expecting her to sit on him or splash him at any moment.
�Don�t worry old man, I won�t crush you. I don�t think these two will be bothering you any more though!� she gave a laugh and continued on her way, once again enjoying the sunshine.

The End.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Just A Play Thing
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One day I was playing by my self with a giant beach ball that I had gotten from one of my sisters for a birthday present. It wasnt just a beach ball it was huge about as big as I was tall. And I remember as a kid liking to lay on the ball and role around on it and flip over on my back and toss it in the air. Well as I was doing this my sister Judy was waching this and she decided to come over.

Now at this point I was lieing on my back with the ball on top of me. And I saw Judy walk into the room and I could tell by the look in her eyes what she had in mind, and sure eneough she walked right over to me and my beach ball and layed ontop of it looking right into my eyes. She says hay jason do you like your new ball. Well I did but with this big cow ontop of me and my ball I wouldnt be enjoying it for long. I managed to say yes. I was surprised that the ball didnt pop but the longer she layed there I came to realize that with her weight on me, that the ball was softening her weight and I remember thinking this is great shes on top of me but im not hert. After all I was only about 50lbs and she was closer to 150lbs. But I wouldnt of cared any way I loved being sat on as a kid.

So Judy just starts to role around ontop of the ball over me and I remember the way she would talk to me as she was ontop. All of my sisters would allways do this they would allways ask me questions like how does it feel to have all this weight on you or are we heavy. I never understood the talk but I liked it for some reason too. So as Judy is laying on the ball she asks if shes Heavy, Well I said no not at all. And for once it wasnt a lie, I mean I could feel the pressure but it wasnt painfull. So Judy says well I can fix that. Oh boy whats going to happen now, this is what always hapened, they couldnt just sit lightly for a little while it always had to be pushed to the exstream. Boy was I lucky.

Judy then gets up and positions the ball overtop of me better and she plops her ample bottom down on the ball over me. Wow she must of been holding some of her weight off me because this was alot heavier. She was sitting with her back to me and I was in a perfect spot for viewing. Man my step sisters had great bodies, she just had a pair of faided jeans on with a tight little sweater and there she was almost like hovering above me.

She would rock back and forth on the ball and I thought when she roched back her bottom would touch my face but it didnt. I could see the beach ball was really getting stressed her plump butt was puting a terific dent in the ball but it was still holding. And thats when she asked me again how does this feel. I was under more stress but I was still ok. So I said Im fine. Well Ill just have to get help then wont I. Oh man I thought to my self maybe I should of just gave up, but part of me never wanted to because even as a kid this sort of thing just pushed the right buttons in my mind. And Judy starts yelling for Sandy. Oh boy if it was going to be a way to finish me off my sisters would always call for Sandy. She was my oldest and Largest step sister, and my favorit in most ways. At about 190lbs give or take 10lbs she was tall and caried her weight in her big beiutefull butt. So Sandy comes into the room with a smirk on her face. Jason you would think by now that if you lie on the floar your just asking to be sat on. Ya like standing would slow you down I said. Well my coment much to my surprize angered Sandy a little. And her face changed a little, and she says Oh your gona be crushed flat when Im done with you. She then ploped herself down on the ball also, facing forward with Judy leaning back to back with Sandy on me on my ball, I thaught sure it would pop.

The weight increase was unbeliveable. Sandy sat right above my chest. I was overwhelmed by her shear size over mine. Her feat were on eather side of my face and her massive hips were suspended over my head. Wow this was heavy but the ball was still taking some of the weight. I felt like I was in a vice, the ball with all the weight on it just engulfed my body it closed in every gap around my body. I couldnt move a muscle and I could hardly breath. I felt like I was a mummy wraped in cloth. But the look of Sandy sitting above me with Judy smiling as she peaked over her shoulder just sent my mind soaring. I loved this, but it was getting verry hot and heavy real quick. And thats when Sandy said to Judy lets bounce.

Oh god no, this was going to be to much I was barely making it. Ya the ball was taking some of the weight but it was also shrinking. There large bottoms were taking there tole on the vinal of the ball and I was scared it would pop. I could see the ball streching to its limits, it seamed to get thiner and thiner. Man if they start to bounce there going to land on me from about a foot up.

But Sandy didnt care, she just lifted her feet up and as she did i could see the the soft dirty coller of the balls of her feet as she set them on my face. She had white socks on and a pair of blue jeans on and a shirt. Wow her feet on my face got me excited, I know this isnt a feet fetish board but this went along with my memories and I must share every detail. Her socks had a wonderfully dirty smell to them and I enjoyed the light presure they put on my face. Untill she started to bounce.

She was actually useing my face to help her bounce. Wow my eyes felt like they would burst, my mouth felt like it was giving out and my nose went flat. Now Sandy and Judy bounced and bounced in a sort of rythem and the weight seemed to double with every bounce. This was taking its toll on my body, there weight was hard but Sandies feet on my face was stoping more air flow too. Up and down up and down, time seemed not to matter, I could do nothing but live through this ride, when all of a sudden POW.

The ball poped with a defening exsplosion. All that bouncing did it. And in what seemed like forever but problable was less then a second I saw Sandies feet leave my face. And in that second I saw her massive plump butt come crashing down on my uper chest and face.

Bam, Sandy and Judy landed on me at the same time. It was incredible, I felt like some one droped a piano on me from a window. I remember it as a shock to my whole body. My mind couldnt handle all the sensations. Sandy just sat there on my chest and face for what seemed like forever with Judy still behind her. I sort of came to hearing them laughfing there asses off. Then Sandy parted her legs and smiled down at me from between her thighs and said Just because your ball is flatt dousnt mean were done. And with that she covered my face again and started to wigle and bouce. I just remember the warmth from her bottom the smell and feel as she covered my face. The end of it all came a little while later after they were tired. As they walked from the room with me in a flat little pile on the floar I could see there size and shape and I thought to my self again how did I make it. After a long time I managed to get up slowly, and I looked at my ball and thought of all that wonderfull female weight that flatened both of us and I smiled and thought to myself that another day would come, with more crushing fun.

The end.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Oh What A Night...
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The other night I was over at my neighboors house. they are two rather large lesbian women. Mary is about 5-8 and 420 lbs and Robin is about 5-5 530 lbs. I'm about 5-9 and 165. We where just eating pizza and watching a movie and drinking beer. Robin brought out a bottle of Vodka. They started making mixed drinks and we all started getting drunk. I asked them some questions I would have been to shy to ask sober like what it was like to be a lesbian and if they could really give each other sexual pleasure and that I couldn't belive that they wouldn't want a man. Well I was sitting between the two huge gals on the couch and they started to look at each other funny and was saying how horny they where. then marry started to take off her top and bra and then robin did the same. Then robin just sat her huge body on top of me. God she was so heavy I couldn't belive that her weight was that much but then Mary strateled her and my head was to the side and I could see that robin was sucking of mary's huge breast. Robin was starting to put more and more of her weight on mary which was making me even get crushed more. I was starting to really sweat and I could feel my self starting to breath harder. It was probably cuz I was so turned on and couldn't belive what was happening. This went on for several minutes. Then Robin and Mary got off of me and just stood in front of me. there huge breasts and bellies just starring me right in the face. Then they each started to push ther huge breast into my face. I was getting so hard and going crazy. Then they started to undress me and pulled me on to the floor. I was starting to think that they had done this before but I didn't care. Then they took off the rest of their cloths. They laid me flat of my back and and robin sat on my face while Mary sucked my dick. It was just amazing. This lasted for sevral more minutes but not as long as I wanted. Then Mary laid her huge body across me while Robin licked her putty. I was totaly traped under her heavy body. It was GREAT!!!!

They asked me if I wanted to come back next weekend to watch another movie. I said I would be there : )

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Ass Power
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Tamara stood over Evan and watched the flickering light from the fire across his
handsome face. "I love a fire." She said smelling the fragrances of the burning wood and then lifting up her huge leg to set her knee
down into the couch beside him, Evan's Eyes widened in fear. "What's the matter Evan?" asked Tamara in concern "Nothing�." Said
Evan in a sigh of relief as he had thought for a moment that Tamara was about to put her knee down into possibly his chest or
stomach, instead her knee sunk deeply into the couch beside him. Tamara brought her hand down to the side of Evan's face and ever
so gently, she ran her hand up over his forehead and down again to his chest, slowly running her fingers into his ribs. "If I have hurt
you, please tell me." And like a nurse, she continued to examine his ribs. "Ow!" said Evan and Tamara put her hand to her mouth.
"Please don't tell me I broke your ribs?" asked Tamara. Evan put his hand onto his ribs and nodded. "I don't think so, I think they are
just bruised." He said with a slight look of pain. Tamara shook her head. "I hope you are right." Said Tamara shaking her head. Evan put
a hand up onto her large thigh and grinned. "Well, even if they were broken.. it was almost worth it. I was� I was so turned on! I never
knew how good five hundred and sixty pounds could feel." Said Evan appreciatively. "Ewww.. yuck, that sounded so much when I hear
you say it, I got to go on a diet before I kill you with it all." Chuckled Tamara. "You wouldn't dare�. You look just too.. amazing." Said
Evan and Tamara smiled. "Thanks. I was only kidding hun , I've never been on a diet and probably never will.. in fact I was thinking
about trying to gain weight about three years ago." "You did?" asked Evan in surprise. Tamara shook her head. "I don't know why I'm
telling you this, but I have a cousin who is also a very big girl� runs in the family. My mother is very much like me and so is her sister,
my aunt Rona. Well aunt Rona's daughter, that's my cousin that I was telling you about is actually quite a bit larger then me. Hannah is
about six foot six and last time I saw her, she was bragging to me that she was close to seven hundred pounds." "She must be really
fat looking, is she in a wheel chair?" asked Evan with a look of sympathy. Tamara laughed. "Not at all. Hannah is very mobile and much
built like I am, she packs on the beef the way I do, but has a lot more of it. Anyway, I'll just get to the point� My old boyfriend saw
Hannah at a family get together and now he is married to her. I wasn't big enough anymore.. can you believe it." Said Tamara angrily.
Evan smiled. "I'm kind of glad the way it worked out. His loss, my gain.. because now I'm here with you." Said Evan giving a light slap on
Tamara's hip. "Awe Evan� that's so nice." Cooed Tamara and placing a hand over his crotch, she pulled down at his zipper, releasing his
member and smiling in delight. Evan watched as Tamara knelt further down onto the floor beside him. She looked at Evan with a fun
sort of grin and then placed her lips over his shaft. With expert like motions, Tamara skillfully showed off another incredible talent,
bringing him close to near orgasm with her swirling tongue. "I'm cumming." Warned Evan and Tamara stopped for a brief moment and
smiled, before continuing to an explosive finish. Evan moaned and looked up at Tamara. "You actually uh�." Tamara put a finger to his
lips. "Shhh.. You taste good Evan." Whispered Tamara and then walking over to a chest, she pulled out a big comforter and placed it
down in front of the fire. She stood there in front of the fire and proceeded to strip off her clothes. She could have much more easily
hiked her tight, black leather skirt up over her head, but instead she opted to push her skirt down over her massive hips and behind.
She pulled them down to the thickest part of her ass and saw that same look from Evan when he watched her pull down her jeans that
first night at his place. "Evan could you come here and help me out." It didn't take Evan long to respond and up he sprang. From the
couch, not even the pain he was feeling in his ribs could hold back the exciting, lusting urges. "Best way to do this would be for you to
get on your knees and sort of lean up against a wall and then tug pretty hard." Instructed Tamara and Evan did just that. He knelt
down on his knees with his back up against a wall. "That'll work." Commented Tamara and then whirling around, she walked backwards
into him, sticking her huge ass in front of his face. Evan tugged and pulled. At first he was getting nowhere and Tamara was offering no
help. After further tugging and pulling, her skirt started to come down and more and more of her long, deep juicy crack. Finally after
some time, three quarters of her huge ass was revealed. Evan pulled with one final tug and out bounced her huge ass. Her skirt was
still stuck around her big, shapely thighs. "You're not finished yet." Commanded Tamara and Evan pulled her skirt further down, it wasn't
until her skirt got to just above her knees did her skirt finally fall down to the floor. "Good boy my little man." Laughed Tamara and as
she started to take a foot forward, Evan grabbed onto her. Tamara looked down at Evan with a raised eyebrow. "What?" giggled
Tamara. Evan smiled. "I'm a glutton for punishment, I can't get enough of that big bum of yours. I was wondering if you could uh� step
back and like.. pin me up against the wall." Said Evan in a meek sort of way." Tamara rolled her eyes. "Ya know Evan, I'm surprised you
lasted this long and the safe thing to do would be to just say no, but how can I. I.. I just love throwing my.. my weight around,
especially on you!" and grabbing a firm hold onto Evan's hair, Tamara stepped back, sinking Evan's entire head in between her deep,
juicy crack. Evan sniffed in her aroma, before being jolted sideways as Tamara stepped sideways against the wall. It surprised even her
to see just how easy it was to drag Evan along the wall, but with his head pressed hard into the wall, Tamara didn't wait too long
before releasing Evan's face from her powerful ass. Tamara whirled around to see the familiar reddening of his excited face. She came
forward into him and spreading her massive, thighs, Tamara shoved his head in between them and slowly gyrated. This time she held
Evan there and gradually began to gyrate her wide, heavy hips in circular motion. In no time did Tamara start to feel the struggle of
Evan's body. Again she freed Evan from her meaty vise gripping thighs. "Had enough?" bellowed Tamara and before Evan could answer
"Yes." Tamara grabbed his head and literally mounted it. He could breath now as her thighs were not totally closed around him and in
this position, she walked with him like this towards the fireplace, stopping briefly to pick up a small padded stool. The stool was dropped
down on the floor and Evan felt himself being lowered towards the ground. Tamara had dropped to her knees with Evan still firmly
nestled in between her legs. She had it all planned out now and taking him by the side of his hips, she propped him up over the stool
and as he lay there, Evan watched in fascination to see Tamara lower herself down on his cock. "Oh yeah� you're mine baby, you are
all mine!" said Tamara in a possessed like state and as Evan had witnessed in the truck, Tamara's body started to shake and quiver.
Whimpering and shear orgasmic motions swept through Tamara's body and Evan was flooded in her juices. Evan too was near orgasm.
Tamara stopped and lifted herself , with her hot, wet opening just inches from Evan's cock. "Poor Evan, so close to cumming. If only I
sat my big, beefy bum bum on Evan a little longer, but I didn't." teased Tamara and as she started to get up Tamara, smiled "Just
kidding." she said to Evan's relief and turning herself around, she sat herself back down with her huge ass facing towards him. "Oh God,
oh wow! Moaned out Evan. There was no holding back now, Tamara's huge ass was pounding up and down on him. Again he felt that
wonderful release. Tamara continued to sit on him like this and sure enough his cock remained hard. "Evan, you are still hard as rock."
Said Tamara in amazement. "Can't help it." Chuckled Evan. "Well let's hope it stays that way for a little later, we never did start in on
that pizza. I'll have to warm it up over the fire" Said Tamara getting up from Evan. "Can we wait a while longer for that pizza ." Tamara
looked down at Evan's hard erection. "No Evan, you have to realize that a girl like me has a healthy appetite not only for sex, but for
food." Said Tamara and picking up her skirt from the floor, she looked at Evan there propped up over that stool. Is it too late to change
my mind Evan?" asked Tamara. Evan smiled. "Well I am getting hungry and�."
Tamara laughed. "Bull shit!" and standing again over Evan, Tamara sat her huge ass down on Evan. "Bet we could do this all night." Said
Tamara in excited breaths and again Evan watched to see the puffing expansion of her massive behind as she pumped up and down.
"Hello, Tamara!" boomed a voice from the doorway. As quick as a cat Tamara receded down on the ground and quickly picking up the
comforter, she threw it over Evan and herself. Evan looked up to see a bleached blonde, tall, massive woman with a tall, slim dark
bearded man follow in behind her. "Hannah, have you ever heard of knocking." Scowled Tamara. "Hey don't get all rowed up cuz you've
been caught with your pants down." Cackled Hannah. "So who do we have here?" asked Hannah looking directly down at Evan. "He's my
friend!" snapped Tamara. "Nice friend, last time I met one of your friends, I married him." Laughed Hannah looking back at the bearded
man who nervously shrugged. Kevin dear, could you get the rest of the stuff out of the car?" Like an obedient servant, Kevin quickly
turned about and left the cottage. "Guess I better leave you to alone for awhile, you guys aren't looking to descent for company right
now." Cackled Hannah some more and looking back down at Evan she grinned before walking towards the door. Evan looked watched
her in disbelief. Like Tamara had described, Hannah, was tall, and extremely huge in places Evan loved most.

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Susan enjoyed her job a great deal. Teaching Health class at a nearby High School was not only easy as far as traveling time, but easy on the off hours. She hardly gave out homework, and when she did she spent the evening sitting at her desk at home, eating pound cake by the box, and giving %90 of all the papers graded a check mark. She couldn't be bothered to read them all, she was too involved into her eating and prime-time TV shows. And boy did she do the former. At 568lbs on a 5'9 frame, eating was the great majority of Susan's waking time. Another plus of her day job was the fact that it allowed her to sit on her ever expanding ass and eat all day long. She had even gotten to the point of handing out her daily assignments to the student with the best handwriting in each class, so that they could do all the writing on the chalkboard. She had a good thing going. So the days kind of ran together, work, food, home, food, wake up, food, repeat. That was till she got her new student into her 3:20pm class in the middle of the second semister. His name was Greg Cummings and he was new to the state. His family had just moved in from Florida, thus throwing his school year for a loop. Sarah liked the boy right off. It wasn't just his handsome face, and thin toned body that did it, but the feeling that Greg was staring at her constantly. And with lust. Sarah was always good at picking out a FA, and she didn't doubt her talent here.

For a while things changed for a bit. Sarah would get up to do her own board writing more and more, teasing the new boy with her massive hips, swaying as she wrote each word. She often misspelled words on the black board, as she was too busy thinking about how Greg's eyes must be burning through her backside. And what a backside it was. No matter what she wore out-though it was usually jeans or stretch pants, her ass stuck out so far most people double-taked when she walked by. They could see she was a very fat girl, but even then, DAMN! Though her backside wasn't all that caught young Greg's attention. Sarah also had a belly to be worshiped. Massive and wide, it hung to her very thick and wide thighs. Sarah would walk from the front to the back of the class, very pleased with herself as her body giggled and shook with each step. Today she did this, as usually on the very aisle which Greg was seated, though this time she cut it very close to Greg, gently brushing her belly and thighs against his shoulder as she made her way by. It was electric for young Greg, and he let out a short audible gasp that Sarah heard very well. She could ALWAYS pick out a new FA.

Later that week, Sarah was wearing one of her favorite outfits. It was a flowered top, which the cut ended just at the beginning of her black jeans. Though she had gained a few since she bought the outfit so long ago, so with most movements, her mid-belly poked through the two. The stretch pants also did their job, by making a lovely sound has her thighs rubbed against each other when she walked. It was minutes away from the bell that would end her last class of the day, the 3:30pm class, and was sitting at her desk, watching the students copy the homework assignment from the board. Soon enough the bell rung and the students began to gather their things and make their way to the door. Sarah lifted her massive bulk from her extra-wide office chair, and tapped Greg as he walked by. Greg's eyes widened and he told himself mentally not to get the usual hardon when so close to this fat teacher.

"Greg, could i have a short word with you, before you go?" Sarah asked.

"Sure, Miss Steward. What's up?"

By now they were the last two left in the class, a fact which Sarah proved to herself with a quick scan of the eyes. Assured they were the last of the last, she leaned a bit further down to Greg (as was needed to get closer, as Greg was very short for his age at only 5'3 and 120lbs).

"Greg, how do you like my class?" Sarah asked.

"'s fine. I like it fine. Is this about yesterdays homework cause..." Greg was cut off by Sarah who begain shaking her head.

"No Greg, it's about how you've been staring at me in class," she said.

Greg felt his jaw drop, he couldn't believe he had been that obvious with is lusting for the mammoth teacher. "But I..." again Greg was interrupted by Sarah.

"I know you like big women, Greg. And I've very big. Do you know how big?"

Greg was too stunned to answer. Did she just ask what he thought he heard her ask? Sarah must have caught his surprise cause she then followed up with, "I'm 568lbs, Greg. FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS. Can you understand how big and heavy that is, Greg?"

Greg answered very meekly, "Yes...yes I can."

"We'll see about that. Why don't you take a seat in my chair, Greg. I want to show you something."

Greg knew what the elephantine woman had in mind, but he didn't' think twice about it. He dropped his backpack and moved without a word to her chair. So many times he had looked ot his left when at the blackboard, and saw her mighty bulk overflow the wide chair; yet when he sat in it, he could still see a good foot of chair on each side of him. As soon as he looked back up, he saw one of his dreams-soon to be a nightmare-some true. His huge teacher was now facing the other direction, lowering her bulk onto the chair and his small lap. He had all of half a second to register this, as once she got halfway bent down, Sarah let the rest of her fat body fall back onto the chair. Sarah felt the hair on the back of her head actually move and sway from all the breathe being forced from small Greg's body. Greg let out a loud grown and moan at the same time, which caught Sarah right in her ear. She was herself surprised at how new and wonderful this feeling felt. It had been spur of the moment asking Greg to stay later, she had no idea that by this time today she'd be sitting on the cute boy, flattening his tiny body under he fat in her favorite chair.

