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Wide As The Doorway

While I was in my bathroom (wearing the tightest, clingiest dress you ever did see) doing my hair, I noticed something quite sexy - that I'm as wide as the doorway! Having discovered this wicked, sexy information, I slowly walk back and through the doorway, squeezing my wide, fat hips through the opening. Eventually, I decide to see if I'm as wide as the doorway from the side as well, and play around with my luscious ass (shaking, spanking, and placing it on the counter) to show off just how wide, fat and big it really is...

8.5 mins / MP4 / WMV

Making The Bed Creak

Hefting up my big, heavy, fat soft body onto the bed, you can hear it squeak and creak and strain with my every movement. Watch and listen as I play with my entire body for you on the bed - my big swollen belly, my thick, fat soft legs, my wide, huge fat ass... (I show off every single bit of my body from head-to-toe)...

7.5 mins / MP4 / WMV

New videos available at the Plump Princess Clips4Sale Store:

Enjoy, my loves!
Courtney <3


New "Pillowy Daybed Afternoon" photo set + HD video only at!

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Courtney <3

What do I love to do most weekends? Why, lounge around, looking gorgeous, eating donuts and reading, of course...

WMV/MP4 files * 3 mins * eating * stuffing * belly play * fat talk

New "Royal Leisure And Pleasure" photo set and video update only at!

Courtney <3

McDonalds TV Snack

Look on as the Princess sits her big, wide ass down on the couch and enjoys a McDonalds snack while she plays with her big, soft body and watches TV - one of her favourite things to do as a greedy, indulgent princess.

*Eating, stuffing, indulging, belly play
* WMV/MP4 file
*6+ mins

Dancing To The Smiths

The Princess, feeling sexy, sensual, and blissfully beautiful, puts on "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths, and hypnotically moves her body, dancing and swooning like a big, soft, feminine goddess...

*Dancing, lingerie, full body, belly play, ass shaking, ass spanking
* WMV/MP4 file
* 4 mins

Being Fat And The Love Of Eating

Time to get personal and indulge in some fat-talk! The Princess answers questions asked/sent to her via Twitter, discussing why she loves being fat, and what she loves so much about the act of eating. Listen to her divulge her inner most feelings and personal experiences.

*Fat talk, lingerie, body play, personal discussion re: eating, being fat, food, weight gain, sex
*WMV/MP4 files
*11 mins

All 3 videos now up at!

Courtney <3

As Princess, I desired a plate of donuts for my breakfast,
Knowing full well it was wicked and naughty of me,
To want to indulge my insatiable greed and hunger,
With something so delightful and sinfully fattening.
I shouldn't have another bite, I shouldn't finish this entire plate...
Well, maybe one more bite,
Then another,
And another,
And...well, would you look at me...
Look how big, soft, heavy, and wickedly fat I am,
Just how a Princess should be.

New double video update: "Donuts For Breakfast For Princess" (9 mins, MP4, WMV) and "The Great Donut Aftermath" (6 mins, MP4, WMV) only at <3!

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Courtney <3

« on: February 12, 2016, 06:07:38 PM »
Oh, Darling...
How I love you...

New update with 60+ photos only at

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Courtney <3


Just in time for the holidays! You've all been noticing how I've been swelling and growing and filling-out, so I thought it was about time that I weight this gorgeous, growing, gaining, fat, soft body of mine...

And after weighing myself, I sit my beautiful, big self down and confess to you just how I notice when I've been a naughty, wicked girl and gained weight...

(3+ min)

(8+ min)

New weigh in/weight-gain/fat-talk video updates only at!
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KISS! <3

A lot of you may remember my best friend, Nicole. This gorgeous babe was my very first mentor and friend in the fat community, and she's been my best friend and sister ever since. She's retired from modeling now, but I am lucky enough to feature a brand new guest set of this timeless, famous beauty!

New Goddess Nicki guest set with 92 new photos, only at!

Courtney <3

I have always loved to eat, ever since I was a little girl. Of course, being a natural big, fat goddess since birth (I've never known a life in which I wasn't fat) I had an instinctive tendency towards finding delight in eating and indulging. But what made it so "naughty" for me? And why have I always taken such great, profound pleasure from it?

In this 10 min HD video, I sit with my big, heavy, wide ass spread on my couch, delighting in eating a delicious, heavy piece of pumpkin cheesecake, whilst recalling times in my life where, growing up as a young girl, my way of life influenced my love for eating, and why I take such naughty pleasure in it.