"THIS is how big and heavy that is, Greg," Sarah said. The only response was the low moans under her...

More coming...

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Up Againist A Wall
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I think this is a story most will love. If so, email me.
It was around Feb. of this yr. A rather beautiful BBW was coming up from South Carolina to visit. Let's call her Sarah. She was 5'3" - 4" tall. 46FFF 40 but I forget her waist. Let's say it was nice and wide. About the width of say..three feet more or less. I was excited about meeting this southern belle. We spent many hours engaged in phone and cybersex. On top of that, I loved her very much for she was such a sweet, nurturing person. Attractive to boot! Anyhow, I had gotten the call the night before she was in New Jersey and at around 11 am she would be at the Sheraton Hotel near La Guardia Airport. I couldn't wait to be with her, so I opted to take the cab instead of the bus or subway. The whole cab ride was too long and boring. Fortunately, I kept myself entertained by picturing this blonded busty big beauty mounting me and riding me and then picturing myself going down in her between her huge warm thighs.

I finally arrived at the hotel. I was very nervous. I rode the elevator up to her room and found it. I knocked and a male voice had answered. It was "John" her gay friend. I forgot about him. He drove up with her to keep her company on the long drive. John wanted to check out the gay nightlife NYC had. He shook my hand and winked at me as he whispered, "Y'all have fun now. She's been waiting for this" and he swished out. Out from the bathroom, carrying a sony hi-8 camcorder came this BEAUTIFUL bbw. She had very very long blonde hair. A large stomach, wide thighs and a bosom so large she couldn't fold her arms across her chest.

"Hey Gabe. Hoo, you're a tall aren't you?" I nodded quietly. I walked over and hugged her tight. Her massives boobs just enveloping me. We locked our lips for a very wet, long and hot french kiss. WOOF, she knew how to french kiss! Her tongue rolled around in my mouth a mile a minute. Sarah then clamped her lips around on my tongue and sucked hard while she slipped my hand under her t-shirt and let me massage her massive breast. Let me think about the best way to describe the size. Around the size of a bag of charcoal. Course a little wider but you get the general idea. Still locked in our embrace, we turned around and my back was to the bed. She released me and pushed to the bed. With a warm smile, she climbed up and straddled me. She was so hot I felt it through our jeans. She leaned down onto to me for another kiss and I felt her breasts strain against the t-shirt. Her excited nipples pushing up against the fabric like grapes. I rubbed her nipples as our tongues interwined..all the while she was dry humping me. I tell you, nothing is better than having a beautiful bbw whom you love very much on top of you, french kissing you.

Cept maybe a nice hamburger with cheese and bacon ^_^.

Moving along, time REALLY flew fast cause John came back. Noting around rumpled clothing and tussed up hair, he surmised correctly that we didn't do anything. Just kissing and heavy petting. He grinned and went to his bed for nap. After several minutes of just laying on top of me Seina got up looked at john. Making sure he was asleep, she went to the bathroom. She turned around and did a "come here" gesture with her finger. I followed her into the darkened bathroom and it got better from there.

Let me also say, heavy HEAVY french kissing, petting and rubbing in the dark is soooooo erotic.

She pushed onto the toilet and undid my pants. What followed next was the most incredible blowjow I had ever had. She knew how to pull back so as to not to let me cum too soon. She mixed fast and slow sucking/blowing. Her hands raking my thighs. OH! I would kill anyone for a week of love from her. After 30-40 min of foreplay (Imagine my surprise when she said "ok, foreplay is over") she really got to business and did the job. My god. It was intense. After 20 min, i finally explode and she swallowed every last drop. We went out to a bar later that night and chatted all the while my hand was between her thighs under the table. She was still hot! I got dropped off home with plans to stay the next night with her. Same thing as the night before. Right down to John napping on his bed. This time when i entered the bathroom she was standing in a purple teddy that really accentuated her lovely form. She stripped me out of my clothes and she slid out of her teddy. We kissed and rubbed ourselves against the other. Oh man, I loved feeling her stomach and breasts just sink all over me. Oh how I miss her :( She was such a lovely and wonderful person. After a lengthy blowjob session she stopped before I could release myself, She stood up and ordered me to stand up as well. In the dark, she stood very still. The only sound was the sound of skin as her arms moved against her breasts. Then a wet, lapping sound. I immediately recognized as her cunt. She grabbed my chin and with her wet fingers on the other hand, she rubber her wetness on my mouth. MMM, did it smell and taste good. I knelt on the floor and licked the underside of her stomach. Her sweet musk filling my nose. Sarah lifted her right leg and propped it on the toilet seat lid and grabbed my face. She pulled me into her warm cunt and gyrated onto me. The more i lapped, lick, sucked and tongue fucked the more she grinded. Eventually she stopped and disengaged. She had me sit on the bathroom floor, with my back up against the wall. Being that it was dark, I had no idea what was going to happen. I expected her to sit on my lap and bury me in her deep cleavage while she rode me. What happened was much better.

I heard her footsteps on the tiled floor and I knew this was it. "Get ready Gabe" she said. But then I noticed her voice seemed farther than before. For a brief moment, I smelled her musk and felt an extreme amount of heat in front of my face then...BOOM. She pressed her rear right onto my face, pressing me against the wall. She bent over and backed into my face. For you pro-wrestling fans, she gave me the "stink face". She grinded her asshole on my forehead and her wet WET hot HOT pussy on my nose and mouth. Oh man it was GODDAMNED incredible. She alternated between slow/hard and fast/hard grinds. Despite the fact I was gasping for air, I ate her out. I swallowed every drop of her wetness as she tried her hardest to get my whole face into her. As she put it once during our phone sex sessions, "I want your face to deep in me, I want to feel you breathe from inside me :) " MAN! Isn't this great??

We continued this for a long long LOOOOONG time. Eventually I felt her insides (i had gotten my mouth and chin into her)tighten and knew this was the big one. She pulled off and said for maximum effect, she is going to time her cum and just SPLAT me on the wall. I heard her hands go to work and heard her breathing speed up. Her moans had gotten louder and faster. "Oh my god, gabriel..I need you..yes" echoed throughout the bathroom. then big moment had happened.

yes gents the eagle has landed. She LITERALLY rammed her ass onto my face so hard, my head banged on the wall with a THUD and at the moment she camed. And boy did she cummed. Felt like a water faucet had been open. She literally doused my face with her cum and kept cumming while she grinded into me. I tried my hardest to swallow all of it but the way she was fucking my face with her giant ass it was hard. Finally the wondrous torture ended. Even though she stopped coming, she still grinded her pussy on my face. She slid off of me and sat on my lap. My penis was hard, it almost immediately slid between her buttcheeks. Sensing my erection, she shifted around and eased herself onto me and began to fuck me all the while she took her breasts and smothered me. Even though the fuck was awesome, I couldn't but think at how incredible having a BBW smother my face was.

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As we are in my driveway kissing, we ended up circling in about a 180 degree position
from when we started kissing, so I end up with my back to the bus. We are no longer in a
tight bearhug but more of a loose hug with one of my arms over her shoulder and one of
hers over mine as we concentrate more on the sensation of kissing than on the way we're
grabbing and holding each other. As we kiss, she says "I guess, I won't be lonely any
more" which causes us to totally stop kissing and then I say to her "I've wanted to hold
you, kiss you, and have you be mine for the last two years. I fell in lust for you at first
sight and in love with you a couple of months latter as we got to know each other better.
I'm so glad you won't be lonely any more." She was just blushing and then got giddy with
excitement: actually a little bit too much excitement as she happen to be almost jumping
up and down when she by accident rammed my 160 pound frame into the wall of the bus.
As she was too exhausted to move, she kind of gently rested on me and asked "Are you
okay, Sweety?" I responded with "Yeah, I'm fine." After regaining her composure, she
attempted to remove herself off of my helpless body and to her surprize, with a hug, I pull
her, full weight, back into me. While I kept holding her into my stomach, she let all of her
weight into me and lightly rammed her cutely obese body, belly first, into me a couple of

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Public Transportation Done Right
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As I rush across the street, I'm hoping not to miss this bus. I've had a bad day and I just want to get home. As I rush up the stairwell into the bus, the driver closes the doors. I think to myself "hallelujah" but not because I was going home but because of the driver. She says "Hi sweetie."
I respond with "Hey Vanessa." She asks "How are you doing?"
I say "Had a bad day but glad to catch this bus." She says "You're lucky I saw you over there!" I respond with "Thanks, How's life treating you?" She sadly says "Not very well." She looked like she was going to cry. I ask her "Why?" She tells me "I've been so lonely lately." An older lady says out loud "can we go now?" Vanessa says "I'm so sorry" to the lady as she puts my hand on her belly, and says "sweetie, I'm going to have to ask you to take a seat somewhere." I said "okay" and take my seat towards the back of the bus. While I'm sitting, my dick gets hard as soon as I'm thinking of the feeling of her belly. She is a gorgeous blonde haired 300 pound woman who looks kind of like a bigger Wild Chyld. As people get on and off the bus, I'm thinking about what it would be like to have Vanessa as my girl-friend. I think about always hugging, kissing, and cuddling with her while we are at the movies, mall, or just hanging at one of our houses. After that I began day dreaming about things like sitting next to her on a couch as we watch tv and just looking at her realizing she is almost twice my size, playing with her hair, and being playfully squashed by my love. I hear "Eddie......Eddie wake up sweetie." The bus was at a red light and it was empty after only being about half way through the route. Vanessa was looking back at me smiling and asked "sleepy honey?" I said "kind of". She says "Why don't you come up here and keep me company until you get home." I walk up to the closest seat near her, while I was sitting down, a car beeped its horn, and she sticked her hand out the window and flicked them off. After turning the corner, Vanessa looks at said to me "sorry, I just needed to do that to that jackass back there." I responded with "oh, don't worry about it." While she was concentrating on driving, I was able to watch her belly and kind of got transfixed on it. As she turned the bus on Hudson Avenue, I was given the pleasure of seeing her belly sift and jiggle. "Eddieeeee" she said. I looked at up at her, realized that we were at a red light, and noticed I was busted. She just starts lightly laughing and in return I'm blushed. Once she pulls into Irondequoit Plaza, she turns to me and says "Don't worry about it, sweetie." I say "I'm sorry." She says "you should be to be staring at someones breast like that." I say "I I I was not staring at your breast." In a sarcastic, pissed off, and upset tone, she says "really." Then she in a louder tone says "I saw you looking at me." In her normal voice she says "it's not good to lie, Eddie." I repeated again "I was not looking at your breast." She screams "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE." I bearily mutter out "Vanessa" and she screams "LEAVE ME ALONE." I just looked at her not knowing what to say and she tells me "you might as well go in the back to sit because I'm not going to speak to you again." Due to the amount I was shocked I was in because of what happened, I actually went in the back to sit. While sitting in the back, the thoughts of having her as a girlfriend come back and then I think of how nice of a girl she is which causes tears to my eyes. A mutual friend of ours gets on the bus near the church at the corner of ST. Paul BLVD and Cooper RD. They are having a conversation as we get near my stop. After I rang the bell, Jenn looks back and realizes I was on the bus. She asks me "How are you doing?" I say "I've had a horrible day and it got worse". Vanessa says "Do me one favor Ed, do not take any of my bus runs. I never want to see you again." Jenn asked me "what happened" and I told her "ask Vanessa once I'm off". Before getting off, I say to Vanessa "Vanessa, I have only two things to tell you. Firstly, I was looking at your belly. Lastly, since you never want to see me again, have a nice life." I walked off the bus, went behind it and walked home. I looked out my mother's bedroom window, saw the bus was still at the bus stop where I got off, and looked out the window for two minutes, which was when it left. I heard a loud horn from what sounded like a truck. I looked out of my computer room to see a bus parked at the bus stop. Obviously, I know it's Vanessa. She beeps the horn again before I had a chance to get outside. As I comming down the stairs outside of my house, she moves the bus and stops it at my driveway. She gets out and was crying. She just looks at me and says "I'm so sorry." By now, she is really balling. I say to her "So, Jenn told you my secret?" She says "Yeah, she said you like bigger women." I say "That's true but Vanessa.......", I take a deep breath, and say I like you." She grabs me in a bear-like hug, which traps my dick to her belly, and we start kissing.

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Shania Twain's fetish

It had been a long and gruelling tour and it was almost over. She was tired, hungry and sexually frustrated. She had been on tour with two back up singers that were sisters. Both of them were large women who could sing like angels. Edna weighed about 500lbs, but Gurtrude weighed about 700lbs. Shania just got turned on every time the women was around her. She couldn�t understand why because she knew she wasn�t a lesbian. The crew had gone off to set up for the next show and the band had just finished with rehearsal leaving for some recreation. Shania went to the tour bus to take a nap. Lying on the small bed at the back of the bus she was wakened by the two sisters.
� Hey Shania we are going to get something to eat you want us to get you something?�
Shania responded, � Nah you you guys go ahead I�ll just finish my nap.�

� Now shania we haven�t seen you eat a bite the last couple days you�ve been so busy.�
Replied Edna.

Gurtrude managed to wedge into the room and said, � Yeah girl you need something to eat your just skinny as a pencil.�

Shania insisted that she was ok and thought she was picking up a few pounds anyway. The two sisters laughed out loud. Then told her she was coming with them if she had to be carried.

Shania said, � I�m a lot tougher than I look. I oubt even you two could drag me out if I didn�t want to go.�

Edna said � Oh a challenge.�

They all giggled and the match was on. Shania was up on her knees on top of the bed with her hands clenched in Edna�s in a strength battle. Gurtrude pushed in from behind shoving Edna forward and forcing Shania down on her back on the bed. Edna didn�t expect her to cave in so quickly and fell right on top of Shania catching herself before her weight slammed full on.

� Whew! That was close. I would flattened you out.�

Shania realized with a jolt why she was turned on by these two. The thought of being squashed by them made wet. She had to talk them into it. She just hoped it wouldn�t kill her in the process. The size difference between one of these gals and her meager 5�2� 102 lbs. was vast. She couldn�t stand it anymore. She would just have to trick them.

� Oh please, You think I couldn�t take you. I�ll take both of you.�

Edna still holding herself above Shania said, � You know we used to take turns squashing our brothers and they couldn�t take it. What makes you think your puny ass can?�

Gurtrude said � Hey sis if that�s what she wants.�
And saying that Gurtrude lofted herself onto the back of Edna. Edna could barely hold her own weight but when Gurtrude landed on her she collapsed full weight on top of Shania with Gurtrude�s weight on top of her.

Shania saw Gurtrude leap and land on top of Edna. Then in slow motion all she saw was 1200lbs of flesh falling on her. She felt the pressure begin and continue to press on her. The air was being force out of lungs and diaphram. The pressure built even more and Shania could feel her ribs flex under the weight. The pain was excruciating but it was making her orgasm. It didn�t stop however. The crushing sensation kept pouring on to entire body. Her ribs felt like snapping and her belly was being compressed to its limits. She was smothered by two titanic breasts, or rather would have been smothered if she was able to draw air into her now completely decompressed lungs. The weight was blindingly intense but was still applying more pressure. Just how much more could handle. Shit she couldn�t handle this. The weight was relentless. She thought it would never end until she began to feel the slightest bit of relief. Eager to breathe again she prepared for that longdraw of air. It didn�t come. She was smashed even harder from the bounce of the two sisters that were sprung back up from the mattress. The crushing was much more violent since they weight was out of control. She thought for a moment that her belly button touched her back..

Gurtrude got up and Edna quilkly got off of Shania fearing the worst. Edna heard the air expel from her tiny body and could feel her ribs and innards squishing. Edna looked down expecting to see Shania writhing with pain. She just laid there looking up at them with a smile, and said.� That was the most incredible sexual experience I�ve ever had. But I need to recover for a while.� Shania was sore for a while but the rest of the tour she would have Gurtrude sit on her full weight while masterbating her. Shania was in heaven as was Gurtrude. Gurtrude it seems got off on squashing little girls and so it seemed they both were in heaven.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / A short one
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When I was 13, I was 5', weighed 85lbs.. I was caught at my nieghbors house going through drawers of lingerie and bathing suits by Amy who was 17, 6'3" 322lbs.. Asked me what I was doing I said nothing before I could respond I was thrown on bed with Amy crashing down on top knocking air out of me. She tied me to the bed and decided to stand on me using her hands on ceiling to press down harder on me. She got off and did knee drops and full butt drops on all parts of body and rested on face.Her mother came in and asked her what all the noise was, Amy said nothing everything under control. Just then her mother noticed me and Amy told her mother who stood 6'8" and 418lbs., mom said I should be punished. Amy put her moms pants on and they inserted my head into the pants and Joan sat on Amy. After a while they decided to sit and walk on my entire body front and back. They were crushing the air out of me. Then mom decided to switch and smother me between her thighs and positioned her butt on my face and grind as hard as she could. During this decided to wrestle me with her two friends dropping over weighing 364lbs., a piece. They joined in on the fun and all four took turns jumping, sitting, squeezing and smothering my little body including all standing on me at once. After this episode was over they decided to let me rest and for final measure sat on me before letting me go home. Cannot publish part two of this true story as it goes into another area

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / The Cruel One
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The Cruel One


My stepsister lives up to her name. She steps all over me. First look at us and you can tell there's know relationship. The way she acts towards me you can tell there's no relation. I'm 4"11" and she s 6'6", she outweighs me by 350 lbs. I should know, I'v been crushed under her many times.

One example is the time she humiliated me in public. She got hungry (big surprise) and wanted me to pay for it. "Give me the money squirt."she demanded. I stuttered something. She grabbed me by the waist and flung me over her shoulder. I was carried out in front of Taco Bell. "Money. NOW!!"she ordered. I fumbled through my wallet. She just snatched my wallet. As she ordered her enormous meal. The cashier barley heard what she said. He was mesmerized by her size. "Let' see what else could I have?"she asked as I was digging in my pockets for my lunch. "Oh yeah,"she snatched the money from me.",I'll have three burritos." She got her food and walked away. Looking over her shoulder seeing the cashier glancing at her huge ass wiggled walked to the booths. I watched as my month's salary I saved for my big date was being devoured by my step sister. "Could I have at least a Taco?"I asked her. "HELL NO!!"she yelled. "I got to get me a drink." She said as she left for the self-beverage place. I snuck a piece a food for an instant. "HEY!"she yelled. I was caught redhanded. "I should crush you right here."she said. People started to look at us. She smiled and capitalized on her audience. She grabbed me by my collar and flipped me onto the table. She plopped of her cheeks on my chest and her leg on my body. She leaned on that side to crush me on the table. Laughter erupted from the restaurant. She slid her leg off the table. Because of the weight I went with it. On the floor she leaps in the air. The whole place gasped at the feat. She crashed on my chest and neck. Everybody flinched at what happened.She jumped up and down bending my ribs. The pain had me begging for mercy. Pressure build up when she bounced again. She faced my feet to look at the same cashier that was staring at her. She raised her bigass real high. *WHAM* Her ass nearly caved my chest in. She bounced again. All of a sudden she farted on my chest. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. The smell knocked me away. Suddenly she moves up and crushed my face. "FART ON HIM!!"one woman cries. The whole place laughs some more. My muffled cries for help were drowned out by her louder flatulence. The whole restaurant was in disgust and laughter. She strained out this mile long fart. It was driven in my nose and crushed in there by her enormous ass. "Ahhhhhhh."she sighed with relief. "Hey somebody pull my finger?"she asked. Someone pulled it and we know what happens next. "Hey can I try?"one woman asked. "Yeah me too." more and more women began to gather. "I got a better idea."she says. Next thing I know I'm being dragged toward the women's bathroom by a group of women. The End for now.......

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Roller Girl
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I Could hear my name being called as I started to come out of my
unconcious state. The last thing I remembered was Amber standing over me with one foot on my chest and the other foot comming done
on my face. At 5-11 and 666 lbs of huge mountainus flesh Amber was an amazing women. She loved to crush me and she new how much I loved it!!. As I started to come too I found my hands some how shackeled to a chain hanging from the basement celeing. I was on my knees with my body up against a padded wall. I heard my name again and as my eyes started to focus. I could see Amber standing on the other side of the room. She said Bob wake up where going to have some real fun now. All's I could see that Amber had on was some kind of helmet and roller blades. I said what are you going to do. She said don't worry Ive been watching Roller Jam and I always wanted to be like one of those enforcer women. I said yea but you have me chained up against the mat. Amber said well I don't want you to get hurt to bad but you are in for one hech of a crushing. Amber was about 30 feet from me and all I could see was her massive belly that was hanging down to her knees and her huge thighs. I was always amazed by how good of an athlete she was for such a huge women. I was only 5-9 and 155 lbs of very little body fat. I was very strong for my weight and could always take a lot of Ambers punishment of pleasure!!! Im not sure how long I was out this time Amber said it wasn't very long she had only stood on me for a few seconds before completely smothering me with her huge tummy.
She just wanted me out long enough to chain me to the wall!! I told her that I would have cooperated with her but she said it was more fun this way!! What a Women!