Listen as I confide in you my eating pleasure secrets, while simultaneously pleasuring my always soft, fat, beautiful body by giving it what it loves: food.

New 10 min HD fat talk/eating/feedee video, only at

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Courtney <3

In my bedroom you'll find me
Wearing nothing but a tee
Naked beneath and oh-so free
Why don't you come and play with me...

New "Nothing But A Tee" photo set plus a "Pillow Squashing" video up only at!

Courtney <3

All summer, I have been lounging and sunning myself in the sun at the beach and by the pool, wearing the most sexiest swimwear on my big, soft, gorgeous fat body. I thought that, using my hallway as a catwalk, I would model and show off 3 of my favourite swimsuits - just for you.

Watch how my body moves in them as I strut down the hallway - you can see how some hug and cling to my body, revealing the glorious, soft mounds of fat hidden and bound beneath the suits...

...And enjoy the immense pleasure it brings when I happen to pull up my bottoms to reveal a large, round bottom or pull them down to expose my soft, beautiful big belly...

New 6 min HD video only at:

KISS! <3

There's nothing like a little black and white photography to show off one of my absolute favourite outfits: a too-small, tight white tshirt that barely covers my big, soft belly, and a pair of too-tight, white pants that are so snug they are bursting at the seams - literally! There is really nothing better than tight, white clothing to show off all my beautiful fat. Look at my huge ass and legs through those pants - you can see every bit of fluff, every gorgeous dimple, like legs made of fat, fluffy clouds...

Belly So Heavy Video

too tight clothing * belly fetish * belly play * belly plopping * fat talk

New photo set plus a "Belly So Heavy" HD video up only at:

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Courtney <3

Some days, I walk around wearing nothing but beautiful, sexy lingerie - and a crown. Nothing makes me feel more like the Princess I am than getting to show off this royally gorgeous, fat, fluffy perfect body of mine. But oh, what's this? Your Princess is all dolled up, and has nowhere to go but your bed...

One of the softest, most pillowy and beautiful sets yet. New photo set plus a 4 minute HD video only at <3

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Courtney <3

Hello all my loves! ^_^ So, many of you have probably already noticed that my website domain has now changed to  I've added a "the" (because, you know, I am THE Plump Princess, after all). Sorry for the inconvenience this caused to any of you, I apologize profoundly for the disruption. Memberships should now be transferred over to the new domain!

To kick-off the new domain, new memberships for this month will be offered at a lower cost, and I also have a lovely (not-so) little update for you guys that I just know you are going to absolutely *love*. It's been a little while since I measured myself, hasn't it? I think it's about time that I measure my ever-growing and changing big, soft, fat, gorgeous body of, shall we? ;)

66 pic photoset * 8 min HD measuring video * body measurements * body play * body shaking and grabbing * fat talk * weight gain talk

Updates only at!

Courtney <3


It's the middle of the day, and I am a hungry, hungry girl. This Princess is in dire need of a snack, and so I decide to make myself a plate of doughnuts to stuff into my hungry, greedy fat-girl face. Watch as I fill my mouth (and big, soft belly) with doughnut after doughnut, followed down by a huge glass of whole milk. As I moan with pleasure and delight, listen as I talk about how much I love eating, stuffing my face, and keeping my gorgeous body big, soft, and fat.

* * *


After stuffing herself with a plate of doughnuts, the Princess lays back on the couch, stuffed, aching, and happily full, and begins to show off her big, fat, stuffed body for you. She grabs and shakes her big, fat belly. She massages and plays with her big, soft breasts. She gets on all fours (with the couch creaking beneath her weight), pulls down her panties, and bares her big, round, giant bubble butt for you, shaking, grabbing, and spanking it. Finally, she grabs huge handfuls of her fluffy, soft, pillowy arms. Stuffing herself with doughnuts keeps her fat, keeps her this gorgeous and soft, and she loves every single moment of it.

* * *


After discovering a bag of old boyfriend tees sizes M (medium) and L (large), the Princess decides to try on several shirts. Wanting to see what the shirts would look like and how they would fit on her, she tries on the too-tight tees, having to squeeze herself into them. She then compares the fit: how they should fit a normal person, and how they fit her and her big, fat, gorgeous body. The tee shirts cut into her big, soft, pillowy arms, expose all her belly fat and rolls beneath the tight, stretched material, and ends up fitting her more like a crop top, rather than a tee shirt. Still, she happily struts around in what turns out to be some very cute, too-tight tees. What would your tshirt look like on her?

New video updates up at the Plump Princess Clips4Sale Store:

Courtney <3

I've been waiting all day for you, for you to come over. All day I've been sipping wine, lounging in my adorable grey skirt and crop top, looking like a big, soft fat cheerleader. My hair is done, my makeup is on, and I'm ready to be wined (and dined). When you finally arrive, I smile and pull you out onto the balcony with me. You can tell I'm a little tipsy, extremely giddy, and in the mood to show off my gorgeous body for you...

After that, I'll take you into the hall, where you can watch me walk...up and down, back and forth, teasing you whilst I show off a little belly, a lot of ass, and some pretty damn amazing legs...

New photo set and video updated only at!

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Courtney <3

You meet this girl, and she claims to be a "Diet Industry Dropout" (and by the looks of her, she's not exaggerating). She's the kind of dropout you'd want to meet in the dark stairway and do naughty, fat things with, isn't she? ;)

New "Diet Industry Dropout" photo set and a "Stairway to Heavenly" video up only at!


"And I've got that red-lip, clas-sic thing that you like..."

New photo set with 68 photos, plus a 4min video with fat talk, spanking and fat-slapping noises, and tons of sensual, sexy belly, ass, and leg grabbing, jiggling and shaking. Just for you. Only at!

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Courtney <3

Just a normal afternoon while I strut around in a too-tight tee that won't even cover my beautiful soft, fat belly. Feeling a sudden craving to stuff my greedy, gorgeous face with some sweet, indulgent sweets, I make for the kitchen to begin my binge. Searching the fridge, freezer and cupboards for satiation, I manage to find happiness in whipped cream, nutella-stuffed cookies, chocolate-covered granola bars and last (but certainly not least) my favourite - ice cream. Must hurry before someone catches me in the middle of all this voracious greediness...

New "Fridge Binge" video up only at!

Also make sure to check out my delightful Clips4Sale Store, as I've updated a few video gems there as well, including another sexy, indulgent video of my touching and pleasuring myself:

Courtney <3

vSometimes you just have to let your natural beauty shine, which is why I decided to sprawl...well, more like squeeze into my armchair with nothing but nude lingerie on, my face natural and without any makeup on, and just let the natural glow of my self love, decadence, and beauty shine. It also helps that I was almost as big as the chair I was trying to squeeze into! A natural woman indeed...*wink*

New photo set with 64 photos, plus a 4 min video "Slow Motion Jiggle and Smack" up only at!

And don't forget to check out some more sexy, delicious Plump Princess videos at the Plump Princess Clips4Sale Store:

Courtney xo

It is early in the afternoon, and defused sunlight beams in from the windows, covering the room with a blanket of soft white light. It is the absolute perfect day to spend in bed with your Princess, seeing how the light glows against her skin, whilst shadows accentuate those curves and nooks and crannies just waiting for you touch and explore...

Come spend a Royal Afternoon with me at, where you shall find a lovely new photoset with 60 photos, plus a sumptuous, heavily-leggy video (over 4 minutes) where I shake, smack, and jiggle my large, luscious legs and ass for you.

Courtney xox


As the Princess lays languidly in her bed, wearing sexy, sensual lavender and grey lace lingerie, she begins to shake her big, deliciously soft body. Biting her lip, she slowly feels herself growing hot and bothered by the motion of her own body, and thus slides her chubby little hand down her underwear, finding that plush, soft mound of hers as she finds that perfect spot to touch...Moaning with pleasure, the Princess touches herself as she grabs and shakes her beautiful big body, writhing on the bed, her feet and toes curling as her body shakes from the motion of her touch...Watch her writhe and moan in pleasure, shake and jiggle in delicious ecstasy, until the perfect, most delicious climax is reached, leaving her flushed and blissed out from it all...      


In this HD video, the Plump Princess climbs her huge, beautiful body onto her bed, where she languidly spreads her wide hips as she sits down to enjoy a big, deliciously decadent chocolate cupcake. Dense, thick, rich, topped with heavy chocolate icing, the Princess moans with pleasure as she devours the cupcake, fat-and-food talking as she goes, giggling happily and sometimes moaning with discomfort as she indulges in the decadence.      


This incredibly special HD video is shot POV (point of view) style - from the point of view of the FA. Watch as the Princess gets felt up, grabbed, handled, jiggled, and shook all over. Feet, cankles, legs, thighs, ass, back, arms, belly, breasts, and neck are all grabbed, shook, spanked or slapped...all while she smiles demurely, bites her lip and grins with pleasure. Indulge yourself in what it would look and be like to have your hands all over the Plump Princess...      