She said Bob are you ready for me?? like I had a choice. I just mumbled Sure. She started to skate towards me I could see her massive thighs just try to move her emence weight. She was starting to pick up speed and her huge belly was swaying from side to side. I was be hypmotised by the way her gigantic body was moving. She was about 10 feet from me and heading straight for me when all of a sudden she made this quick turn and alls I could feel was a breeze go by me. All I could see was a side view of this sexy huge women. She was just playing with me and it was starting to turn me on!!. She said I think I want to have more speed up before I come crahsing into you. I said are you going to try and knock me through the wall??!!
She went back to the other side of the basement all the way up against the wall. Now she was about 40 feet from me. She pushed off the wall and was skating as hard as she could. I could see her huge belly and breast just bouncing and jiggiling getting closer and closer. I thought my life was going to end. But some how she made another fast turn and just rammed me with her gignatic butt. This knocked me up against the padded wall. I couldn't belive that she could turn like that. She said Bob how did you like that? I was still kind of dazzed from the hit. When I looked up she was skating right at me even faster now. She tried to turn but her momentum was going way to fast and the side of her body slammed into me pushing me into the mat. All my breath was knocked out of me and I kind of thought a couple of ribs where broke. Amber was just laying up against me crushing me even more in to the wall. This was so awsome I was getting harder and harder!! Amber just layed on top of me for another minute and was laughing. She said she didn't mean to hit me so hard but if I could survive that that I could take anything.
She rolled off of my legs and waist cuz the rest of me was hanging by this chain. She went back about 20 feet and started to skate towards me again. She was comming kind of fast and this time she didn't try to turn she just plowed right into me. Her huge tummy and body just pushed me firmly into the padded wall and my whole upper body was engulfed into her massive breast and belly. Amber had grabed on to some wood posts and she was pressing most of that 666 lbs into me. The impact had knocked most of my breath out of me and now she was smothering me with all of the gorgous flesh. I wasn't sure how long I could last?
Then Amber released some of her mass of flesh off of me and let me get a breath of air. She was leaning back from the wall still holding the posts and she was making her huge belly just sway back and forth just a half inch from my face. This was turning me on so much I just wanted to explode!! Amber said take a good breath your going to need it and with that she started to slowly come closer and closer crushing and smothering me into her. I was completly trapped by this huge women. She said it's time to go to sleep now and with that I new she was going to smother me into unconsiousness. As my air was getting less and less I tryed to strugle and push her away but a 150 lb guy has no chance agianst a almost 700 lb women. I knew how much it turned her on when I tride to strugle free and I knew the real fun would start the next time I came too.

One occasion that i never gonna forget is a couple of years back in time. This is a true story that really happened. This happened in Stockholm. It was in school and i was 15 years old and we were in
the 9th grade. We had a girl in our class that were biggest 15 year old girl i`ve ever seen. Her name was Louise and she was already then 6,1 and weight over 260 pounds. She was new in our class this year so you can understand how much everybody talked about here. She had a goodlooking face and dressed very well with the latest fashion. Now one teased her, i think her size and selfconfidence "saved" her from be teased as newcombers often be. Especially oversized ones. But there was one boy in our class that always talked about how fat and big she was and were always trying to get everybody else to do the same. He`s name was Robin, he was little bit of the nerd in the class and looked much younger than his age and was also the shortest one. He was only 5,2 and really tiny ,about 110 pounds. I think that he`s was trying to get the class to find a new "victim" to tease. And so one day he had painted some pictures of her looking like a elephant and writing all kinds of stuff how ugly and fat she was, he put the pictures up on her locker so everybody could see the paintings. Nothing happened, i didn`t saw when she discovered the pictures and neither did Robin. The day after that it was me, Robin and another guy who were the only ones left in the showers after we had played soccer. The girls had played to but not against us guys. We had separate shower and dressingrooms and now it was only me, Robin and Jens left. We had just gone out of the shower when we heard that someone came in the dressingroom. It was Louise and two girls more! We were barely naked, only managed to get or boxershorts on and started to blush cause the girls were halfnaked to. It was amazing to see how big Louise was, she had those enormous thights and butt. Everything on her where overdimensioned, arms, breasts,belly, yes everything! We immediately saw that something was wrong on the girls look on their faces. Louise went slowly towards Robin. He sat down for the moment as she was walking towards him. She stopped just in front of him and looked down to him and asked; -why did you draw those pictures? Did you think it was funny. Robin looked really scared but were trying to sound calm and "cool". -It wasnt me, he said! Then Louise took another step towars him, now nearly standing on his feet and so close that he could stand up. Her belly was in the way. She just looked down to him and looked very angry and said. - I know it was you, everybody had told me that. Dont try to lie you little worm. And at the same time the other two girls said. - Robin, it was you. Why dont you confess, are you scared? Now Robin looked really worried, but once again he tried to be cool and dont lose his face in front of us guys. -It wasnt me! But on the other hand why should i be scared of her he said , talkin to the other girls. Me and the other guy just stood there and didnt do anything to stop this. It was a little bit of fun and thrilling at the same time and also we didnt dare to say anything. Louise said once again:- You little chicken, dont try to lie, you dont know what i can do to you. Robin tried to be funny and said. - Yeah what, sit on me you fat cow and laughed. He shouldn`t said that. Louise laid her arms around his chest and lifted him up in a bearhug. I was amazed how quick and easy she did that. Imagined this sight. The were at the same age but the size difference was enormous. She were 6.2, 260 pounds against his 5.2 and 110 pounds. She holded him in the bearhug but it looked as she didnt take all of her powers,and at the same time she looked at him and said; - You should never call me that again! Then she squeesed Robin with all the strenght she had in her arms. Robin looked like he was dying and couldn`t speak or breath. Me and the others just stood there and looked. We were shocked! Louise had Robin in the bearhug for about 30 seconds and then dropped him to the floor.
He trying to catch his breath at the same time trying not to start crying. Louise went down to the floor and dragged him against her. -I`m not finished with you yet she said. She laid him down on his back easy as he was a doll. She put his hands behind his head and started to climb on top of him. But she didnt put any weight on , Yet! Robin tried to get lose but Louise just tightened her grip round his wrists and put a little bit of weigth of him. He was totally trapped. You could see the fear in his eyes. Slowly Louise put her gigantic but on his little stomach. Robin screamed a little bit, but not for long because soon he started to cry as Louise put her gigantic butt slowly furtherdown on Robins stomach. Louise looked pleased and laughed. -`Who`s laughing now she said. Robin continued to cry but now he tried to get her off him , the pain was to much for this little fellow. But as he started to try to get her off ( he couldn`t move her a inch) Louise lifted her legs and put them forward besides his head. He was totally barried underneath her big thights and butt. She sat om his stomach know with all here weigth!!! She had also locked his hands by putting her feet on them. His hands looked like a midgets against Louise big feet. Now Robin had stopped crying, we didn`t nearly see his face underneath all of that big body, but he was quiet. Louise sat there for a minute and then she was starting to bounce up and down on him!!! Robins eyes were know closed and we were worried about his life! The other guy (Jens) said to her; - Get off! Quickly! You kill him! She looked at Jens and said. Ok. Now it`s enough and went off him. She then just went out with the other girls without even looking at us or Robin. Robin laided on the floor unconsious. We didn`t know what to do but then called for a teacher. We didnt know what to say to the teacher so we just said that we found him like that. The teacher called for an ambulance and told us to go back to the lessions. We dont know what really happened to him but he didnt came back to school in two weeks. After that we never talked about what had happened. Louise never said a word to us about it either, i think she made her point! Don`t you! When Robin came back to school he tried to avoid Louise as much as he could. He was scared to death of her..

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Have to tell you about a woman I saw recently in Paris where I live. I was walking down a street in Montmartre when a couple of American men came out a door, followed by an enormous lady. She was well over 6' tall, had just the hugest ass and thighs and shoulders I'd ever seen. I stopped, pretending to look into a shop window, to watch her. One of the men opened the front door of a big car which was parked by the kerb. The kerb was quite high so the door was almost scraping the ground. Next thing this huge lady flops into the front seat. Her huge weight caused the car to lean totally to one side - so much that the door was slammed against the ground and came clean off the car. I never saw anything like it. They were all in shock. The rest of the car was fine, but where the big lady was sitting, the level of
the bottom of the door was about 5 inches below the kerb. And the door was just lying there. After I caugth my breath and they were still in a state of shock, I went over to ask if they needed help (I speak French and know my way around, they were obviously tourists). One of the men was starting to get angry with the woman, saying that she was causing too many problems. He said that she had already broken three different chairs and one bed in just one week holiday.
That is very possible because French furniture is not build to hold supersize people. But I said it wasn't her fault and gave them some advice about how to find a garage.
He asked the woman to get out of the car again so he could drive to the garage.
This wasn't too hard, she was quite agile for her size. Then we put the door that had fallen off into the trunk and the two men drove off to the garage and the woman went back into the hotel. But, I might never have another chance,so I started talking to her, telling her not to worry, that it was our fault that things in France were to weak to hold her, and that we French men love large women. She was surprised.
I said why don't we go for a drink to forget the whole thing and she said OK. She said that the two men were her sister's husband and his friend and they were in a group of 8 people. She was single, and 33. I am 25 but that was OK. We went to a bar with metal chairs and had a couple of glasses of wine. I think she didn't want to go back and deal with the group, so I persuaded her to phone them and eat dinner with me.
She agreed. She seemed really flattered by the attention. I was in a state of total excitement. She was so huge. We went back to my little apartment. I wanted to know how much she weighed but didn't dare to ask. I guessed at least 400. So I warned her that my chairs were only able to hold about 400 lbs (not true, I have no idea what they can hold), and she said she'd better stand then because she past 400 a long time ago. I just blurted out how much do you weigh and she said 640. I asked her how tall she was. 6'3. She said that noone guesses how heavy she is because she's so tall. So I said we'd sit on the bed to eat cos theres nothing else that could hold her. I sat down, then she sat down on the side of the bed. She was quite drunk by now, and she sat down heavily. The bed gave way like a matchstick and we both slid onto the floor. I could control myself no longer. I grabbed her and
kissed her and slid myself under her. She rolled towards me and
suddenly all her weight was on top of me. Her hips on top of my hips. It was the most wonderful and the most painful moment of my life. I totally lost control and would have come but the pressure of her weight on my pelvis prevented it. She started to get up but I begged her not to move for a minute, and she agreed. It was the most wonderful minute of my life. But it was also starting to be really painful. Her hips wer totally crushing my pelvis and my legs were numb. I started to be afraid I might be
paralysed if she stayed there. (I am only 5'5 and 120) So I let her move off me. Then I just came in my pants, uncontrollably.

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I couldn�t get my face out from under Debbie�s 450lbs so I kicked fruitlessly. I was panicked and I think that I knew I don�t have a chance to push her off, I guess I tried to signal her that this is serious. I didn�t know if she know how heavy she is and I was terrified that I would die in her ass.

Debbie on the other hand knew very well how I felt. She enjoyed the total control power and the fact that my life is in her hands (actually in her ass) gave her sexual pleasure. She hoped that I wouldn�t die before she�ll reach orgasm. She tried not to get too excited about that though cause she knew that if she�ll let herself go on me, I wouldn�t live.
After a minute she decided that it�s enough for now and she slowly and heavily moved her huge fat body from my face.
I was on the verge of passing out when she moved away and I kept lying there breathing heavily. She sat there beside me, Her body touching mine, and looked at me smiling.

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When I was 16 I used to go to a drawing class 2 times a week. Those classes took place in a neighbor town so I had to take the bus.
One time, When I got off the bus on my way to class, I found that I have 15 minutes to kill so I started walking and look in the stores windows there. After 5 minutes when I was looking on one of the windows, I turned my head and just by me I saw a huge woman, that woman was about 5�10�, probably 25 years old, and she had the most huge butt I ever saw in my life. I never imagined that a woman proportions could be like this. Her ties were also very wide, but her upper body was small (in compare to the lower body) and she was about 450lbs.
She didn�t notice I was staring at her and started walking away. Her body tilted forward when she walked like she had difficulty to carry the weight of her ass plus her ass was vibrating and massively swinging when she walked. I followed her, and she suddenly stopped and looked at her watch, after that she started running. I never saw a woman that big, running�. she still didn�t run very fast. I was walking and I still was very close to her but all the people in the bus station were staring at her. She missed her bus by seconds and one guy that looked at her running said to her: �why don�t you lose some weight, baby?�. She looked at him with anger and walked away. Her body was still tilting forward and her ass swinging. I was a very shy boy at that time and I don�t know what made me go to her and say �don�t listen to him, I think you are beautiful.�, I didn�t believe that I said that. I thought that I would better go from there but she looked down at me (I am 5�7� and about 120lbs), smiled, and said, �Thank you.�.
I smiled back at her. �Would you like to drink a cup of coffee with me?� I didn�t believe my courage.
She kept smiling and said, �I don�t want to be here but I live right around the block, would you like to come over to my place for a coffee?�
I nodded quickly and I think she noticed my enthusiasm cause she smiled to herself.

We got to her place. I was waiting for her on the sofa while she was entered with the coffee. Needles to say I was not going to drawing class that day.
She smiled to me and said, �There�s something I wanted to ask you�.
�Yes?�, I moved my eyes from her ass to her face�
She replied, �I couldn�t not notice that you�re staring at my ass�.
I was speechless�. She caught me red handed�.
She giggled, �It�s ok. Do you like it ?�
- �Ve �very much!�, I answered.
- �Would you like to see it more closely?� , she asked with a kinky smile on her face.
- �More then anything!�
- �ok, I am going to take my clothes off so that means you would too, go to my bedroom, it�s the first room to the right. Take off all your clothes, lie on the bed and wait for me.
I did as she instructed me and lied on the bed, naked. Just watched the ceiling� anticipating.

The door opened. And Debbie (that was her name) entered naked, with all her glory. She turns to close the door so I got to see her naked ass. God, this was an amazing thing, it was like two beach balls connected to each other, swinging and vibrating.
She came to the end of the bed where my had was and just stand there while I was looking up.
�You wanted to watch my ass� she said, keep smiling.
She turned and I looked up and see her ass so close. And closer�. And closer.
Suddenly I started to figure out what�s happening. Debbie is going to sit down on me ! She is going to put that huge ass over my face. I panicked and put my hands forward to stop the descending of the massive ass on my face.
My arms were no matches for her immense weight and her ass kept getting down on me.
Suddenly I felt the cold flesh of her ass and the darkness started to increase.
Her ass continued to descend and the weight continued to increase! I struggled to get free but the weight was amazing and it kept pressing me down. While I was struggling I could hear Debbie giggle and I panicky though �does she know what she is doing ?�, �is it going to end sometime ?�, after 5 seconds that lasted like 5 minutes, the heavy weight stopped to increase, I was in complete darkness and her flesh engulfed me from all sides. I couldn�t breath. And I kept struggle to get her off me but I didn�t stand a chance against a woman who weighs about four times my weight!

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"Allirght, Christopher. It's time for you to get that close look."
I stood in the middle of my living-room, hands on hips, legs apart and both feet planted firmly on the floor. A rather commanding pose.
"Do you like what you see, boy?"
"Yes, Estrella. Very much," the nerd said.
"What do you like about what you see?" I teased.
"Umm... You're so large. Large and round. I like that."
"Oh yeah? And my ass, then? What's so special about my ass?"
"It's so... big, so round. I love it."
"Is that all you can say? I'm sure that those glasses usually help you to see better, but I think that in this case they can only get in the way. You simply won't be able to get close enough with them on," I said, removing his spectacles from his nose, placing them on the low table by the couch.
"Of course, without your glasses, your eyes won't be enough. I think you need to look with your whole face. Now, get down and look real close!"

Christopher immediately dropped to his knees behind me and put his face to my ass, pressing his cheeks against my denim-clad buttocks, trying to get his nose as far in between them as possible. He hugged my hips and pressed on, then he started to make rolling motions with his head, kneading my buttocs in turn with his left cheek, forhead, right cheek, chin, left cheek, forhead, right cheek, chin, kneading on in a way that must have made him dizzy and really chafed his nose on the rough fabric of my jeans. He was very eager, and I must say that it felt great.

"I don't think that you can get close enough this way, I said. "It'll be easier for you if I take my jeans off."
I proceded to take off my clothes. Cristopher just sat on his knees on the floor. I noticed that his face wasn't pale any more, and that his nose was very red indeed.
"Now, it's only fair that you take your clothes off too", I demanded.
He was soon to obey. Actually, he was completely naked before I was even down to my bra and panties. I kept them on.

"Allright, Chris, my boy, have another go, then!" I said cheerfully while placing my behind close to his face.
The nerd approached tounge first this time. An attitude that I really like. He licked the crevice between my buttocks through the thin fabric of my black panties, he dug his nose in and tried to slide under me, tasting the moisture in the area between my legs. I faciliated this move by spreading my legs further, and he got to a position where he was almost in front of me, bending backwards under me.

Having him that way, on his knees, his body and neck bent backwards, tounge lapping at my wet panties, mouth nibbling at my crothc, I couldn't resist the temptation to squeeze his head between my powerful thighs a bit. I squeezed and made tiny twisting, gyrating motions, rubbing his head with the insides of my thighs. Pressing, rubbing and pressing his head good before I let go.

"Not close enough!" I said smiling.

I stepped over to the couch for a large cushion that I dropped on the floor in front of the naked nerd, who remained on his knees.
"Lie down on your back and put your head on the cushion," I said.
The young man hesitated for a few seconds before he complied. When he was on his back, I stood over him, towering, I can imagine.

"You really like me, don't you, Chirs?" I asked.
"Yes, I really like you, Estrella."
"You really want me..."
"I really want you, Estrella."
I could see that he wanted me. It was very obvious.
"You want me bad," I smiled.
"I want you bad."

I took off my bra and panties, rather slowly, letting the young man see all the beauty of my full body. Then I placed one foot on his chest, pressing down just a little.
"You're all mine now, boy," I said looking down on him. "All mine."
I moved my foot to his face, playfully pinching his chafed nose between my toes. I was enjoying this.
"Lick my foot, boy!" I commanded, resting it lightly on his mouth.
The nerd eagerly licked the sole of my foot, and sucked my toes when I put them in his mouth. How wonderful. I let him do the same to my other foot before I stood straddling him.

"I'm going to sit on you now, boy," I said, trying to make my voice sound a little menacing. "I'm going to sit on your face. You want me to, don't you?"
The nerd looked just a tad worried, but also very excited:
"Yes, I want you to sit on my face."
I turned to face the young man's feet and sat down on his face, resting most of my weight on my knees.

Now, I suppose that you guys want to know how much I weigh.
Haven't you learned not to ask a lady about her weight? Most stories I've seen on these boards are stuffed with numbers. Pounds and inches of every kind. But I honestly can't tell you how much I weigh, since I don't know myself. I don't own a scale, and I haven't checked my weight in years. Let's just say that I weigh a lot. That I know for sure.
Come to think of it, I haven't told you my age either. I'd bet that you'd like to know. Well, there's something else that you should never ask a lady about! Let's just say that I'm about twice the age of the nerd in this story. That should give some room for your imagination, but not too much.

Anyway, sitting on the teenager's face, I could feel his nose in my asshole, and a cool breeze on my pussy as he tried to suck in as much air as possible, opening his mouth wide. I wiggled my ass some, and settled a bit more of my weight on his face, forcing his nose further up and forcing him to strain his jaws, as he tried to open his mouth even wider in order to get any air at all.

I truly enjoy the power that I obviously have over some men, and sometimes I might even revel in it, humiliating them. But I'm not a sadist and I'm not actually into smothering. When I sit on a man's face, what I want is a good oral performance. A good long satisfying performance.
The nerd wasn't the best licker in the world, but he was very eager, and very willing to take orders and instructions.

Sitting on a man's face, is my favourite position, and the greatest advantage it has over other positions, is that I can move about, using his tounge or his nose in my pussy or in my asshole, as I please and when I please. I guess that I like to be in control. I also like to wiggle and ride, and I rode that nerd's face long and good. I told him how to use his tounge, when to lick hard, when to slow down, when to plunge his tounge deep into my pussy or anus, when to make it whirl and swirl around inside me and when to just let it gently flicker over my clit. I rode him forwards and reverse, rubbing my juices all over his face, sometimes pressing down hard, not really intending to smother the guy, but smothering him all the same. And all the time the good little nerd eagerly obeyed my instructions, and his tounge never let up. I did twist his nipples now and then, as to urge him on. Not that he needed any prodding, but because I liked it, and I think that he liked it too. I had several wonderful orgasms on his face.

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After leaving the magazine shop, I headed for the subway.
"I suppose that you're not doing anything else tonight, then?" I said, glancing over my shoulder at the pale young man following me.
"No, I guess not," he answered with a thin smile.
"Good. We can take the subway to my place. I'ts only two stations from here."
"Sure. No problem."
I thouht it was a bit funny, how he walked a couple of steps behind me all the way to the subway station. It made me think of those kids that you see trailing behind their parents, because they're somehow embarrased to be seen in public with them. Maybe it was like he naturally assumed the role of a servant of some kind, or even that of a dog, faithfully and eagerly following his mistress. It could be that way. After all, I was obviously taking the lead. Then again, perhaps the guy just wanted to maintian a good view of my ass.

I was wearing a pair of really tight jeans. On me, most jeans have that certain kind of tight fit, like they are too small, if indeed they fit at all. Sometimes it's hard to find plus size clothes that don't look like you're wearing some kind of tent. This pair I really liked. They emphasized the ample curves of my thighs and buttocks, making them look almost better than naked. Those jeans had once been black, but now the color was more of a dark grey. I guess the worn fabric gave a certain rough edge to the mesmerizing sway of my behind. I felt great. Here we come, me and my dog. Me and my little white boy.

The subway was not really crowded at this hour, and we were able to find two adjecent seats. I took the one by the window, and a fair share of the other seat too, to be honest. I did tell you that I'm a large woman, didn't I?
The nerd remained standing in the aisle, uncertain of what to do, and when the train started moving, he almost lost his balance.
"You can stand if you like," I said. "It's only a short ride..."
I lingered on the last word, viewing him intently. He met my gaze and then he looked down, checking if there was anything wrong with his sneakers. Both shoes were well laced and in place, I noticed. Then he sat down beside me. The pair of seats were just large enough for the two of us, since the nerd didn't really need a whole seat to himself, and one wasn't really enough for me.

I put my hand on his knee, patting it reassuringly, just like you might pat a good dog.
"What's your name, boy?" I asked.
I couldn't resist using the word "boy". It was kind of condescending, I guess, but mostly in a humorous way. After all, it has a certain ring to it, when used by a large black woman talking to a smaller white man. I smiled at the poor nerd, and he smiled back at me before turning his attention to his sneakers again.
"Chris," he said. "Christopher, really."
"Chris..." I repeated, like I was tasting his name. "I'm Estrella."

Perhaps you think that I'm moving too slow here. I can almost hear some of you guys urging me on: "You told us that we wouldn't believe this story. Get to the part we won't believe!" I hear you say. "Come on, show him your ass! You promised him a closer look, now show him! Show us! You promised us! Sit on him! Sit on us!"

Allright, let's cut to my apartment. No, wait, let's cut to to just before that; let's cut to the stairs. I live on the second floor of an apartment building and there is an elevator in the building. You might assume that a heavy lady like myself would use that elevator, but taking the stairs is good and healthy exercise. I always use the stairs when i get home. Sometimes I take the elevator, but only on my way down.

So we took the stairs, which gave the pale young man a good opportunity to view my bottom from behind and below, his anticipation building all the while, I'm sure. Just imagine my thighs and buttocks straining the fabric of my jeans, as I climbed those few stairs, the nerd following closely, salivating, anticipation building. Imagine me like a woman out of a Botero painting, wearing a pair of jeans meticulously inked by Robert Crumb. The nerd could have been a young Robert Crumb, come to think of it. The thought made me laugh. I laughed while unlocking the door to my apartment, and perhaps my laugh scared the poor young man a bit.

"What's so funny?" he asked, halting a few steps from my door.
"Nothing, boy. Come on in."
He seemed suddenly hesitant, eying me up and down.
"Come on in. You want a closer look, don't you?" I teased.
"I'm not dangerous. I promise that I won't hurt you... much," I said winking.
The teenager entered my apartment.

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You won't believe this story. And rightly so. But yet I tell you that it's a true story. Because most of you like true stories better than other stories.
Not that I understand why. After all, it's just a story. But let me tell you that this one is true and that this actually happened. You know that I'm lying, but that's allright. Because I know that you want to believe it anyway.

My name is Estrella and I'm your dreams come true. And perhaps your nightmares too. I could tell you a lot about myself, but since you're probably more interested in the shape and size of my ass, that would be a waste of time, wouldn't it?

Anyway, this time I was looking at some magazines in the local magazine shop, when I noticed that a young man over at the section for computer magazines was watching my behind. He was trying not to be obvious, but I could tell. A woman can almost always tell when a man is watching her. At least I can. He might think that he is sneaking a peek, but I can tell.

Now, this happens to me a lot, because my rear end is truly something special. Not only is it huge, but it's also extremely well shaped. Perhaps this is where you would like a colorful description involving fruit, like saying that my buttocks are like a couple of gigantic pears joined together.
But nothing like that would do my truly divine behind any justice.

This particular guy in the magazine shop was secretly wallowing in the view of my ample ass, while pretending to browse those computer magazines. He was doing a good job at it too. I don't think that anybody else noticed what he was really interested in. Not that anybody else would notice anything about a guy like that. He looked like a true nerd. A young man, a teenager, rather short, thin and slightly unhealthy looking with pale skin, glasses, and plenty of acne on his face. Just the kind of person that you would expect to read computer magazines, don't you think?

Now, I'm a big woman in every sense of the world, both tall and heavy. An imposing female figure, large and well rounded in an almost sculptural way. Why shouldn't the nerd be looking? I consider every part of my body to be perfect, but I know that you little perverts are obsessed with my ass more than anything else. And perhaps that's only natural. I read somewhere that the three qualities men appreciate most in a woman are humor, personality and a pleasing ass. And I think they got that right. But they probably got the order wrong.

So, this pathetic little guy was eying my ass. Why should I care? As I said, it happens all the time. This time, though, I decided to play a little game.
Perhaps I felt a bit sorry for the young man, and maybe I wanted to humiliate him at bit at the same time. I surely felt the power of having something that he wanted. Maybe I just wanted to express myself. After all, I am larger than life in some ways - at least larger than the life of that miserable teenager in the magazine shop.

He was pretending to look at computer magazines. Well, I can pretend too. I casually strolled over to that section and randomly picked a magazine with "PC" in the title and a deceptivly colorful cover featuring the typically boring monitor and grey box above some circuit board.
I was standing very close to the pale nerd, and edging even closer, brushing his side. Nobody would think twice about such a thing, because a woman like me demands a lot of room, and there was limited space by the magazine shelves. I continued to pretend to look for some computer magazine, while glancing at the nerd at my side. When our eyes met, I could see a hint of red appearing on his pale face. I smiled at him.

"You like to look at my ass," I stated in a low voice, almost a whisper.
"What? No..." the nerd managed, the hint of red on his face turning more visible.
"You don't like to look at my ass?" I wondered, mocking him with signs disbelief on my brow.
"No... well..."
"You like to look at my ass", I whispered, with a confident smile.
"Yes... well..."
His face was now turning decidedly red.
"So, you like to look at my ass. Nothing to be ashamed of. Most guys like to look at my ass. But most guys don't get to have a closer look."

I turned partly away from the teenager, bending over a bit to get a magazine from a lower shelf, making sure that my behind bumped well into the guy. He didn't back off. I stood holding the magazine a while, pretending to examine the contents of the publication, while smiling and glancing at the nerd. He was obviously both embarrased and excited, but he stood his ground, also pretending to look at yet another PC magazine.

"You want a closer look, don't you?" I said. "I know you do."
"Well, yes," he said, turning his eyes to his shoes. He wore sneakers.
I just stood there with the magazine in my hands, smiling at the poor guy. Smiling and waiting. There was a moment of silence. One of those moments when you feel that anything is possible. I felt powerful.

"Yes, I would like a closer look," he finally said. "Please."
I put the computer magazine back on its shelf:
"You might just get what you want. Come with me."
He followed me out of the magazine shop without a word, unable to take his eyes from my behind. I was walking in front of him, but I could feel his stare with every step, like a faint tingle on my swaying buttocks.

Now you would like to hear the rest of this story. You can't wait for me to get to the less believable parts, can you? Well, just hold your breath. I know that you guys are very good at that.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / New Story
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When i was 16 years of age I had a crush on my P.E. Teacher. Boy was she BIG. I was 5"10 180lbs, and she was 6"2 340 solid pounds. She had a big butt, big thighs, and the biggest breasts i have ever seen. She was pretty athletic, she could bench about 350. Well one day we were doing wrestling, and she was showing us how to do moves. And after she showed us how to do the moves she asked for a volunteer to wrestle her! I raised my hand right away, and i was ready to wrestle. I am a pretty big guy but when i stood next to her i looked like an elf. When she said GO i first tried to pick her up. She didnt budge she just stood there and laughed. Then she picked me up and then fell down with me to the floor. THe wind got knocked out of me. She then sort of straddled me for a second and i guess she felt something under my shorts poking out and just had a smurk on her. Then she craddled me and then pinned me. After the period was over i went into her office. And i told her i enjoyed wrestling with her. And out of the blue she said " do you find me attractive?" I was shocked! I told her " Oh yeah!" She then said " Would you like to get squished by me?" And once again i said yes. She then said meet me after school, in my office.
After school i went straight to her office, she welcomed me in and she was wearing a yello tanktop revealing her huge tits and big belly, and she was also wearing a small elastic PE shorts. She asked me " ready to get crushed" And before i could say anything she took off her tanktop, to reveal a red bra, and then took of her boardshorts revealing a red g-string. My heart started to pound like a mad man. She then lifted me off my chair with one hand and threw me on the floor. She planted her ass right on my chest. I could breathe a little, but then she put her legs across my shoulders and then i began to panick. She said " I love to feel a mans chest compress under my weight." I tried to push her off but the weight was to much. She then got off, and when she got up her boobs just bursted out of her bra. So she decided to boob smother me. She layed on me and put both her huge boobs across my face. Man were they big. I started to suck on them but then she just dug them right in my face and then i could not breath. After 20 seconds she got up, and then sat right across my face. Out of nowhere she cut the loudest fart i have ever heard in my life. It smelled so bad and she said " do you like?" I nodded so she cut another one, and then another one. Now it was where i couldnt breathe but if i could i would not want to because it smelled awful. She was getting aroused, and started to moan. I started to tap her leg because i couldnt breathe but she would not get up because she was getting an orgasm riding my face. My head was going to cave in and she did not care. She let me breathe for one second, and then sat on my face again to finish her orgasm, once she was done she picked me up and said time for you to get your orgasm. So she put me in a tight bearhug while i fucked her. After i was done she dropped me on the ground and said tommorow we will do this again....Post if i should tell another experience with her.

Now I was paniced as she sat on me. She seemed unconcerned that I wasn't breathing as her 600lbs. was centered on my upper abdomen just below my chest and her expansive right buttox enveloped my head completey pressing it extremely hard into the couch cushion till it could go no futher. And naturally I didn't think to turn my head to the side before she sat her full weight down again so my face was flattened to my skull hard enough to make my nose bleed. So my head was in a bad way like it was in a metal vice, causing me to develope a severe migrain type headache. However this was not the worst of the situation. Having been under 600lbs for some 20 minutes or so I was fatiging rapidly and pain was increasing and spreading throughout my entire body, especially in my chest where it felt as half a dozen knives were sticking in my sides. My skinny ribs were compressed to thier limit, caved in on the vital organs they were to protect, but they weren't designed to be sat on by a giagantic 600lbs fat woman. AS all this pain and other blurred thoughts were processing in my mind I didn't even notice it when she scooted up to her final position on me where she wanted to sit from the begining. She centered herself on my chest.After a few seconds I passed out, but not knowing or perhaps even caring at the time that I was dwindling to nothingness she sat on me for about 2 minutes. It was then that it happened. She had gotten carried away in the moment crushing me, forgetting that I was a 12 year old boy that she had no experience with and not one of her usual crushees that she truly loved torturing relentlessly as they often had her do.She snapped out of her wondering fantasy realizing a 12 year old was probably dead under her and quickly attemped to get up, but in her haist she slipped and came down on me with a huge thud and a muffled crack of my ribs breaking under the wieght of all her flesh. I was undoughtedly revived in the onslought of the extreme compression causing new unbearable pain.It took her another 10 seconds or so before she finally got up off of me. I immediately curled up into a ball of pain, but I knew this wouldn't be the last time I got crushed. We ended up making a believable story that I had fallen out of a tree trying to retreve her cat. I fell out of that tree several times after that. THE END.

Alright then she said, lie down on the couch over there.I quickly did as she asked and was on my back watching her waddle to me.Are you sure? she asked. Yes. Ready? Yes. With that she turned her huge rear to me and slowly lowered herself down. She was now sitting on me with all her weight centered on my pelvic bone, so half her ass squashed my stomache and chest pretty good,and the other side my legs, which hurt worst of all.My breath was definateley restricted but nothing more than I could handle. I developed a rock hard boner. She noticed I guess, soon scooting up my torso a few inches, relieving some of the stress on my legs, but the resriction of my breathing was doubled it seemed. The compression I felt now was very intense, but only a hint of pain exsisted in my lower back and upper abdomen. It had been about 5 minutes since she had first sat down on me, already I was thinking of quiting, as I was quickly becoming exausted by the compression, and lack of full breath. The second that crossed my mind she scooted up my torso further, her weight now centered on my stomache making me feel nausious instantly. Again restriction of breath seemed double as I could now only take a very painfull wisper of air. My lower back, hips, groin, abs, and chest all felt just terribly bad, yet I felt exzilerated at the same time. Then she scooted once more. TO BE COTINUED. EXCUSE THE BAD SPELLING AND ALL.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / RIBS BEING BROKEN BY 600LBS WOMAN.
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It had a tramatic affect on me, but I think its the reason I am like this today, at least in part. When I was 12 there was this huge woman living in a house across the street behind my house. Since I was 5 I went in a hollowed spot between two cedar trees to be alone so I could draw pictures of my fantasies. These were of giantesses and pear shape women squashing very small men or young boys breaking bones and leaving them a gooy mess. Where a 5 year old got this fantasy I don't know. I got older and my drawings improved. The huge woman moved into her house in my 12th summer, and I immediately began to watch her when she came out and I used her as reference for my drawings. One day she spotted me watching her and eventualy coaxed me over to her. She invited me in and I was in awe of her enormous size close up. She was very aware of this. She showed me into another room and ther were 2 bathroom scales on the floor. She had me get on one. 90lbs it read. Then she stood on them one beside the other and both maxed out going past thier 300lbs limit. She pulled up her top and pushed the waist band of her pants down to reveal her blubberous expansive belly. She patted and rubbed it lovingly and smiled. I was overjoyed when she allowed me to touch her belly feeling its deep softness. I asked if she would sit on me, but she refused saying she was so big and heavy that you wouldn't be able to see if I were alive under her or crushed completely to death. Why would I want a huge fat woman to sit on me? She really was just making sure for her own interest. Please I begged, I won't tell anyone. I told her to wait as ran to get my drawings to show her. You really do want me to sit on you, she said viewing the drawings. Yes, very much.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / The Elevator
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I work in a 10 story Office building that is just full of huge women and of course I have my top ten list of SSBBW that work there. The other day I was ready to get into the elevator from my 10th floor office. As I was standing there the two biggest women on my floor where also waiting for the elevator. This to gals are BIG!! The small one is about 5-8 and has to weigh close to 400 lbs and the bigger one is about 5-10 and maybe 450 lbs. Both have huge butts and Bellys and the shorter one has huge boobs. The elevator finally came and I went in first. Had to make sure I got the best view of this two gorgeous women. Well the Elvator doors closed and we went down just one floor to 9th and I could not belive it but the biggest women on that floor got in the elevator with us. this is not the worlds biggest elevator so the 450 lb women who was standing in front of me had to back up some so the 5-7 350+ women from 9th could get in. Her huge butt was just inches from me now. I was just kind of kidding to myself that wouldn't it be great if the building's biggest women 7th floor would get in with us. That would be a dream come true. She is gigantic at almost 6 ft tall and she has to weigh way over 500 lbs.
Well the elevator move past 8th floor and no other women got on. Like I said the 450lb women was just inches from me the 400 lb wome was to my left and the 350lb women was kind of in the front left hand corner. Well the elvator move past 7th and I was bummed that it did not stop. There went my hope of having the 4 of the hugest women in of building in the elevator with me at the same time...oh well. The elevator then stopped at 6th and when it opened I couldn't belive my eyes. They she was waiting to get in. Before I knew it the 450lb one had backed up right into me and she just said you don't mind do you. I quikly replied Not at all it's my pleasure. Well the 500++ lb women steped into the elevator. The 400lb women to my left had to scoot over towrds me and her huge belly was pressing into my arm and hand. she just said this is cozy isn't it. Well just before the elevator doors closed. Some one yelled and said hold the vator. All of a sudden the doors opened up and this 300+ lb women frome 6th said were late for a meeting can we squeeze in here? The 500++ lb women said sure and she started to back up pushing the 450 lb women even more into me. Well this was turning me on so much and I think she could tell. cuz she gave a good step back and really squeezed me right up agains the wall. The 400lb women also had to move in closer and now I was being completely squashed by this to lovely ladies. Some how the two 300lb women managed to squeeze into the elevator. The doors closed and one of said sure hope we don't break this think. They all started to laugh.The 450lb women started to sway her huge butt from right to left. Which would make me move from right to left with her. Every time I move to the left I would get smoosed into the 400lb women even more. Geez this was driving me crazy. Elevator was now at 3rd floor now and starting to go to 2nd. All of a suddent this alarm sounded and the elevator came to a stop. The Doors did not open. The women for some reason started to laugh and just said oh well what are we going to do. The 450lb women said I have an idea and looked back at me. All the other huge women in the elevator looked back at me to with these evil grins on there face. I just said Oh be continued

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Be careful what you wish for
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The other nite I was at this little out of town bar haven't been there to much. I was with a couple of buddies of mine.
None of us are too big were all kind of skinny computer geek types. I'm the only one of us 3 that likes big girls tho. We picked the right night to go or should I say the wrong night. There where this 3 gals sitting at a table they where all kind of tuff looking probably got off the late shift from a near by factory? 2 of the girls probably out weighed me by at least 150+ pounds not sure but the 3rd women was huge. I mean she had to be about 6-2 and at least 500 lbs maybe more...she was enormous but also powerfull looking. needless to say I couldn't keep my eyes off of her or there table. My buddies kind of know I love big girls but sometimes that can be bad as you will see. We had been drinking several beers and I started to make some dorky facial expressions at the huge womens table. after awhile I got up to take a pee and was walking by her table. Man she was huge and round. the hugest butt and thighs and big breasts and arms. The other girls at the table also seemed bigger that I first thought. I walked on to the bathroom and as I passed them I tried to say something funny but I don't think it was taken that way?? When I came back from the can the huge girl stuck her foot out and kind of triped me. I just laughed and said hey what da do that for. She said you little runt I know you've been making fun of us all night. I said what a minute NO I haven't!! The huge girl just stood up and she was just towering over me. I'm almost 5-9 and she must have had at least 3 or 4 inches on me. My buddies started to egg her on by saying things like come on kick his ass he loves big girls. She just looked at her friends got this snarl on her face. I started to back away from her. but before I could get too far she grabbed me and put me in this bear hug. She just started to squeeze the shi* out of me. I mean she was as strong as an ox. Then she picked me off the floor and started to walk towrds the wall. My buddies where loving this because the just kept egging her on telling her to crush me. She just walked towrds the wall and pressed all of her enormous weight against me. my feet where still several inches above the floor. She just pressed more and more of her enormous body against me. She said come on you little punk lets see what you got!! I tried to get away but my little 145 body was NO match. then she let me down to the floor and turned around. She gave me one huge slam with her gigantic ass. It was easially twice as wide as me. What air I had left came rushing out. then she slamed me again. I finally heard one of my friends tell her to knock it off. She just told him to shut up or he would be next. then she just stood back against me pressing that butt against me harder and harder by this time I had little strength left in my arms. I was totally helpless. Her shoulder length aburn hair was covering my face. She said have you had enough little man. I couldn't even get a word out. Then she said you know I'm still pissed I need to teach you a good lesson!! then she told one of her friends to stand up. She said to her friend do you remember what we did to the last little punk that made fun of us. Her friend said yea then with that she started to run tword the big girl. I could see her 300++ pounds just bouncing and jiggling as she ran. then she just slamed her self into her friend. The impact was to much for me as the huge womens butt was driven right through me. I swear I heard some ribs crack and other body parts. She then turned around picked me up in some kind of wresteling move. She carried me over to a table and then slammed me down on the table followed by her full weight. I just let out a yell as I hit the grond. this time I knew some of my ribs had cracked. The lights where all blury and i had never been in so much pain. then to finish me off she sat on top of my head with the 4 ft wide bottom. I couldn't see I couldn't breath I was completely engluffed in her ass. she then grabed my balls. She said if you ever make fun of me or my friends again you wont be walking away from here they'll have to carry you out on a strecher. Then she gave a huge bounce of her titantic butt which broke my nose. I don't know how long she sat on my head cuz I must have passed out for awhile. When I came too my friends where reviving me and holding a wet towell on my face. They said they where sorry for not helping me but those 3 girls must have weighed close to 1500 lbs combined. They said as the huge one left she told them that skinny boys should be nice to 700lb girls. She then said that if we ever come back in there and by those girls a drink that they could show us the fun side of a big girl. They took me to the hospital where I found I had 4 broken ribs. I figure as soon as I heel up I'll go find her by her a beer and see if she can make good on her word!!??