New deliciously sexy clips up at the Plump Princess Clips4Sale store:

Courtney <3

Why hello my loves! ^_^ I know you've all been waiting patiently for this video, as it's been a few weeks coming. I unfortunately ended up being sick for the holidays, and for almost all of January with bronchitis (oh, dear!).

I definitely made up for being sick for so long since, though - and I believe you'll end up quite pleased with the results. This video was taken one week after finally feeling better - how much weight did I manage to gain in that week? Don't worry - I'm going to show it alllllll off, just for you. ;)

New "Post Holiday Weigh-In" video up only at!

Also make sure to check out new videos up at the Plump Princess Clips4Sale Store:

And also my darlings, here is a little preview of the next set to hit - enjoy some seriously sexy selfies! ;)

Courtney <3

« on: January 28, 2015, 09:28:10 PM »
Sometimes all I want to do is just lay in bed, watch TV, and snack away as I happily stuff my face and spend a day eating and relaxing like a princess. ^_^

New "Lazy Girl" eating photo set with 87 photos, and a 5 minute video up only at!

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Courtney <3

Peeking through the door,
Filming while my back is turned,
I am unaware, vulnerable,
As I shower,
Get dressed...
Lotion my big, beautiful goddess body...

Watching me silently, with me unaware
Not even knowing you are there -
Naughty, wicked you...

This wicked, voyeuristic video is just over 10 minutes long,  and now up at!


« on: November 28, 2014, 03:12:05 PM »
Hello there all my darlings! You all have been here with me throughout all these years, as I've grown from a plump young girl into a full, fat, voluptuous goddess of a woman. You've been here during my entire weight-gain journey, you've seen me slowly grow and grow...

Now that I've finally reached that epic 400 pound mark, I decided to make a video (diary-style) talking about my weight gain, my weight gain journey, my thoughts and feelings on my weight gain and my body, what I was thinking and feeling as I was gaining weight, how it happened, and of course - show off my gorgeoussss body for you!

New 12 minute weight-gain diary video up only at!

Courtney <3

Movie Clip Post / ~✝♥♔PLUMP PRINCESS♔♥✝~ Clips4Sale Updates!
« on: November 21, 2014, 04:00:01 PM »

Watch as the Princess struts bare-assed around her room teasingly, slapping and grabbing her big, round fat ass, before slowly pulling on some tight, white panties and a tight, white shirt - that can barely fit over her big belly! Once dressed, the Princess half-strips, pulls things up and down over her fat body, showing off how tight her clothes are over her big, bursting body. She spanks, grabs and jiggles her big, round fat ass (and you can even hear her fat thighs clapping together!), grabs, shakes and plays with her big, soft growing belly, and squeezes her big, soft breasts. Watch (and hear!) her fat body jiggle and slap as she shakes her ass, belly, and jumps up and down - letting her entire body jiggle and shake. Playful, sexy, and filled with soft, sensual jiggling.


Watch as the princess, dressed in tight pink lingerie and no makeup (all natural!) climbs onto her bed, her massive ass heaved up in the air as she shakes and jiggles it for you (as well as her big belly and deliciously thick legs!) Beneath her massive girth, her bed squeaks with strain from the Princess's delicious weight. Listen as the furniture groans and strains to maintain the weight of the Princess and her gorgeous, wide, big, fat ass...and to the Princess herself as she moans with pleasure, and huffs and puffs from strain.                        

New Clips4Sale video updates up at !

Courtney <3

« on: November 12, 2014, 02:44:29 PM »
Happy Girth Day to me!
Happy Girth Day to me!
Happy Girth Day dear Courtney...
Happy Girth Day to me!

I've finally turned 400! 400 delicious, soft, heavy pounds of fat, that jiggle and shake with every step, that engulf and envelop my body with curves and mounds of sexy softness...

New photo set and video to celebrate me finally reaching 400 pounds up only at!


So, my loves. It's been years.
Years of watching me grow, ever-so-slightly, ever-so-slowly...
From a plump girl, into a deliciously plumper woman.
You've been with me throughout it all, the ups, the downs,
The losses, the gains...
And now, FINALLY, after all these years watching me gain and grow...
It's the moment you've all been weighting for...
I, The Plump Princess, have finally reached 400 POUNDS!!!

It happened all-so-suddenly (although I have been indulgently eating more than usual lately) and I was profoundly shocked and surprised to see that number finally tip over 399!