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Jannet got up and stood over Brian,your turn Eveline, she moved back to let me sit on his chest i sat down right on
his face giving him no chance to get his breath he tried to buck me off using what bit of strenth he had left.
He soon tired so i moved back onto his chest pinning his arms to the floor.
Give in? I asked not a chance he said,i started to bounce up and down on him kneeling on his arms at the same time but still he did'nt give in.
Jannet looked on smiling to her self she had got something planned for poor Brian.
I was still sat on his chest when Jannet came up behind and sat on his stomach bouncing down hard on him,he screamed in
agony his face was turning red.
Nearly 500pounds sat on this small body crushing him flat to
the floor.Give in now? I asked he shook his head and tried to say no but nothing came out.
I stood up and put my foot on his chest stand on him JANNET SHOUTED she also stood up we both hovered over him he started to get some air to his lungs breathing shot gasphs
breath.I nodded to Jannet and we both stood on him at the same time me on his chest and Jannet on his belly we stood holding hands looking down at his face ready to give in now Jannet asked YES YES he begged well to bad we have,nt finnished with you yet.I dropped down and sat on his face backwards and smothed him.
Jannet was still standing on his stomach grinning at me
watch this she said and jumped full weight on his stomach
i could feel him shudder underneath me i stood up and looked at him he was all done in Jannet jumped off him has he had enough yet? She asked me we both smiled and i said no.
Brian just laid there not moving just looking up at us.
Should i tell her your litte secret Brian? I said to him.
What secrets that? Jannet said,he loves to be stood on and
sat on since he can remember and has always wanted you to sit on him and pin him and make him give in.
Right leave it to me now i'll finnish him off,with that she dropped both knees on his poor chest and moving one knee onto his throat pressing down hard on his windpipe,i give up he shouted Jannet lifted her knee from is throat and sat on his chest his face was realy red now and his breathing was heavy.
You did'nt last long Brian, Jannet said our brother took a lot more than that i am dissapointed.
Should i let the weed up or should i sit on him all day and then trample him into the ground.
Sit on him all day if you want i said,lets see how much he can realy take.
She moved up onto his throat and sat on his adamsapple squeezing his face with her large thighs she was realy enjoying this i could tell she had done this to many boys and girls even more than me.
She had been sat there for nearly 30 minutes not moving just sitting on his throat i looked at his face it was squashed up between her thighs is eyes were shut he was in heaven not for long,i stood right on his groin putting one foot on his----squashing it into his stomach his legs started to flayel about Jannet got the message and sat on his face smothering him she wriggled on his face stretching
her leg out all her weight was resting on his head and all my weight on his groin (500pounds) his arms and legs were waving all over the place.
I jumped of him and left in to Jannet to finnish him of.
She was still sat on his face smiling at me, one more time she said she, stood up and looked down at him,you want me to make you give in dont you well her goes, she droped her full weight onto his chest and then sat on his face giving him no air at all she sat there for a few seconds his hands began to bang the floor he had given in....
Jannet got of him and we both sat down on the sette watching him roll about in agony.
We sat and talked for a bit about old times how she loved sitting and pinning people,she said her last time was last week when she sat on her 9year old daughter for being cheeky.
Lots more to tell if you are still not bored with me.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Flatten Husband
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This is about my husband Brian and how my sister and i realy squashed him flat.
Let me tell you about brian he small 5ft 5ins tall 130pounds
in weight he is likes to be sat on and pinned and also stood on.
This is how i got into to it.
He would lie on the floor and ask me to either sit on him or stand on him, at first i thought it strange but did so to please him.
I would sit on his chest and we would talk he would tell me about what he liked and wanted and told me about the message boards he read so we read them together which i found very interesting,he asked me about fighting my brothers and sisters and asked if i and sat on them which i had but did not realize i had enjoyed sitting on them till
we talked about it.
Which led to the stories i have told to you on the message board.Hope your not bored with this insight into our love for squashing and trampling.
Back to the story.
It was Sunday my elder sister was comming to visit us for the day.
Brian had talked many times about Jannet and how he would like to be sat on and pinned underneath her(let me tell you i am a big girl she is bigger 6ft 1ins and weighs nearly 300pounds)but it had never happened for him.
My sister is a bit of a tomboy and has always liked fighting and beating up our brothers but they were not into fighting as they were a lot younger than us.
I planned to get her to have a wrestle with him today but keep it a surprise from him.
When she arrived we all sat in the front room drinking tea and making small talk about nothing realy.
I now had to put my plan into action i had to get Brian out of the way so i asked him to go to the shop for some milk and cakes.
While he was away i had to get Jannet to wrestle him some how.In the mean time she had drank a couple of wiskeys and was very talkative so i mentioned about when we were younger
and how we beat up our brothers and sat on them pinning them to the floor making them give in by bouncing on them.
We talked about how she had broken a rib of the lad next door by kneeling on his chest and all sorts of other things we had done to lads and girls.
Here goes, how would you fancy wrestling Brian? i asked it would be like old times i said.I would love to but i dont think he would though do you?I didnt say he loves to be sat on i kept that quiet.After a bit more talking she was realy keen and could'nt wait to get started.
Brian came back from the shops and sat down on the floor
where he always sits.Jannet stood up and walked over to where Brian was now lying down watching TV, she stood over him fancy a wrestle she said to him do you think you could beat me and Eveline together(him 130puonds and us over 500pounds)not a chance i butted in we,d kill him i said.
He tried to get up but jannet pushed him down with her foot.
I looked at Brian and smiled he knew what was comming to him.
Jannet lowered herself onto his chest pinning is arms to the floor poor Brian he could'nt move get me of weakling she said she moved high upon his chest crushing is face with her thighs come on get me off she said he started to try and move her by wriggling about but she moved onto his throat {all 300pounds of her)she smiled at him i only just begun she said.
Hey sis this is fun she said just like the old times.
I looked at Brians face but could'nt see it for her enormous thighs covering him,she sat back on his chest with her knees on is bycepts.Give in? she said to him,you could'nt make me give in goading her, want to bet Jannet said,with that she stood up and dropped her full weight on his chest poor brian's face turned red she then kelt full weight on his arms and then bounced onto his face sitting there smothering him, this brought back memories what she did to all our brothers she was realy enjoying it.
She was still sat on his face he was now sruggling trying to get her of, i knelt down on the floor to have a closer look but could'nt see anything his face was engulfed under her enormous backside, i was ready to join in.
Part two soon

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I know I'm not the only one who would love to hear some more of your stories, Big Marisa.

And i have a question, as I'm sitting here wondering what it would be like ot be squahsed under you...just how much do you weigh?

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: 4th of July
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It was several seconds before I could even think of trying to get up. I tried to disguise the pain as I didn’t want Kristy to know she’d hurt me. The benefits of having Kristy sat in my lap certainly outweighed the negatives I thought to myself with a smile. When I did eventually manage to drag myself upright the last thing I noticed as I left the bakery was that the chair in which we’d been sat was indeed now much closer to the floor.

Kristy’s weight had begun to splay the narrow steel legs of the chair outwards at the base. It surely would’ve only been a matter of time before it collapsed. I pictured in my mind the chair collapsing with me on it and then Kristy’s enormous bulk crashing down on me like a 550lb hydraulic ram crushing everything in its path…………….The thought made me hornier than ever!!

When we got back to her place it took me fully 15 minutes to empty the car of all the cakes and pastries. I carried about 25-30 whole large cheesecakes, gateaux, cakes and pies of various varieties into Kristy’s apartment. She instructed me to bring them to the bedroom and disappeared.

She hadn’t wasted time. I found that a much larger table from her spare room had been pushed next to the bed and began to fill it with cakes and pies. There were also what seemed to be hundreds of smaller slices of cake, pastries and sweet treats. Kristy called from the bathroom.
"I ordered 1 of every kind of whole pie, cake, cheesecake etc they have, and 3 each of all the smaller kinds"

I looked at the large table. It now looked small as it overflowed with calorie laden treats and cakes. Nobody can eat all of that I think to myself. It would take a football team a whole day. There must be hundreds of thousands of calories on the table in front of me. Then I remembered what she’d managed to consume so far today and wondered if Kristy’s belly would ever be full! One way or the other I had the feeling I was going to enjoy the next few hours. She called authoritatively from the bathroom.

"Get naked skinny boy."

Then she appeared. Wearing her shear stockings and garter belt with matching huge (but still too small) silky black panties and a bra that NASA would be proud of. It pushed her big breasts together and upward. Something gave me the impression that she hadn’t worn this particular combo for a while though. Everything looked about 2 sizes too small. Kristy’s belly looked enormous. The front of her garter belt cut into her hanging belly apron. Her black stockings were so stretched on her huge thighs that they were see-through.

She walked over to me with her eyes locked on mine. She backed me against the wall and kissed me gently on the lips. She leaned into me ever-so-gently increasing her weight against me, squashing me against the wall. It felt as though the wall was about to give under this pressure. Kristy backed off and then pulled me over to the adjacent bed. She stood facing me as she backed me against the base of the bad. She gently placed her arms on my shoulders and pushed me down into a sitting position. Kristy’s enormous body was right in front of me and I couldn’t resist grabbing at her massive hips and pulling her toward me.

Kristy smiled and backed off.

“Patience” she whispered. She pushed me gently onto my back and spoke again.

“Shift yourself back so that you’re lying properly on the bed.” Then she walked right up to the base of the bed and placed her right knee onto the mattress quickly followed by the left. The mattress let out an agonised groan as it struggled to come to terms with her weight. Kristy was now on all fours crawling up over my body.

Even in this position Kristy’s big belly dragged against my legs as it hung down so far beneath her. She stopped when her mouth was above my groin. She never took her eyes off me as she lowered her head above my painfully erect manhood.

“This looks tasty.” Then she put her mouth around it and slowly descended all the way to my groin still with her eyes looking up at me playfully. Kristy picked her head up and looked at me.

"I want something sweet first I think"

She gently pushed my erect cock back so that it rested on my belly pointing back at me and manoeuvred herself into position and sat down hard on my waist area. I had no ribcage here to protect against her weight. Consequently I was immediately struggling. My intestines felt like they were being smushed. The bed also seemed to be struggling to cope and the mattress springs groaned pathetically as her mammoth weight settled onto me. The blood was still reaching other parts though. My erect manhood throbbed beneath her. Kristy turned her attention to the table and selected a large chocolate éclair. She admired it in her hands then looked at me over the top of it.

"Happy 4th of July pumpkin"

Then she greedily stuffed it into her mouth in 3 huge bites. This was all too much after seeing her eat so much prior to this during the day. As she chewed the éclair with cream and chocolate on her lips and cheeks I came violently beneath her. It caused me to thrust my groin but Kristy never moved an inch. She just smiled at me as she pressed her huge weight down onto me. She shifted her body up onto my chest and I was again returned to a mixture of agony and ecstasy as Kristy’s monumental weight was concentrated on my ribcage.

I was once again imprisoned by Kristy’s weight, severely squashed and crushed beneath her. The front of her huge belly as she sat on my chest was resting on my chin, just below my mouth. It hadn’t been that big earlier in the day. Her elephantine thighs were either side of my head. She squeezed her legs together, squashing my skull between them. The force was like having my head in a vice. Then she relaxed. At that point Kristy seemed to go into a kind of trance as she grabbed cake after cake from the table by the side of us.

5 HOURS later and Kristy was still going. By this point I was once again at the point of passing out from lack of air. All my ribs were aching and felt like they were at the point of breaking and I had sunk so deep into the mattress that I felt I must almost be on the floor! I could feel the mattress springs pressing into my back. Stars had begun to form in my eyes from lack of oxygen.

Kristy’s 550lb body had been pressing firmly down on my chest for 5 whole hours as she stuffed herself with cakes and treats. I felt very weak. I felt like I was about finished but I’d had a wonderful 5 hours. Seeing Kristy eat like this whilst she squashed me beneath her had driven me wild. It was still driving me wild.

Indeed I had come several more times during the past 5 hours watching Kristy's gluttony having had no strength to hold back. Each time I had come Kristy had smiled and attacked her next cake or delicacy with renewed enthusiasm, rubbing her belly dramatically. The table to her left was now a mess. It had been decimated. After seeing what I’d already seen during the day I probably shouldn’t have been surprised but I was still in awe at Kristy’s appetite.

I couldn’t believe how much she’d put away. There was cake all over her face. She had chocolate and cream on her breasts, arms and belly and even in her hair. And she was STILL GOING! Kristy noticed me looking at her. She fingered a generous amount of rich cream out of a huge chocolate cream cake and sucked it off seductively. Then she made a show of greedily stuffing the rest into her mouth in what seemed like an impossibly quick time.

Kristy’s sheer gluttony was beyond belief and extremely arousing. The arousal seemingly not affected by my lack of air and near unconsciousness. She reached out with her sticky cake covered fingers and touched her enormously bloated belly. It had by now expanded to the point that its front sat over my mouth and I was able to get air into my battered body only through my nose - just. She reached her hands under the sides of her belly apron and lifted it. She let it drop onto my chin with a slap, smiling at me as she did so.

"I'm soooo full but every time I look at you I get hungry for more"

She had taken to almost unconsciously rocking gently backward and forward, side to side as she ate. Each movement seemed to press me further down. Millimetre by Millimetre Kristy squashed me and crushed me closer to the ground. She resumed the attack on what was left of the cakes and pastries. 30 minutes later and everything was gone. She looked at me forlornly, sucking the remains off her sticky fingers whilst rocking gently.

"Maybe I shoulda got a little more? What a greedy fat pig I am!"

If she was expecting a reply I was hardly able to give one. I could barely breathe with Kristy sat on my chest. Kristy reached behind her back and found my still erect penis. She shifted herself off my chest for the first time in over 5 hours and I desperately gulped in air. She aligned herself and lowered her massive body onto my cock. She began to rock back and forth and ground her huge body down onto my pelvis as the bed springs protested loudly.

She managed to heave herself up and bounced on me a couple of times which was all too much. I was severely squashed, crushed and totally spent. I had no power to resist any longer and I exploded inside her. I tightened up as I climaxed almost lifting Kristy off the mattress for a second. Then she smiled at me and ground down onto me with her massive hips so hard that I was sure that we were not only going to break the bed but go through the ceiling as well! She continued to grind down onto me until well after I had finished climaxing.

When she eventually eased back I relaxed. I was in heaven but also in considerable pain. However, I was still erect inside her and she was not satisfied. Kristy raised her massive body off me once again and bounced on me two more times with tremendous force and then she climaxed, this time grinding down with even greater force. I began to see stars again as her enormous body spasmed and titanic hips and butt ground my aching pelvis closer and closer to the floor. After what seemed like forever she relaxed, easing the pressure a little. I breathed deeply as she recovered and smiled down at me, sweat dripping off her pretty face.

"Happy 4th of July" she repeated softly.

Kristy slid her massive leg over and got up off me. She waddled off to the bathroom clutching her overstuffed belly. When she returned I was still breathing deeply, desperately trying to recover. My body screamed with pain. But I was in heaven.

Kristy reached the foot of the bed and lifted her right leg up, placing her foot on the mattress. Then, with a Herculean effort she pushed off her left leg and managed to get her big body up onto the bed. She was now stood on the bed at my feet facing me. She is such a beautiful, bountiful goddess. Her weight meant that her feet were pressed deep down into the mattress which was loudly protesting. She had a wicked smile on her face.

"Sorry pumpkin but I just can't help myself. I just love to squash you"

With that Kristy bent her legs slightly and began to leap forward. My eyes widened as I realised too late what was about to happen. Then I realised that it was what I really wanted. Time seemed to stand still as her colossal frame gracefully stretched out horizontally in the air above me then BOOM,

Kristy’s enormously fat, 550lb body came crashing down on me. The mattress tried hopelessly to disperse her weight and failed miserably. The bed itself instantly collapsed and I had to cope with her weight falling on me yet again. Now I was on the floor and the mattress felt about as thick as a sheet of paper. I felt like a human pancake.

Kristy looked panic stricken for a second as she realised she may have hurt me only to find me smiling like I’d won the lottery. I was indeed in great pain but I had withstood the pressure of Kristy body slamming down onto me. And it was amazing.

Satisfied and tired Kristy fell asleep on top of me. I lay awake beneath her, entombed in layers of fat that cascaded either side of me. I was completely drained, spent and useless. Even if I wasn't I realised with a grin that I would be totally unable to move. If Kristy decided not to get up tomorrow then I was going nowhere! Every part of my body ached.

I had been squashed, crushed and flattened to the extreme and I could still barely breathe but I thought to myself as I finally drifted off to sleep..............that’s the best 24hrs of my life. I can't wait for next July 4th!

9 hours later and I was rudely awakened by a massive belly slapping down onto my face. I ached all over and it felt like someone had dropped a safe on my chest. I looked up to see Kristy siitting on my chest yet again. She smiled at me and playfully squeezed my head between her barrel-like thighs almost crushing my skull.
"Morning sleepy head. Actually its nearly after noon. It’s July 5th and more importantly I’m hungry, no make that STARVING!!"

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After a short nap of about 90 minutes Kristy woke up and remembered what happened earlier. She raised her head off the pillow and looked into my eyes.

"Are you ok down there?" she asked tentatively.

"I've never been better" I reply.

"I thought I might have squashed you flat.” She kissed me gently on the mouth. Then she cocked her head to the side and smiled mischievously at me.

“You know you look soooo cute there struggling to breathe. You’re all red in the face. Am I a little heavy for you?” She smiled at me and pressed herself down hard onto me. I felt like I was being steamrollered.

“You make a very comfy mattress. I think I’ll have to sleep on you more often.”

Kristy’s smile widened to a grin as she continued to press all of her weight down onto me.

“It’s hard work being my mattress though. You think you’re up to the task? How long do you think you’ll last before I break you like all my other mattresses?”

Kristy was now forcing every ounce of her weight down onto my hapless body. My ribs felt as though they were about to snap and my lungs started to burn as they hadn’t received any air for nearly a minute.

“The only…….problem is………….” Kristy winked at me and raised herself up on her arms and I gasped in air as quickly as I could.

“I’d always…………be a little……….” Kristy suddenly dropped down onto me
“Oooof.” All the air I’d managed to suck in as she rose was violently expelled out of my lungs in an instant.

“……….worried that I might wake up to find that I’ve completely flattened you under me!”

“Just like a few minutes ago when I woke up. At first I panicked. I thought I’d squashed you. I Thought I might have squashed you as flat as a pancake.” Kristy seemed to drift off in thought behind her pretty eyes, seemed almost to be talking to herself. She also seemed to be enjoying watching me turn beet red as she pressed herself down onto me again with increasing force.

“Mmmmmmmm pancakes. I could really go for some pancakes. Lots of pancakes. How long have I been asleep? It must be all night coz I’m STARVING!"

Kristy leaned back pushing her body off the mattress and sat up on my midriff pulling her huge legs around so that they were by my side. There was an audible rush of air into my lungs as they filled for the first time since Kristy started eating the cake.

She still had chocolate frosting all over her cheeks and chins. She was the picture of gluttony and I loved it.

Kristy stretched and rubbed her belly and pulled a face that suggested that her lack of nourishment was causing pain. The combined effect of having her entire massive weight concentrated on my groin/midriff area and the admission that she was starving despite having consumed an enormous chocolate cake half the size of the bed not much more than ninety minutres before ensured that I was instantly aroused.

Kristy could feel my arousal and smiled. She gently bounced. The mattress springs protested loudly and my pelvis felt as though it was about to shatter. The mattress seemed not to regain its shape and the bed itself seemed about to collapse. Kristy smiled again.

"You look so cute down there, totally helpless beneath me. So how long was I asleep? I feel like I haven't eaten in a month. I could eat a FEAST I’m so hungry."

"You’ve only been asleep for about an hour and a half."

She looked shocked but only for a second. "Oh well. Guess you make me hungry. Knowing how much it turns you on makes me even hungrier. Can we go find some food? I'm gonna waste away if I don't get something soon!"

She rubbed her gigantic belly and winked at me. It would take a very long time indeed before Kristy ‘wasted away’!

She dragged me up off the bed and it took me a while to feel stable on my feet. Then we got into the car.

The entire passenger side of the car sat lower with Kristy in it. And she overflowed the passenger seat on all sides barely able to close the door with her mighty belly invading all the space between the seat and the dashboard. She really was enormous. She wore the same over-stretched stretch pants that she’d been wearing when I arrived at her house earlier.

She’d selected a larger white t-shirt than the one she’d been wearing earlier but it still wasn’t large enough that it covered her belly when she sat down. There was a tantalising glimpse of soft belly poking out between the bottom of her t-shirt and the top of her grey pants. It folded over the top of her too small pants waistband. She looked at me impatiently.

“Let’s go then. I’m starving here!!”

The first stop was IHOP. Kristy ordered the biggest stack of pancakes they had with extra sausage and eggs and told me to order the same.

“There’s no way I could eat all that even if I was hungry.”

Kristy smiled sweetly at me. “I just told you to order them; I never said you’d be eating them.” The waitress arrived with two huge platefuls of pancakes and two equally huge plates loaded with sausage links and scrambled eggs.

Kristy drowned her pancakes in syrup and dug in almost before the waitress finished putting my plates down. I had never seen Kristy eat like this before – except maybe with the cake she’d demolished little more than 2 hours earlier. She was almost inhaling her pancakes. She just couldn’t get them in her mouth quick enough.

I looked at the enormous stack of pancakes in front of me. I thought to myself absent-mindedly I’d take a week to eat all this, how does she do it? I glanced up at Kristy who was totally engrossed in her pancakes. In no time at all she’d scarfed down half of her stack.

I picked up a fork to tease Kristy. She gave me a withering look as she stuffed a large forkful of sausages and eggs into her greedy mouth. It was a look that said ‘you dare touch my pancakes and I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you ever do!’

I put the fork down quickly.

A couple of minutes later Kristy had cleared her plates and swapped them with my full ones. About 10 minutes after that I was paying the bill and we were leaving. Kristy had just devoured more pancakes than I’d ever seen at one time and didn’t look even slightly uncomfortable with what she’d eaten.

“That was gooood. Now let’s go get some more food. I fancy something different.”

As we got back into my car she grabbed my crotch.

“Did you enjoy that?” Suffice to say she knew the answer without me having to say anything. The next stop was the Burger King drive through. Kristy ordered.

"I'll have 5, no 6; no better make that 10 whoppers please!" My jaw dropped open.

The next several hours were dreamlike for me coz it was unbelievable how much Kristy ate! After similar visits to Krispy Krème (three dozen mixed donuts), Pizza Hut (2 whole large pepperoni pies with extra cheese with sides of nachos and dippin chicken), Wendys (3 of the biggest burger on the menu with a large fries and chocolate shake) and Dairy Queen (the largest sundae on the menu 3 times) she told me to take a left and pull over looking as though she might be sick (which would hardly have been surprising given the vast quantities of food that she’d consumed in the past few hours).

We were now outside Zack's pastries and I sensed it was no coincidence. It was now quite late and the shop had long since been closed for the day. When Kristy got out however, someone appeared at the door and opened it for her. She looked back at me and smiled, one hand slowly rubbing her impossibly stuffed belly. With all she’d eaten today there was now significantly more belly poking out from beneath her shirt than there had been only hours before.

"I'm soooo stuffed but I think I can fit just a little more in for you"

My jaw almost hit the floor. When I entered the shop she was waiting by a table that had a large chocolate cheesecake on it. She beckoned me over.

“Sit here.”

It was more an order than a suggestion and I duly sat down. The seat was quite far back from the table. As soon as I sat down Kristy squeezed herself between the table and me with her back to me and lowered her huge frame onto me. The narrow steel chair legs were tested to their limit as Kirsty’s weight settled onto me. I had to turn my head to the side as Kristy leaned back. I hopelessly tried to reach my arms around her enormous belly. They barely made it halfway. I heard her moan in ecstacy.


Kristy had started work on the cheesecake. With my head facing to the side I was facing the door and to my surprise several people seemed to be making return trips to my car carrying boxes. This continued for 20 minutes as Kristy ate the entire cheesecake as if it were a cookie!

Kristy licked her lips and rubbed her enormous belly. She stretched up and pushed herself back and down into the small steel chair crushing me with every ounce of her 550lbs. She grabbed my arms (that were hopelessly trying to reach around her massive girth with my hands resting on the side of her bloated belly) at the wrists and pulled on them so that my hands stretched almost to the front of her belly, nearly ripping my arms out of their sockets in the process as her whole weight held the rest of my body pressed against the back of the chair.

“How do I feel?”

I was so completely squashed under her that I barely managed to wheeze a response.


When Kristy had first sat down my thighs screamed with pain as her massive weight was concentrated squarely on them. Now the pain had passed and I could feel nothing there at all. I wondered if my legs had been completely flattened beneath her and if I’d ever be able to walk again but this was really only a secondary concern at the moment. I hadn’t lost any feeling in my loins and Kristy being on top of me was having its usual effect. I was horny as hell.

Kristy tried to get up but abruptly dropped heavily back into my lap after making it about halfway upright. I could swear that I felt the chair legs buckling under the pressure as my own legs received the massive crushing blow and the air rushed out of me as she leaned back.

"Oops. I guess I’m gonna need a little push to get me up. I must have eaten too much!"

Kristy lifted herself to a similar position as the previous time and I happily placed my hands on her huge soft ass cheeks that were straining against her stretch pants and pushed with everything I had. After accomplishing the formidable task of getting Kristy to her feet I discovered that my own legs were still intact and after a few moments the feeling began to return to them. As the blood began to return to my thighs so did the pain. I’d spent about 25 minutes with 550lbs of soft flesh concentrated on my thighs. It hurt. They felt like somebody had parked a truck on them.

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Great story written by "Runningman"

I arrived at Kristy’s apartment just after midday on July 4th. We’d met at a BBW party a few months before and had been almost inseparable ever since. She was 26 years old, had shoulder length blonde hair, deep blue eyes and wonderful soft skin. All of this were great but what really made Kristy my dream come true was one simple fact. Kristy was enormous. She stood 5’9” tall and weighed nearly 550lbs. And she knew I loved every ounce.

What she didn’t know until yesterday was how turned on I got by seeing her eat. I was careful to keep this to myself as I was never sure what reaction it would get. Kristy had already guessed that I liked to have her on top of me. I’d dated several big girls before but usually I’d have to try to encourage these girls to get on top as they’d be unsure of hurting me with their weight.

It certainly wasn’t like that with Kristy. She was by far the heaviest girl I’d ever dated. The first time I’d ended up back at her apartment after a date we’d kissed. In no time at all we were on the floor with Kristy lying face down on top of me innocently smiling at me like she didn’t weigh almost a quarter of a ton. My breathing had quickly become laboured as I desperately tried to suck air in.

After a few moments. when she tried to roll off, I had pulled her back onto me. She smiled a surprised and excited smile. That was when she knew that I liked her weight on me. Unbelievably I discovered soon after that she got turned on by having a much smaller man beneath her completely in her control, engulfed by her sheer size.

At 5’8” and 165lbs I certainly qualified. It was more than I had ever hoped – a gorgeous SSBBW beauty all of my own who loved to squash me as much as I loved to be squashed.

The last 3 months had been an ecstatic blur but yesterday had been even better. We’d gone out for a meal as we often did. It wasn’t hard to see why Kristy was so huge. Her appetite was prodigious. Consequently I loved taking Kristy out to restaurants. She’d certainly never objected. Whenever I asked if she wanted to go out she would simply say “I love food and I really love having food bought for me!!”

Whenever I saw Kristy piggin out at a restaurant I’d go into a dream-like daze as I watched her. Luckily she hadn’t picked up on it yet. Yesterday we’d gone to her favourite Italian restaurant. I was used to seeing Kristy eat a lot (especially here) so it seemed perfectly normal when she ordered a second helping of desert after an already very large meal.

I could tell something was troubling her though, she seemed half the time to be in the near dream-like state that was normal for her when eating something she was particularly enjoying and half the time preoccupied with other thoughts, playing with her food (very unusual) and almost holding herself back. I decided not to say anything. I still thought I was lucky she hadn’t noticed me drooling at her eating all these times.



“This cheesecake is sooo good, what would you think if I ordered another helping?”

The look on her face said she was genuinely concerned about what I’d think. I, on the other hand, wanted to stab myself with a fork to check this was really happening.

“What would I think? I’d think that my beautiful Kristy is very hungry today. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You wouldn’t be at all shocked, disgusted, or think I was just too greedy?”

Again I felt this must be a dream. “Absolutely not, I love that you have such a magnificent appetite. In fact…………..”

I paused wondering if everything was about to backfire. “In fact, I love to see you eat.” I looked down quickly away from her eyes. “I love big girls and I love to see big girls with a healthy appetite eat lots of food.”

I paused again. “It turns me on.” I’d almost whispered this but she'd definitely heard it. The silence seemed to last forever. Eventually I looked up at her to see the reaction. She was smiling.

“Pumpkin, why didn’t you tell me sooner? Were you embarrassed?”

I was too shocked to reply. Kristy had a wicked grin on her face.

“And to think these last 3 months since we’ve been together I’ve been watching what I eat – worrying that you’d think I was too much of a pig. Watching my figure to try and stop gaining. I don’t think I’ve totally succeeded in that respect…………….”

My mind was swimming. Images of the last 3 months were flashing through my head. All the meals out, how much she’d eaten, all the unscheduled stops at BK or MacDonalds or dunking donuts when she ‘fancied a snack,’ all the nights in with a DVD and a never ending supply of pizza, snacks and chocolates. And here she was telling me that she’d been holding back!

I wondered just how much this gorgeous girl ate when she wasn’t ‘watching her figure.’ My attention was snapped back to the present as I felt 2 huge calves clamp around either side of my legs under the table. Kristy was smiling a very mischievous smile at me with her head cocked seductively to the side. When she saw that she had my whole attention she picked up her fork, cut an impossibly large piece of cheesecake and picked it up with the fork. Under the table her calves were squeezing tight around my own legs.

There was no way, I said to myself,that she was going to get this forkful into her mouth.

She opened her mouth impossibly wide, tilted the fork and it disappeared into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out with the quantity of cheesecake in her mouth. She never took her eyes off me. She seductively started to chew on the cheesecake, slowly at first then swallow. In no time at all she deposited another heaping forkful into her mouth. In a matter of minutes she’d finished the whole slice. She licked her lips and then the fork exaggeratedly.

“Mmmmmmmm. That was sooooooo good. How was it for you?” she asked mischievously like she needed an answer. My eyes were practically out on stalks!

She called the waitress over before I could say anything. Kristy winked at me as she spoke to the waitress.

“Could I get another 3 helpings of this cheesecake miss?”

The skinny waitress did a double take – did she really just ask me for 3 more helpings?? To her credit she quickly regained her composure and hurried off to the kitchen to get the cheesecake without so much as a second look. Not that it would have bothered Kristy. All her attention was focused solely on me.

“Now I don’t have to worry about what you think I can really let myself go!” And so she did.

Three more pieces of cheesecake arrived and were duly consumed by Kristy as if she hadn’t eaten in months! The rest of the July 3rd passed in a blur. Before we parted for the night (I was still not living with her yet). Kristy reminded me that it would be Independence Day tomorrow.

“I want us to have our own little 4th of July party.” She kissed me long and passionately. When she eventually came up for air she whispered in my ear,

“When you said seeing me eat turned you on I got soooo hot. My dream guy gets turned on by seeing me eat. I love to eat. We were meant for wach other. When you come over tomorrow afternoon make sure to bring something rich and sweet for me. We’re gonna have the 4th of July party to end all parties.”

So here I was. I’d been a little creative. After searching online for the perfect ‘rich and sweet’ treat for the fourth of July I’d been to a bakery on the other side of town. They had a 4th of July cake displayed on their website. When I got there I found that it was a huge chocolate cake shaped like a giant map of the US. It was the centrepiece of a display for the holiday. The cake itself was 6 inches deep and about 3 feet across by 2 feet.

The bakery guy informed me that it had taken a whole day to prepare with a mountain of chocolate and butter ensuring that it was indeed incredibly rich. Too rich, he said, for anyone to possibly eat much more than a slice. And the chocolate frosting that covered the outside of the cake was incredibly sweet. Well, she had said rich and sweet.

There was no way she could eat even half of this by herself, I thought inwardly, but I couldn’t resist. I told the guy I wanted it for a party and bought it. It was now in the back of my car. I knocked the door. Kristy answered in stretch pants that were starting to tear along the seams of her gigantic thighs and a white t-shirt that came nowhere near covering her mountainous belly.

And that’s just how she wanted it. She knew how to drive me wild. In her hand was a half-eaten slice of pizza. She beckoned me in without a word and instantly backed me against the wall. She leaned her enormous weight into me and kissed me. She tasted of pepperoni and her lips were greasy. She stopped to cram the rest of her slice of pizza into her mouth with a show. I noticed the large empty pizza box on the floor in the main room of her apartment. She finished chewing and noticed that I wasn’t holding anything.

“Haven’t you brought your beautiful Kristy anything for the 4th of July? I’m starved. I’ve only had this little snack.” She pouted dramatically. She really was beautiful. She still had me pressed firmly against the wall with her massive belly. I was already uncomfortable in the crotch. I managed to wheeze a reply as I struggled to breathe.

“It’s in the car.”

She smiled “Oooh, intriguing. Go get it and bring it to my bedroom.”

She winked at me and pounded off down the hall towards her room. I got my breath back and retrieved the cake. I struggled to carry the cake to Kristy’s room. When I backed through the door and turned around revealing the cake to Kristy she gasped.

“Oh my word! That looks fabulous.”

She instructed me to grab a small table from the guest room and put it next to the bed. As I returned she had removed her stretch pants and t-shirt to reveal enormous simple white cotton undies and a plain white bra that was at least one size too small. She looked incredible. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her in her underwear by any means but this time she was totally fixated by the cake in front of her – almost drooling. The table was no more than a bedside cabinet and the 3’ x 2’ cake was actually bigger than the whole surface of it.

This, I knew, was going to be good. I transferred the cake to the table as she stripped off my shirt and jeans and told me to lie down. The table was adjacent to my body next to her bed so she sat down heavily on my legs. The mattress groaned horribly and my legs were crushed down into the mattress with incredible force. Her hips stretched from just above my waist to just above my ankles!

She quickly manoeuvred herself so that she was sitting astride my chest, her colossal weight concentrated on my ribcage. I was already struggling desperately to breathe and she knew it. Kristy leaned slightly to her right side and lifted a little on the other side.

“I want you to have one arm free to massage my belly as I eat.”

I quickly extracted my right arm from beneath Kristy’s huge left thigh and she settled her weight back into a more central position, none too soon as leaning to her right was putting massive strain on the left side of my ribcage! She stretched over to the computer desk next to her bed and pulled a fork from a drawer. This action forced all her soft fleshy belly forward and all the remaining air out of my lungs. I could hardly breathe at all but I felt fantastic. Kristy sat back with her fork.

“I keep it there for emergencies.” She winked at me. “If you really are turned on by seeing me eat you’re about to have the best day of your LIFE! I’m going to eat more than you think it’s possible for one person to eat.”

I struggled desperately to avoid coming right there and then.

She took her first bite of the cake. “Oh my word!" she exclaimed. "That’s the most fantastic chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. It’s soooo rich and delicious. It must have thousands and thousands of calories. I couldn’t possibly stop eating this before I’ve eaten every last bite.”

Kristy then proceeded to prove me wrong by eating more than half of the cake before even looking slightly full. She wasn’t going to let a little loss of momentum stop her though. I gently massaged her enormous and ever expanding belly as requested, enthusiastically at first but rapidly slowing as Kristy’s immense weight crushed all the strength from my limbs.

The mattress groaned under us with every slight move of Kristy’s Enormous bulk whilst my helpless body sank deeper and deeper into it as I desperately tried to suck some air into my lungs. All the while Kristy could feel the ribs in my chest bending as her belly got larger and larger, and she got heavier and heavier.

By the time Kristy had stuffed the last of the gigantic cake into her greedy mouth she was so bloated that she could barely breathe let alone move. I had long since ceased to rub her belly. I had been squashed to the point of having no strength left. I was barely conscious managing just tiny wheezing breaths as my chest was being crushed under her.

“That was incredible.” Kristy whispered.

Kristy was too exhausted by now to do anything other than gently shift her titanic weight lower onto my body around my waist. At that point she just collapsed forward onto me, flattening me into the struggling mattress. She instantly fell asleep with her head at the side of mine. After everything stopped moving I noticed that Kristy’s weight was now more evenly dispersed on me. I was able to breathe - if not comfortably - then slightly more easily.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Sometimes
« on: November 05, 2006, 08:43:29 AM »
Ditto. I'd be curious to see the change of direction.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Night in the Office
« on: August 25, 2006, 03:17:44 PM »

She returned to her desk a few days later, and her amplitude descended to her desk chair, where a few days before he greatfully received all 420 lbs of her.

The chair seemed dull, the industrial brown weave that covered it seemed to damage her skin.
"It's not the way a chair is supposed to feel" she mourned in private.

The chair that had so faithfully served them lacked the warmth of his body, it lacked his eager arms that caressed her and it lacked his suppliant grunts that at once were pained and each exhalation of breath that rushed out of him cooled her skin with a soft "huuuh" that rippled throughout her ears as the most pleasant sound that she had heard in quite some time.

It's those intimate sounds between two, the "ummm" that comes from a well placed kiss, that sound of his as she left his pancaked form, the rush of air coming back into him; that played in her mind as she struggled to focus on work. "If this office could talk", she whispered to herself. She smiled.

At once, she heard her supervisors voice, as it called out her name. "I need you to do this task", she came crashing back into her work reality, all the while wondering when her chair would feel right once again...

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Night in the Office
« on: August 15, 2006, 04:22:45 PM »
After she was satisfies that she had used this crushing position to it’s peak, she felt ready to move on to something more…dangerous.

Slowly she rolled off her 420lbs from the compressed form under her, and made her way back to her feet again. Then, positioning her massive figure over his body-now standing at his feet, facing him-she awaited his return to normal breathing again. Slowly his breathing slowed, and he filled his lungs again with that very air which was so precious to him, when being ironed out under this magnificent woman. The same who now was looming over him, casting a very large, wide shadow over him in the moon light.

“How are you making out, down there,” she asked.

“I’m fine,” he replied.

“Aww…that’s no good.” She said, in a playful voice. Just as she uttered the last syllables of that statement, she jumping into the air, and came rushing down forward on his powerless body. She landed with a thunderous splash, causing items to fall off of the walls surrounding them, and once again totally emptying the little man of any and all oxygen that was in his body. The now very crumpled form under her let out a small grown, though she couldn’t tell if that was from him, or simply his body, the bones trying to withstand such an onslaught of splashing damage.

“Oh yes!” she gasped, reaching new heights of pleasure from the rush of power and control over he flattened slave. “Again,” she exclaimed, rolling off him to the right. Faster than he thought possible for a woman of her size, she was standing up, and back in the same spot she was before her mighty jump. Before a word of mercy could escape his lips, she was again in the air, crashing down onto his pancaked form.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Night in the Office
« on: August 14, 2006, 05:32:24 PM »
After a few teasing seconds, she was ready to once again devour her slave with her tremendous body.

  “Sit up.” She commanded. He obeyed of course. Now, sitting upright on the couch, he watched as his Goddess stepped as close as she could, and grabbed him by the head, forcing him face-first into her soft belly. Almost his entire head was swallowed by her belly’s girth. He was drouwning in her flesh and she was loving every second of it. After a short time, she let go, and he fell back to the couch, huffing and puffing heavily for air. She just stood there, smiling that evil smile at him once again, now rubbing her belly, the soft middle where his face had just been submerged in .

She then bend forward, towards him on the couch, took a hold of his hand, and pulled him gently off the couch, leading him to the floor, “Lay down,” she said. He once again, obeyed without second thought. After he was laid out again, this time on the floor, she stepped over his body, with her right foot, so she was directly over him. He had the amazing view of the expanse of her belly sticking out, far enough that when she looked down, she could not see his face, but the same belly that he was gazing up upon. The thought thrilled her, that she had this normal sized man under her, yet her glorious fat was so prevalent that she couldn’t even see him under. She thought of other times she could use that as a playful excuse, the times when smaller people were at a lower footing then her, and she “wouldn’t know” that she was stepping on them, pushing them to the wall with her girth; this kind of “accidental” squashing was something new and exciting to her, and definitely something she wanted to try out later on. For now…she had this willing crush victim under her, and she was ready to make him feel her impact once again.

Talking out, not bothering to try to bend to speak to his face she simply asked, ‘You ready?”

He, from between her legs, looking up at her immense thighs and belly answered, “Yes, Goddess.”

And with that, she began to lower herself done on his stomach, closer and closer he watched her come till she was about a two feet away from his stomach, and then she just let go and came crashing down on him. This time, the sound of his lungs empting out their air was much louder, and the sound was emcompased in the shake and boom of the room, also comping with this sensual fat queen landing for impact. Again, she rode out the shockwaves from her fall, enjoying the feeling of his smaller frame trying to adjust to the titanic weight of her on him. She then mover her legs so they were stretched out in front of him, her ankles over his shoulders so that now all of her 420 beautiful pounds were being used to flatten his body to the carpeted floor. His only answer to this were gasps and grunts. While his goddess was sitting on her favorite throne, smiling to herself, plotting more and more, the ways she could squash him.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Night in the Office
« on: August 13, 2006, 04:56:08 PM »
It was a humid night in August, the kind that gets you sweating before you even think of going outside, and he was laying out in her office again, awaiting the sounds of her loud footsteps from the hall. The black leather couch didn’t help with the heat, but it was something far in the back of my mind as he laid still, trying to dream up what she might have in stall for me next. 

It wasn’t the first time he’d been in this stop. Stretched out on the same black couch, the couch that sunk in due to considerable daily sitting of her massive body on it. The springs, long ago bending and breaking to her huge body’s will. Before, she had pushed him past the limits, his breath being forced out of his lungs numerous occasions as she came crashing down upon his prone form. Her thunderous bulk, 420lbs of beauty, wrapped in the same black spandex pants that he wore tonight, flattening and smooching his body, much like the springs of the sunken couch.

In that brief moment he lay remembering, his gargantuan Goddess had made her way back into her office room, stepping as lightly as she could from the hall, trying to muffle those loud footfalls of hers, that she knew he had been using as a warning to get his body ready for impact.  Now she watched as he lay out on her loyal couch, with his body flat out, and eyes closed. I wonder what he could be thinking, she thought to herself as she tip-toed closer. Close enough that she was directly in front of the couch, her shin lightly touching it’s side. He laid still, eyes closed, as she quieting turned her bulk around, so that her elephantine backside, the one he loved so much, was positioned over his lower stomach and chest. She stool for a moment, slightly swaying her hips back and forth, enjoying the rush from the on-coming crush she was going to inflict on her victim. And then, without further pause, she threw her legs out and came crashing down upon him, landing with a loud BOOM, followed closely by the burst of air rushing from his lungs. He was brought back to the present time in a 420lb smashing rush, taken completely off guard by his Goddess’s plan of attack. After the landing, she rode out the small bounces that her crash created, listening with giggling pleasure as he tried to gather some air back into his much compressed lungs.

  “Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you, little man?” She said.

  He didn’t answer, instead, shook his head in a slow “no” while still gasping for air. He met her eyes, looking up her mountainous form. She was so wide that her butt had stretched from the beginnings of his mouth to his waist. After the after-shocks of her drop had ended, she began to sway once again, this time with her enormous body ironing him out more so into the couch. From left to right, he body compressed his more and more, each full movement ending with a grunt of his, an answer to his squashing.