So how much exactly do I weigh? Come celebrate my reaching the 400lb mark and watch it all on video, only at!

KISS, my loves! ^_^ <3


« on: October 01, 2014, 02:59:27 PM »
It's been a little while since I broke out the measuring-tape and measured my lovely, large gorgeous curves, and since I've been gaining and gaining recently...*blush*...I thought it was about time that I measured my body again and shared all my large, lovely measurements with you...

My breasts...
My upper arms...
My forearms...
My wrists...
My upper belly...
My lower belly...
My ass and hips...
My thighs...
My calves...
My cankles...

Come watch as I measure my gorgeous body and see how big I've grown ;) New 7 minute Measuring-video up only at!


« on: September 23, 2014, 05:48:12 PM »
Awaken your big, soft Sleeping Beauty with a kiss...

New photo set with 95 photos up only at!


As day slowly turns into dusk, it becomes just about that time for me to get all dolled-up and ready to head out on the town.

But before I do, I have to make sure that my soft, fluffy arms and my big, growing, luscious belly are lotioned...

...and that my long, lovely hair is brushed...

...before I can slip on my tight, clingy, curve-hugging dress...

New video (over 5 minutes!) up only at!


« on: August 27, 2014, 09:08:22 AM »
With her new thick, heavy, beautifully fat legs, the newly-human Mermaid Princess takes herself (and her big new legs!) out for a test-walk...walking and jumping (and jiggling) along the rocks as you watch and follow her. Then, it's off to the lake for her to kick and splash her new big, goddess-like body in the water from once she came...

New video "Mermaid Legs" up only at!



Walking along the beach, unbeknownst to you, a mermaid princess magically tranforms her fin into large, luscious human legs, and begins to walk ashore as a human along the rocks - her sclaes now turned into a gorgeous pink bikini...

 You suddenly spot her there on the rocks - looking out, walking along aimlessly, discovering her now fat, plump, delicious human body...

New "Mermaid Princess" photo set up only at!

(See how big I am getting these days?! My goddess!)


Walking along the beach, unbeknownst to you, a mermaid princess magically tranforms her fin into large, luscious human legs, and begins to walk ashore as a human along the rocks - her sclaes now turned into a gorgeous pink bikini...

 You suddenly spot her there on the rocks - looking out, walking along aimlessly, discovering her now fat, plump, delicious human body...

New "Mermaid Princess" photo set up only at!

(See how big I am getting these days?! My goddess!)




With how much I love to be fed and told that I'm pretty, you can certainly tell my body is growing quite fond of it...and growing so soft and big...!

New set of 126 photos up only at!



I had spent all afternoon lounging around naked in the sun, and my greedy little mind kept drifting off to develop this profound craving for fast food that I eventually, could resist no longer. With a hungry belly and a giant smile on my face, I sit my big, soft ass down on my couch as I begin to devour a plate of burgers, one-by-one...

Perfectly naked beneath a clinging blue maxi-dress, my hips spread out wide on either side of me ~ I am a soft, indulgent feedee Queen. Listen - you can hear my happy moans of pleasure as I stuff myself full of delicious, terribly indulgent fast-food, whilst I jiggle and play with my ever-growing belly beneath my dress...

Slowly, I lift my dress to reveal big, luscious legs hidden underneath. Happily while I stuff my Princess-face and sigh from getting ever-more full, I slap, jiggle, shake and play with my legs, belly, and everything else that I can touch...

Eating, stuffing, touching, playing, moaning...I don't stop until I am full and happily aching ~

New 13 MINUTE HD eating/stuffing video up at!

KISS! <3

Movie Clip Post / ~✝♡♔PLUMP PRINCESS♔♡✝~ Child-Like Greed
« on: June 19, 2014, 08:35:04 AM »
When I was a young girl, I *loved* Twinkies. I can remember always having the intense desire to just unwrap and devour an entire box of Twinkies, but that was never something I was allowed to do. Now that I am grown (and oh! how I've grown...) I decided to indulge that little girl inside of me, and eat an entire box of Twinkies. With my plate stacked and a glass of cold, whole milk in hand, I squish my big, gorgeous ass into a chair much too narrow and small for my hips - and happily devour an entire box of Twinkies, right before your eyes. Letting my belly out, picking it up, shaking it, dropping it, rubbing it and moaning with pleasure, I invite you to watch me as I profoundly enjoy this most delicious experience as I stuff myself full...