“So what do you think? You wanna try another?” The huge woman said.

Using the small amount of air he had in his lungs, he answered, “Yes please.”

With a huff, she lifted her bulk off of his body, turned around and looked down on the effect of her squashing. His shirt was crumpled, as was his body, smashed into the couch cushions. Still very red in the face, his eyes stared at her body, the beautiful fold and curves her fat made through the thin material of her pants. She just smiled, plotting a different way to squash him with her glorious fat…

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Monica
« on: May 15, 2006, 06:44:53 AM »
Another one by Valkari67.

Monica, was 22years old, 4 foot 11. Very skinny, and very pretty. Her friends were jealous of her beauty, and she knew this. She was a stuck-up Miss Priss complete with the Boob Job. She loved to wear high heels and bullet bra's. Her Blond Hair was down to her ass. And today she dressed to kill and her way to a dance club.

Suddenly she ran out of gas... Dam, she muttered! Got out, slammed the door. Then realized she locked her Keys in the car. Screwed big time, she headed down the street to get some help. Two Blocks down, she came across a NIGHT CLUB. It looked really fancy. The name on the marquee was THE BIG CRUSH! The place was huge. All lit up like Vegas. The line for admittance went around the corner. As she got closer she noticed it was all fat people. Big Fat Girls dressed up standing in line. No Men, Just big fat women. This struck her as very odd, what kind of of place was this she thought. Not caring, she went up to the fat Girl at the door, and asked to use the phone to call Triple A. The Fat Girl said, no prob, it’s inside around the corner, next to the ladies room.

Monica walked inside, the place was huge! Fat Girls everywhere, a vast sea of Blubber! As she walked thru the Dark Club, she felt like a Pinball, bouncing off of all these Fat Women. Excuse Me, Pardon Me! Sorry, trying to get thru, she kept repeating as polite as possible. The Music was too Loud, and nobody heard her. She finally reached the Phone, and realized she didn’t have her purse with her. Pissed at herself, lost in thought of what to do next. A group of Fat Girls were going into the Rest Room. Not Seeing Monica in the way, they herded her into bathroom with them. “Hey what the f**k! Watch it.” Monica yelled. They didn’t hear her, or see Her. One Fat Girl who was about 250 pounds wearing a Tight Dress and Platform shoes stepped right on Monica’s foot. Monica screamed, and was knocked to the floor. The Girl then stepped on Monica’s Hand. In pain, Monica got up, and tried to get out their way. The music was too Loud, and the place was so Dark, nobody could see her. She felt like a Midget among Amazons. More Girls came into the bathroom. Not to get crushed, she found a chair in the lounge area, and sat down. Nursing Her sore hand, and foot. Tired and Frustrated, she leaned back, to catch her breath.

It was too Late, Monica looked up and saw the big ass descending down on her. She screamed. Like a bomb, the Fat Girl sat on Monica. Her screams died out when the girls ass filled the chair. She was beautiful. 323 pounds pressing down. Big Bouncing Tits wrapped in a tight black dress Her name was GLORIA. She sat back in the lounge chain relaxing while her lesbian friend, Stephanie put her Makeup on.

Gloria, lit up a smoke, and was amazed how this place could afford heated lounge chairs! Poor Monica, crushed flat, was gasping for air. She couldn’t believe what just happened.

Gloria pick up a Magazine. 10 Minutes ticked by. Gloria’s friend came up and Kissed her. Stephanie, your Heel Strap came loose, Gloria said. Gloria got up from the chain and Stephanie placed her huge leg up on the chain to fasten the strap. Not knowing Monica’s body was under her foot. She placed her heel right on Monica‘s tummy. Bending forwards Stephanie’s heel sunk in deep into her Stomach. Monica tried to whimper.

Gloria notice her hair was a mess. And said she would be right back. Stephanie fixed her strap. But felt a chill coming from somewhere. She followed the draft which was coming from an air vent above the chair. Knowing how long it would take Gloria to fix herself up. She had to close the vent before she froze to death waiting for her to finish. So she stepped up on the chair, to close the vent. Monica’s body was instantly nailed, and crushed into the cushions. Stephanie, totally oblivious, trampled around on the chair, trying her best to reach the air vent. Just a few inches she thought. She started to jump up and down, thinking the springs of the chair would be enough to send her reach the vent.

Monica’s body was getting mangled, as Stephanie’s 315 pounds bouncing all over her. Stephanie’s sharp heels proliferated Monica like a pin cushion. Monica’s back almost snapped under the torment. Finally after one mighty leap. Stephanie flipped the vent closed. Landing back down on the chair, Stephanie took a quick look around realizing she probably broke the chair. Quickly she got down and took a seat. Monica, was now a mess! Stephanie’s heel’s tore her up. Monica’s fake tits had deep puncture marks and almost popped. Her dress was all torn up, and now with Stephanie sitting on her. Her body was now part of the chair. Stephanie’s fat ass ironed Monica flat like a cheap shirt.

Gloria emerged and said, lets go, and both Girls Left to go dance. Monica couldn‘t move a muscle. So she stayed there in the chair. Happy as hell that she was able to breath again. Racked with pain covered with black and blue marks. Life started to seep back into limbs. She was able to move her head, but it was too dark to see the damage done to her by the fat bitches. Three more Fat Girls entered the bathroom. One girl lumbered over to Monica’s chair and sat down…. Woooooffff!!! This girl was super fat. 400 pounds at least. Monica was smashed down in the chair again. Ass every where. This time Monica, couldn’t suck in any air, and passed out. The Fat Girl got up, and another fat girl sat down. Over and over again, these huge girls used Monica’s body as a personal seat. Not knowing they were killing her. 2 hours ticked by. And Monica was crushed flat. You couldn’t recognize her. Paper thin. Her perky tits were now mashed potatoes, her face had a concaved look.

She managed to muster enough energy to get herself off the chair and feel on to the carpet. As quick as possible she scrapped herself along the floor and managed to find a spot in a empty corner of the rest room. 4 fat girls entered the rest room, and two went over to the Mirror where Monica was laying on the floor! Monica‘s vision was still blurry, but she felt the shock waves as a heavy set of Heels were coming her way. Pressed against the edge for the wall, she thought she was safe. But the fat girl reached the mirror and stepped right up on to Monica’s body. Monica screamed on deaf ears. The fat girl’s friend came over stepped up and on her too, and both girls started to apply their make up. Both girls were about 295 pounds each. Their heels, ground Monica up. Both fat girls started dance in place in front of the mirror. One girl was standing on Monica’s neck and Chest. And her heels were twisting into Monica’s tits, keeping tempo to the music.

The other fat girl was trampling, Monica’s torso and Vagina wiggling her fat ass to the music. Minutes later these two Girls left, and was replaced by another Fat girl who just got out of the toilet. This girl weighed about 256 pounds, and was wearing knee high boots, and was dressed in a black spandex suit, which made her big tits stick out. She marched right up and on to Monica. She lit up a Smoke, and just stood there on Monica. She went into her purse, got out her cel phone, and started to talk on it. Leaning against the counter. Still standing on Monica. Talking, She must have finished 5 cigarettes, and crushed them out on Monica’s body with her boot. Seven more Fat Girls came in, and took turns stepping on Monica to do their Make Up.

Monica’s body was trampled over and over again. Every Girl in the House must have stepped on Her. Crushed flat, her body was now part of the floor. She had 90 cigarette burns all over her small frame. Her fingers were crushed, her face and body were dirty with heel marks, and foot prints.

Thank god somebody flooded the toilet, so the bathroom had to be closed down for a few minutes while they fixed it. This gave her enough time to crawl out of the bathroom and out onto Dance Floor area. Stephanie, barley able to see, saw Monica crawling on the floor. Came to her rescue. She picked her up and Laid her on the couch in the Rec area. Stephanie, tried to communicate with Monica, but Monica could only stammer, and stuttered. Stephanie figured, she drank too much, and do to her dirty beat up condition. Thought she was a Bag Lady. So Stephanie just left her there, and rejoined her friend on the dance floor.

Monica grateful for the help, just laid there with her head on the arm rest and fell asleep. 5 minutes later, four Fat girls came up and sat on the couch. Two of them sat right on Monica. Monica body felt like a used tube of tooth paste. But this time she had her head exposed on the arm rest. The Fat girl sitting on her chest, lit up cigarette. And started talking to her friends. More Fat Girls came into rec room. And started to socialize the girls sitting on Monica. Monica could see the whole night mare of fat girls blabbing away.

Just then, one of Smoking fat girls started to looking for an ashtray for her cigarrette. In the gloom of the room she saw a dirty ashtray sitting on the arm rest of the couch. Monica saw the Fat Girl coming over with the cigarette and tried to scream. But nothing came out. The fat girl absentmindedly crushed out the cigarette into Monica’s face. And disposed the cigarette butt into Monica’s open mouth. Monica cringed from the pain, and tried to spit out the cigarette butt. But the fat Girl sitting on her prevented that. Suddenly to her horror, more fat girls came over with their cigarettes and used her face as an ashtray. Soon her mouth was filled up with cigarette butts. And her face looked like the bottom of an ashtray. Burn marks covered her face.

Soon the fat girls left the rec room, and poor Monica’s Battered Body lay there on the couch! Thank god, enough time went by to let her recover abit. She was now delirious with pain. Her eyes were swollen from the cigarette burns. Her body crushed, she stumbled out of the rec room and onto the dance floor. Bouncing off of fat asses and ricocheting off of big boobs. The music stopped and suddenly she heard a count down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ,5, 4, 3, 2, 1.….. HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the fat girls went crazy, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Screaming and kissing each other. Monica was knocked to the floor… The music started back up! And all the fat girls were jumping up and down. One of the girls landed right on Monica’s hand , her heels twisted and gournd her fingers flat. Another fat girl stepped on Monica’s back, and began to jump up and down. 3 more started to trample Monica. This group of girls hugged and kissed each other, as Monica was pulverized! Dancing the night away on top of Monica. Heels twisting and grinding Monica into dust!

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Shopping
« on: May 15, 2006, 06:42:08 AM »
This story was written by valkari67 a few years back. Just thought I'd add it, it's mroe good work.

When I was a kid my mother took me to this mall where we lived. I
was about 11 years old at the time and she was getting tired of
towing me around the mall. So while we were inside of this woman's
clothing store, she told me to sit down on this couch with big
cushions located just outside of the fitting room. She gave me the
evil eye and told me not to move while she trying on some dresses.

I knew her butt was going to take along time, because she took 4-
ever when it came to clothes. So while I was waiting for mom, I was
checking out the other women buying clothes, I noticed this one real
fat woman. She must of had the biggest boobs I ever saw. She was
wearing this tight black spandex jump suit and this bra that
supported those tits made her boobs stick straight out!.... Like two
big torpedo's. If it wasn't for her king-size fat ass as a counter
balance she would have tipped over. She must have been about 5' 10"
and about 450 lbs. Her face was done up real nice with big red lips,
nice eyes, and long hair. But she made the ground shake with ever
step, and those high platform shoes with the wide heels were leaving
marks in the floor. This was one big mama! She was checking out
those really tiny outfits that wouldn't even fit on her big toe. I
wanted to tell her to try buying a dress at the Curtain Shop two
stores down. Or maybe sewing three bed sheets together just to cover
up her lips!

Well as time went by I got bored waiting, so I stretched out on the
cushions and fell to sleep. Just then I felt this vibration, and a
woman's voice saying, "God, my feet are killing me"!.... I opened my
eyes just in time to see the fat woman place her shopping bags on my
legs and her huge ass descending down with plop on my face and
chest....... I tried to let out a scream but her big ass cut off my
words with smothering squish.... There I was getting crushed by this
massive woman sitting on me without a care in the world. I felt her
moving her ass around getting a better seat, and all the while I was
getting more smashed down into the sofa! With all that weight on me
I felt myself getting flatter and flatter by the second...... Thank
god part of my head and my nose was sticking out the side of her
thigh so I could suck up some oxygen. I could feel her enormous ass
ironing me out like a cheap shirt. Just then She leaned forwards
andI could can feel her getting something out of her purse, and she
put whatever it was in her mouth and she lit it up. It was a
cigarette! As she sat, crushing the live out me, smoking like she
hadn't a care in the world.

In the background I could hear my Mother calling me! I tried to
yell, but through her fat, just out came a muffled gasp! I tried in
vane to move but she just wiggled her ass on me even more, and let
out a silent fart. P-U! The smell almost killed me!

Just then I felt this cold hard round thing being put on the top of
my forehead! I could barely make it out but the bitch put a ash tray
on my head, because I could see cigarette butts though the bottom of
the glass.

I could hear my mother ask her if she has seen a little boy running
around here? She said, "No!" As she puffed away on her cigarette! I
started to panic because I could her my mother walking away as her
voice was fading away as she called my name!! Little did my mother
know that her son was being used a human couch by a 450 pound woman.

The fat woman sitting on me just kept smoking her cigarette while
she I was getting crushed beneath her. Things were started to get
fuzzy, and my chest was just about caved in. Breathing was almost
impossible. In the background someone must have turned the radio up
in the store because the woman started to rock back and forth with
music and her bouncing was mashing me all the more. Just then as the
music ended and another song started, she leaned over and snuffed
the cigarette out in the ash tray that was on my head. And I felt
her light up another cigarette.

The spandex she was wearing started to give me a rug burn as she
moved around on me to the music. This rhythmic crushing by her ass
went on for about 3 minutes and I must have been paper thin by now.
Breathing was getting harder and harder. As she was wiggling her big
ass to the music, the vibration knocked the ashtray off of my head
and it slipped into the back of the couch. Just then she leaned over
to snub the cigarette out, but not knowing the ash tray wasn't there
any more she snuffed it out into my eye....... I could see the
cigarette between her red nails coming towards my eye. I closed my
eyes, and I felt the cigarette burning my eyelid as she ground the
cigarette out into my eye. I muffled a scream and just as the song
ended, she lit up another one. She was completely oblivious to fact
that she was smashing the life out of a 11 year old child, let alone
using his face as ashtray.

Three more songs went by and my face started to look like the bottom
of an ashtray. She was intent grinding out every cigarette she had
in the pack on my face.

As the fourth song ended she snuffed out the last cigarette in my
eye and I heard her ask a sales girl that worked there, if they had
any High heel shoes? The girl said, "right above your head! The
sales girl asked if she could help? The fat woman said, "No, I can
reach it"

Just then this 450 woman got off of me, and without looking down and
the flattened out child that was beneath her on the couch. She took
a step backup on the couch, and placed her high heel platform shoe
right in the middle of my chest, and before I could scream, she
stood all the way up and place her other High heel right on my
stomach. Her heels sunk into me like if she sunk into quick sand and
all the rushed out of me. I was crushed flat by her 450 pounds
balancing on those chunky heels. I was totally compressed all the
way in as far as the sofa would go. All you could see were two arms
and these thin legs sticking out.

She continued to stand on me while she reached for the shoes above
her head on the shelf. She took a step or two to reach another pair
a few feet away, and her chunky heel landed right on my face. Her
450 lbs. pressed my head flat into the bottom of the sofa, I thought
my neck was going to snap! Her other heel was sunk all the way into
my chest. I felt like my ribs were going to snap in a second. At
that moment I heard her say to girl, "Do you mind if I try these
on?" She said, "Go Ahead".

There standing on my now deformed, crushed body, she stood on one
leg, and with one hand she took off her shoe, and placed the new
high heel shoe on my face. I knew that she couldn't see me below her
threw all fat, and those big tits. She place her foot in the high
heel and put all her weight into it. The heel sunk into face. My
nose was being smashed under the weight. She started to grind my
face in with her shoe as she was admiring the feel of the leather.
Just then she shifted her weight, and I knew she was going to try on
the other shoe. She placed the other heel right over my private
parts and stuck her other foot into it. As she stood up her heels
were crushing me to death, she continued to walk around all over me
as she was getting the feel of those new heels. The heels poked
holes over my little body, I was tuned into a human pin cushion. She
even went as far as to do a little dance to music. I was pulverized
and mangled! She trampled me into oblivion.

After ten minutes of changing shoes on my body, the girl that worked
there told her to get down because she was ruining to
sofa!..........The woman got down and sat back down on my destroyed
body. I couldn't even move! Her big ass was ironing me out flat once
again. I was so flattened, black and blue, my whole body was numb to
the pain, and with no air, I passed out!........

When I came too, I was in the hospital with 2nd degree burns on my
face and three broken ribs, and a ruptured spleen. My Mother never
believed me about the story of what happened, and that was the last
time I ever went shopping with her.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Fashion Crush Part 2.
« on: April 26, 2006, 04:38:59 PM »
It had been three years since that fateful night when Sammy (who never let anyone call him Sammy anymore) got the squashing of a lifetime from his two massive Aunts. After that night, due to circumstances out of his control, Sam never again got the lucky/unlucky chance to be struck powerless under his sexy Aunts.

Sam and his parents moved away from his Aunts, from the comfort of the city life out into the country. It was a major adjustment for Sam, but the thing that hurt the most about leaving the city behind were those two beautiful mountains of woman he loved so much. But time passed, and with the years Sam grew fond of the new place he called home. As he grew into a proper man, his parents began to give him much more responsibility for himself. Within time, due to their hectic work schedule, Sam was being left on his own at the house for weeks at a time. Which, like any freshly matured young man, he liked just fine.

One summer, the year of his 18th birthday, Sam's parents sat him down and told him that they'd be off to the city for a good month. It was the busy season for conferences, and due to their high position in the company, they would have to make plenty of appearances. Sam understood, and told his parent's he was more than ready to hold the fort down. In truth, it was about the greatest gift he could imagine. Full range over the house for a complete month. Sam was ecstatic.

In a weeks time, Sam's parents were off on their way, and just like that Sam was set. Freedom. He enjoyed himself, but didn't go overboard. He didn't want to make too much of a disaster to have to scramble to clean before the 'rents got back. It was a few days into the first week when Sam got the one phone call he never expected.


"Hi! Is this little Sammy?"

"Uh..yea. Whose this?"

"Oh. My. God. How grown up you sound. Now tell me you remember me."

" Who's this?"

"Oh Sammy, you're gonna pay for that one. It's Me, your Aunt Jessica!"

Sam's mind flooded with all the memories of his beautiful aunt. Her 400+ pound body, her gorgeous smile, he never-ending butt, every amazing feature a girl could have. He never thought he'd get to talk to her again, and now here she was...

"...ammy? You still there, kiddo? (Lower and away from the phone) I think the boy must have fainted or something. Either that or you silly cell phone is dying out on us again."

"No, no I'm here Jessica. Sorry I,"

"Yea, I got a feeling where you went. How's that song go? MEMORIES...hahaha. Anyways, guess who I'm sitting next to."

Without a second thought, Sam said, "Dawn."

"Bingo, kiddo. And that’s not all, either. But we'll get to that later. SO is your Moms around?"

"No, her and Dad left for the city for the month. It's just me here."

"Wow. Ain't that something. We're just out of the city, and since we're gonna be driving out right past you guys place, we thought we'd stop in and say hello. But I guess since the folks aren't there, you probably could do without having to put up with some annoying fat girls, right?"

"No! I mean...yea no. You guys should still stop by, and see the new place. I'm sure you're tried of the road too and all."

"Why am I not surprised to hear that, Sammy? Hehehe. Ok, I've got to go now, before this cell craps out again. We should be there soon, we're close as it is. See ya then."

And before Sam could say "bye," she was gone. Sam was stunned. it was at this point that he began to pinch his arms, sure that he must have been dreaming. But a few painful moments later he realized he was indeed awake. Awake, and happier than he'd been in years. Three years ot be exact. His mind scrambled. "Shit, get ready," he thought. But just as he was midway up the stairs, he heard the doorbell ring. Damn, Jessica wasn't kidding about them being close! He knew he couldn't keep them waiting, so he just passed on trying to fix his hair, and ran right to the front door. He opened the door, and tried to throw on his "I'm cool" face. Once look at what was on the other site of that door, and his "look" melted right away.

Jessica was standing closest to him, her beaming smile going at 1000 watts. Her blond hair was now cut short, into an almost boyish length, that only helped show off more of her beautiful face. To fend off the heat, she was wearing a white tank-top and jean shorts that cut off a good foot before her knees. Her entire outfit looked spread on. The tank top did almost nothing to conceal her belly which looked almost double in size compared to the last time Sam saw her. You can only imagine how little it did to hide her breasts as well. Sam felt as if time had stopped, looking upon her beauty, where as in fact it kept on moving along. In fact, it wasn't until Jess said, "Well, are you gonna invite us in, or are you gonna just stare at us all day," that Sam snapped out of his trance.

"Oh! I'm sorry...yea come on in." Sam said.

As Jessica walked past Sam into the house, he got to see just how big she'd gotten upclose. From the side he could see that her jean shorts were slightly torn around the waist, obviously due to the strain of trying to hold back Jessica's humongous frame. 'She must be 500 pounds now," he thought with much excitement.

"Look at you, Sammy. All grown up no, huh? Ha!" It was Dawn. He's oldest aunt. She was following right behind Jessica, which helped to explain why Sam didn't see her at the door. Dawn always had, and still was smaller than her younger sister, even more so now with Jessica's apparent weight gain. Though that didn't mean Dawn was any sloch at all when it came to the fat game. Looking about the same size she was three years ago, 350 pounds if an ounce, with what could only be called "knockout" breasts squeezed into a small baby blue summer t-shirt and summer shorts.

"How've you been, kiddo?" Dawn asked as she leaned down to give Sam a peck on the cheek.

"Hi, Dawn." Sam was in a daze. It was all too much fat and sexiness for one skinny 18 year old. He was about to shut the door, when he heard, "Hey!"

Quickly he opened the door back up to reveal the third beauty who he'd never seen before. Being too mesmerized by the sway of Jessica and Dawn's hips as they walked into the house he hadn't even bothers to look back.

"You almost caught me there. Hehe," said the third girl as she stepped into the house.

"Oh yea, how could we have forgotten. Sammy meet Angela," said Dawn.

"Heya Sammy. I've heard lost about you." Angela said with a wink.

"Hi." It was the most Sam could get out. Damn was huge. Jessica was even bigger. But Angela outshined them all. A good bit taller than Sam's 5'11 frame, he put her for 6'4 at the least. Wearing a pair of women’s overalls without the full pant-legs, her thighs we out on display. And what a show they put on. Each of them being wider than his chest with ease, Sam was in love. Times three.

The girls walked into the den and started to place their bags down. Sam followed them, and sat down in his fathers favorite chair, brown-leather and overstuffed for comfort. He needed to sit before he felt down from visual exhaustion.

"Boy, what’s wrong with you, you look like you just ran a marathon," Angela said, which got the girls giggling.

"I'm just...shocked is all. I mean..." Sam was cut off by Jessica who said, "It's not everyday a few fat girls walk through your door?"

Again, this got the girls laughing and giggling. Sam was just too happy to form a response.

"I guess you're wondering why we left the city to come out here, right?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah, why?" Sam responded.

"Well, Dawn finally smarted up and left your prick of an uncle Adam. Me and your mother have been telling her to make the separation legal for years, and she finally did it yesterday." Jessica explained.

"Wow, I had no idea you and him were having problems," said Sam.

"Yea, it wasn't going well for years, hun. That's why I moved in with Jessica a few years back. Adam and me were going to try to make it work after a little separation, but it just didn't work. So finally I decided it was time to call it quits. So to celebrate, Jessica and I and our good friend Angela who you just drooled over...I mean met-more giggles-decided on one of those long drives into the country."

"Well, good you you guys, I guess. But doesn't this mean we aren't related anymore?" Sam asked.

"No, I guess not. So does that mean you don't want us staying the night?" Jessica asked coyly.

"No! Wait...yes. No, I mean..."

"Relax kiddo, she was just playing with you," Dawn said.

"Oh, ok."

"This is a great place, you guys have here." Angela said. "Mind if I check out the whole place?"

"Not at all, I can give you the tou..." Sam was cut off by Jessica who said, 'I'm sure Dawn and Angela can find their way around the place. Why don't you just keep me company while I rest a bit on your comfy couch here?"

"You're right. I'm sure you guys can find your way around here," Sam said to Angela and Dawn.

"How'd I know you'd agree with Jessica?" Dawn said with an evil grin. "Ok, where should we start, Angela?"

"Where else, girl? The kitchen."

And off the two of them walked towards the kitchen giggling back and forth. Sam just watched each of their unbelievable wide hips sway back and forth, so absorbed by it he forgot all about Jessica sitting on the couch right in front of him. Finally he realized that Jessica was right there, and had been watching him stare the whole time...

"Oh...I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by i..."

"Hey, calm down, little guy. We all know you love us fat girls. The way you look is cute too. Why don’t' you come over here so we can...catch up?"

"Ok." Sam stood up and walked over to the couch Jessica was sitting on. It wasn't a small couch by any means, but Jessica easily took up most of it with her girth. With her left thigh touching the arm of the couch, her other thigh came out all the way to the third cushion on the right side. Sam was a skinny guy, weighing in at only 140lbs on a 5'11 frame. Had he been any bigger though, he would have felt Jessica's hardly covered thighs pressing into him as he sat down.

"How big have you gotten?" Sam blurted out before he could stop himself. "Oh god, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to come out like that."

"It's ok. I can understand what you may be thinking. I’ve gotten much heavier since you last saw me. I don't know exactly how much I weigh, but last I checked it was 532lbs. But then again, I've eaten a lot since then," Jessica said with a smile.

Wow! Sam though. That was almost 150lbs more than how much she weighed when she sat on him those three years ago. He couldn't imagine how it must feel to be under her now, and little did he know he wouldn't have to imagine for long.

"Yep, I don't know how Dawn hasn't gained any weight. She eats almost as much as I do. Well...almost." Again, another sexy giggle escaped her lips. Now Jessica's eyes lit up a bit more seriously, and she said, "So tell me Sammy. Do you think you could take me sitting on you now?"

Sam couldn't answer, he couldn't even keep eye contact. His eyes dropped right away to her body, her belly popping out considerably from under that tank top, covering up the front of her jean shorts, giving it the look of her sitting here without any shorts on at all. Then, Jessica leaned to her left, lifting her incredible right thigh up off the cushion, and with her right arm she pulled Sam closer to her until most of his left side was under the shadow of her girth. Sam said nothing, just sat and awaited the rush of having such an awesome weight upon his much smaller frame. And with that, Jessica began to lower herself back down, till all of her right side was on on Sam. The pressure was astounding. Sam felt all of the air get compressed right out of him, and he was certain that his left side would be forever more flat than his right, after being squashed under Jessica's thigh. Jessica turned her head so that her face was close to Sam and said, "So little guy, how are you holding up?"

"I'm...I'm...ok. Wow you're so..."

"Heavy? Fat? Huge? All of the above?" Jessica was enjoying this. As much as Sam if not more. "If you think this is heavy, you have no idea what you're in for little guy. And just thing, we've got weeks and weeks. Weeks of you getting squashed under three very big girls."

Part three coming up soon.

Very soon. I promise.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Donna
« on: April 18, 2006, 05:46:29 PM »
This one I actually had from the old days of the Obese vs the World webboard.

Man, I wish that place was still up and running.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Donna
« on: April 16, 2006, 06:29:49 PM »
Another good one. Not mine however. Hope you enjoy.

Donna walked down the catwalk with style and grace, wrapped around her 110 lb. frame she wore a tight black spandex suit which hugged her big fake tits. Sitting in the front row was a group of fat female reporters for some Large and Lovely magazine. As Donna swirled by them, she gave them a disgusted look, turned her nose up at them at drifted off back down the runway! Patty, one of the fat women, made a remark, "Hey Bertha, did you see the way that skinny bitch looked at us!? Bertha replied,"Yeah, What a cunt!"
Twenty minutes later, Donna came back out on the catwalk wearing some kind of fancy bikini with super heels and strutted by the Fat women again. Like before she gave them snooty look, and Bertha called out to her "You stuck Up Bitch!" right to her face, and Donna replied back by calling her a "Fat Bitch"!...... Well that was it, Patty, Bertha, and the rest of their fat Friends were pissed off! Bertha wanted to kick her skinny little ass from here to East Pakistan! Patty was a little more pissed, she responded that she wanted trample her into the ground! Bertha added, "I think we should get even with that Bitch!" So all the Fat Women huddled up, and a plan started to form! Next time Donna came out the catwalk, it would be last!.........
Finally Donna came back out wearing a tiny painted on Dinner Dress with a Push Up Bra that made her double D's stick straight out, as she did her little prissy walk down towards The fat women, Brenda (one of the other fat girls) stuck out her hand and tripped Donna! Donna went flying off the stage and landed on to the floor in front of the fat women! The whole area around the Fat Girls was dark, the lights were really low, and with only the catwalk walk lights on. Nobody could see what was about to happen. Immediately Patty (a 350 lbs beauty) jumped up and placed he right heel on Donna's hand and started to grind her fingers in with all of her weight. Donna yelled! Brenda got up and cut off a few lookieloo's and told some of spectators that she was a nurse and she'll take care of this poor girl! All the fat girls were crowded around Donna, who flat on her back. Patty slowly stepped up on to the Model and starting to trample Donna into the carpet! Donna was trying like hell to scream, but Patty's 350 lbs were stomping the shit out of her! Brenda, gently pushed Patty off the girl, who immediately balled up and was try to choke down some air. All the fat girls picked up the model and carried her off and out of the center arena before anyone could say anything! The fat girls found a utility closet, and rushed the dazed girl into there! Brenda and the other Fat girl waited outside, while Patty and Bertha slammed the door closed! Inside the closet (which barely had any room) they pushed the girl to the floor, and Patty looked down at the Model with contempt, and with her heel she pushed her down flat against the floor, then jumped up on her chest, and started to trample her! She concentrated on walking on those fake tits of hers! She wanted to smash them flat! All the while, she was yelling at the model...."You fuckin little beach"......trample... trample...."You think you are so much".....trample...stomp...."better that us"......stomp.....trample.......! The poor girl struggled against those trampling heels but Patty was too big! Her chest started to caved in. While Patty trampled the girl, Bertha got an idea..... she grabbed some duct tape off of the counter, and told Patty to get off, and that she wanted to wrap this bitch up like a mummy and carry her out of her! The model was horrified, thinking "what are these fat bitches going to do with me!!!???"........
Patty picked up the girls battered body, and started to chuckle when she noticed her once errect tits, were now two saggy wet paper sacks (she really trampled them flat)! The girls dress had heel marks all over it. And she was all black and blue from the trampling! Meanwhile Bertha started to wrap the girl up like a mummy. She started off at the feet and with every wrap, Bertha made sure it was nice and tight, all the way up her legs, and past her tight little ass, and when she got to her tits, she grab so twine (thin rope) off the shelf, and started to tie her tits up, and she wanted to wrapped them up so tight that they would stick straight out and be as tight as a drum (like two torpedoes). Her boobs were so tight they looked like they were ready to pop! The nipples were sticking straight out like valve stems on a tire. Patty started to laugh .... then grabbed her nipples and started to twist the hell out them and the girl started to scream. Patty slapped the bitch, told her to "shut the fuck up" and put a nice healthy amount of duct tape around her mouth. bertha took the tape from Patty, and continued to wind it around her tits, and up to the top of her head. The only part Bertha left without tape was air holes for her nose, other wise the skinny bitch looked like Egyptian Mummy with big tits!..... Before Bertha, and Patty split out of the closet with their captive, Patty wanted to trample her up abit more. So Patty roughly pushed her ass to the floor and luckily she landed on her tits. Patty was the heaviest of the bunch (tipping the scales at about 450 lbs), and she had on a set of wide high heeled boots, so she stepped up on to her back, and Donna's (the model's name) tits where compressed into the floor! Patty was amazed on how her body felt below her boots, it was like she was walking on one of the children’s inflatable bouncy things you would find at a kid's birthday party!... Patty trampled Donna good! Donna was wrapped so tight, she thought she was going to burst from Patty's weight. Her poor tits where being smashed against the floor while this big 450lbs bitch trampled her in!
Patty rolled Donna on to her back, so her bound and taped tits were sticking up in the air. Then Patty stepped back up on to her stomach. Her heels were making deep indentations in the duct tape! But tape was wrapped so tight it resisted Patty's weight. Patty's body was facing her tits and with a mighty swing of her foot she kicked her left tit with her boot, her tit rebounded back like a punching bag! Patty started to laugh! She took another kick at her right tit, and it snapped back and forth! Bertha wanted her turn at it so she took a couple of swift kicks too. Donna's tit's were bouncing around like toy balloons. Both Bertha and Patty joined in and Boing....Biff,... Boom...Blamo! Donna was screaming in silence, her tits were killing her after being bound so tight and kicked around like they were foot balls.
A knock came from the door, and Brenda yelled thru the door that someone was coming! So Patty scooped up the girl, and her and the rest of the fat girls rushed out the door and down the hall, and into the parking lot where their car was parked. They threw the skinny bitch into the back seat, Big Brenda, and Bertha climbed into the back and planted their fat asses right on top of Donna. "Woof" all the air rushed out of Donna thru her nostril holes!!! The fat girls started laughing. She felt like human bean bag chair! They grounded their fat asses all in her till they were comfortable! Donna felt like she was about to explode! She had over 700 pounds on her! Bertha's fat ass was covering her head and tits, and Brenda's ass was smothering the rest! Donna could hardly breath. The car was speeding down the road and the driver was purposely hitting every pot holes and every bump on the road. The fat girls were crushing her to death!.... The ride was a long one and Donna was getting stuffed squeezed into the crack in the seat, her body had long since be smashed flat and she had passed out due to the lack of oxygen.
When the fat girls finally made it to Bertha's house, Melanie (the other fat bitch) Helped the 2 fat girls out of the back seat. When they got out the fat girls started to crack up when they saw this skinny girl all wrapped up in tape and crushed into the crack of the back seat. She looked like a over sized Burrito wrapped in tin foil that some accidentally sat on. Brenda and Bertha grabbed her legs and gave a tug and she popped out, and they carried her off into the house. Bertha told Brenda to lay her on the couch and two of the fat chicks took a seat on her! Woof....... all the air in Donna lungs whistled thru her nostril holes. And the duct tape made a funny crinkle noise when their fat asses finally settled in. Bertha lit up a smoke, and started to chat with the other girl on what should they do with this bitch? When bertha was done with her cig, she looked around for an ash tray, but it was on the other side of the table! Then she got an idea!! She got up and noticed how her big butt had a made a ass print on Donnas tits! She asked Melanie to slide down on her body just a bit. Then she peeled the tape back just a bit to expose the nipple on Donna's tit. Her bare nipple stuck out like a nipple on a babies bottle! And Bertha sat back down on Donna's chest just below her tits which were rubbing against her fat thigh. Bertha told Melanie, that she found herself a pretty blonde ash tray, and proceeded to ground out her cigarette into Donna's Nipple.... Twist..... twist...... SSssssS ssSSSSssss.... burt the shit out of her, and she cringed in pain, she couldn't believe she was being used as a human ash tray for these fat cunts. Bertha lit up another one, and inhaled it deeply! She leaned back and used Donna's other tit as an arm rest. This was fun she thought...... wondering what they are going to do next to her? Time ticked by and Bertha finished snubbing out 8 more cigarettes out into her nipples! (Donna's boobs where all full of burn marks..... her poor nipples where charred to a chrisp!) Bertha got up and went to the kitchen to grab more tape. She handed the tape to Melanie to tape her tits back up.
Brenda came in to the room and said, "Hey girls don't forget about the party tonight"? "I was thinking maybe we should use this skinny little bitch tonight for the party"? Bertha, and the rest of the girls all said, "That sounds god to me"..... and Donna started to tremble....... Melanie noticed this and went over to Donna, and did a flying butt drop on her! The couch almost broke, her 400 pounds went flying thru the air and crashed down on her chest. If it wasn't for her being all taped up, she would have popped like a balloon. The other fat women started to laugh and said, "hey it's my turn!" One by one they all started to do butt drops on Donna......kaboom......kaboom....blamo......squish.....blamo!!!!! Over and over, finally the couch broke! Donna was pounded into paste..... her body was broken and pulverized! And those tits of hers were smashed flat once again...... Donna passed out from the crushing, and the girls fixed the couch and shoved her borken body under the cushions of the sofa, Bertha and Brenda sat on her again contemplating on how to use this bitch for the party. Mean while the rest of the girls got prepared for tonight's party! *******(Start here you putz)*****
Before the party started, the fat girls placed Donna's mummified body on the front door step and they put a sign on her that said welcome. She was going to be used a human floor mat. The fat girls also put another note on the door saying "please wipe your feet off on me... all skinny people need to be walked on" ... p.s. this is just dummy....
In the afternoon, the guests started to show. The first people where two girls of extreme size. 350 pounds ea. They were had on tight party dresses and were wearing high heels. The first fat girl looked at mummy on the floor in front of the door. Then read the note on the door. And laughed..... She said to her friend "Man, that Bertha, always playing jokes!" With that she stepped up on the dummy and rang the bell. Then the other fat girl stepped up on it too. Their heels sunk into Donna like a knife in butter. Donna's ribs were just seconds away from cracking! The one fat girl commented on how real this dummy felt. And the other fat stomped down hard on it to reassure that it was fake! Donna was dying, these fat bitches were turning her into a pancake! They stood on Donna for about 2 minutes until someone finally answered the door! Bertha answered and looked down and Donna's smashed body, and was pleased! Bertha invited the girls in, and closed the door. After they stepped down of her, all the air rushed back into body. Just then more people showed up! This was a group of about 7 more fat people, both guys and girls! The first man read the sign, and made a comment on how he hated skinny people, and he joke on how he would like to jump on the mummies tits and crush'em flat. So he did, ......jump.....jump....jump..... his 340 pounds pounded Donna's tits to dust! When he was done, her tits looked like two trampled lunch bags! He rang the door and Bertha answer the door again, and everyone trampled her and they entered the house.
This went on all afternoon, Fat people trampled Donna into the cement. Most of the Fat girls loved to trample her Fake tits. Everyone thought they were walking on dummy!.... Finally after all the guests showed. Melanie went outside and carried Donna's crumpled form into back yard. Just then Melanie heard a crash, and she dropped Donna right there on the dirt near the pool and ran towards the house to see what broke! Donna was in daze when she hit the soft dirt.
Mean while Bertha, was trying to get everyone together to go outside so they could start the barby-q and dance to some music. Everyone started to flow out on to the lawn, while Bertha and the other girls were getting the refreshments together. Bertha yelled out to everyone to watch to out for the pile of leaves that were still left out on the lawn! The first group of people stepped on something kind of soft, (it was Donna) and one fat girl started to joke with her friend about how they used to jump up and down on the pile of leaves back at home when she was a kid. Her friend joined in and they started to bounce around on the pile. Laughing the whole time. (Donna was getting crushed into the soft dirt) Then they stepped off. More and more people started to walk on the pile. (with every step these fat people were pushing her deeper and deeper into the dirt) their heels were sinking in and crushing the pile of leaves flat (so they thought). And more people kept coming until everyone was shoulder to shoulder (Donna’s body was smashed all the way down into the soft earth, only the top of her tits and parts of her face were showing) then the music started! Everyone started dancing on top of her. All these 300 lbs women were grinding their heels into her. The duct tape bound around her body barely held the pressure of their sharp heels from totally poking thru her like Swiss cheese. When a slow song came on this one couple were slow dancing on her. Twisting and turning, grinding her deeper into the dirt. As they were moving to the music in tight embrace they were positioned right on her breasts and even though her tits were bound tight with tape, The combined weight of the two fat people smashed her tits flat. Over and over trampling her breasts to the soft swaying beat of the music. Donna was wide awake during this whole time and she was terrible pain. The fat girls with the high heels kept digging them into he her non stop.
Finally the music stopped, and she had four fat girls were standing on her. You couldn't even see her anymore. These fat people had trampled her all the way into the ground. When the music started again. The girls danced in place, moving their hips to the music, shifting their weight from foot to foot with the rhythm. Their heels were scraping, and twisting, and grinding into Donna. One girl made a comment on how soft the ground was. And she bounced around a bit to prove her point. Then she place her heel right on Donna's Nipple and started to poke it really hard, jabbing it into her tit. "See, right here! Look how the ground just sort of goes into and out"!! Just then a big bug started to crawl across the ground near their feet. One of the fat girls yelled, "Kill it"!! One girl tried to crush it, and missed, and her heel went crashing into Donna’s stomach, another girl started stomped her boot against Donna’s head trying to kill the dam thing, but the bug was too quick. finally they all started jumping up and down trying to crush it. but instead they were crushing Donna to death. Blamo....Blamo, jump,....biff......grind.......crush..... Ahh!!!! Someone finally got it. As one of the girls scraped the bug off her shoe on Donna’s face! They all laughed, and lit up a smoke and stood there talking away. Mean while Donna was smashed flat beneath them. The fat girls stood on her for another 45 minutes grinding out their cigarettes on her body. The music died out and everyone filed back inside the house trampling Donna's body on the way in.
Meanwhile Melanie, suddenly remembered where she dropped the model. She ran out in the yard and couldn't find her. She looked hard and notice two shiny bumps sticking out of the ground. She realized it was Donna's tits! She ran over to her and pulled her trampled body out of the ground, and started laughing! Just then Bertha came outside to see what Mel was laughing so hard about! "Hey Bertha, I accidentally dropped this bitch out here in the backyard, and everyone trampled her into the ground!" "Ha, Ha, Ha!" She said. Bertha replied, "Take her around the back and put in my bed room, and lets take off the tape! She's probably dead under there!" .....

How is that not incest?

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: 1 JAN 06
« on: January 02, 2006, 02:24:12 PM »
Great beginning, Adam.

Looking forward to more.

Might I say though, so more description of Megan would be nice.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Squashed Flat 3
« on: December 21, 2005, 11:51:31 AM »
In case you didn't know most of the stories (like this one) on this board weren't written on this board.

They were written on a unmoderated free messageboard and then transferred to another board and then transferred here by fuel.

So replying and telling fuel that you want to hear more isn't really going to do much since he didn't write the story.

It's amazing how many times I've had to say that in PMs and Emails.

I'm really glad that people are digging the stories, but besides from three or four of them, I didn't write them.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: 8 Sept 05
« on: October 23, 2005, 04:35:24 PM »
Not to bad at all.

Looking forward to more.

BBW Related Stories / Fantasies / Re: Kidnapped and enslaved by BBW's
« on: October 05, 2005, 02:01:27 PM »
Great story, I hope it's just part 1 of things to come.

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