(This is going to do wonders for my figure!) ^_^

New 9 minute eating/stuffing video up only at!


« on: June 11, 2014, 12:25:24 PM »
Most of you know by now, that I am a total nerd/geekgirl. I love everything from Game of Thrones, to Star Wars, to super heros and villians, and yes - you might even catch me LARPing once in a while ;) One of my favourite things to do is read comics and graphic novels for fun - and thus, why don't you come snuggle up in a big, comfy chair with me whilst we read and play? ;)

New photo set with 140 photos up only at!



As you must have nboticed by now, I have been enjoying being a greedy, hungry, gluttonous girl recently, enjoying the pleasure and satisfaction that stuffing my greedy little princess face brings. Sure enough, this greedy and pleasurable indulgence has led the weigh to yet another weight-gain for this princess, and it's about time to see where my beautiful, growing body is as far as my weight is concerned ^_^ ~ so please, my lovely darlings, let me show you the weigh...

New weigh-in video up only at! (HD, 5 minutes)

KISS! <3

Can you tell that I've been growing and gaining like a good, naughty indulgent girl?
Can you tell that my belly keeps getting bigger?
Here, let me show off for you...I'll grab and shake my soft, growing belly for you.
I'll turn around, and shake my big, round, sexy fat ass for you, so you can watch it jiggle and shake...
Oh, how I love how this growing body moves and makes me feel...

New 4 minute HD video up only at!



You love when she wears that shirt.
That tiny, tight, white shirt - the one with The Little Mermaid drawn on it...
The one that cannot even cover her entire belly, but rather snugly hugs her upper belly, leaving her lower one teasingly bare...

How playful she gets when she's like this...

And the tiny roses that decorate those slinky black panties detailed with lace look so, so tiny whilst on that big, round, beautiful ass of hers...

New photo set up only at!



You know, there is nothing sexier than putting on some beautiful, sensual underwear and swaying my hips back and forth in a hypnotic dance for you. I love the way my body sways back and forth, how I can feel the weight of my big hips and ass shake and jiggle as I move my hips back and forth...

I also love to feel the softness of my skin and the heaviness of my belly as I lose myself in the smooth, graceful moves of my big, beautiful body ~

New "You're the One I Follow" video up only at!



It's the end of the night, and you have spent the entire evening wining and dining her - seeing her smile as she takes a delicious bite of the rich, fine food at dinner, watch as she struggles to squeeze into the chairs at the restaurant, watching as her hips and ass sway as she walks in front of you on your way back upstairs to your hotel room...

...Little does she know that the evening wining-and-dining is far from over yet, for back at the room, you have ordered room service for your Princess. More champagne, and both a savoury and sweet snack (not sure which she would rather have) await her back at the room. Her eyes grow wide and glisten as she sits her big, wide ass down in one of the hotel chairs (you smile as you notice her squeezing and spilling out of it) and indulges her already stuffed, satiated self with even more delicious treats. Happy and delighted, your full, tipsy, giggley Princess shows off her beautiful, soft, ravishing body as she is completely enraptured with pleasure...

New photo set with 168 photos up only at!


It's just before dusk, and she arrives at your hotel - the one you both planned on sharing together - before you do. Excited for your arrival, she puts away her things and sees the champagne you had ordered for her, sitting there on the table...

Delightfully, she bites her lip and smiles, opens the bottle and pours herself a glass. She sighs happily, feeling the tiny bubbles tickle in her mouth and down her throat, and decides to get into something a little more comfortable, sexy, suggestive...

Longingly, she lounges around your hotel room, sipping champagne as she waits for your arrival...

New set of 133 photos up only at!


Hello all my lovely darlings! If you haven`t recently checked out my Clips4Sale store, there have been a few new videos added recently that I know you will all absolutely adore and enjoy profoundly!

Wicked Innocence

In this video, dressed in a clingy, tight, translucent white chemise, the Princess talks about her weight gain, where she sees and notices the gain the most on herself, then shows off her gorgeous body. Lots of belly play, leg and thigh clapping and jiggling, and sounds and movements...

 Sucking In and Letting Out

In this video, the Princess shows the contrast between her belly when she sucks in, and her belly when she sucks out and lets it go. Showing you her belly from all angles, she demonstrates how her belly goes "skinny" when she sucks in, and how it grows and bellows out when she lets go of her and out, in and out...skinny then growing big, skinny and then big... As always, her deliciously curvy pear/hourglass figure shows off the pear-fect proportions and you'll be delighted with how happy this little game makes her...

 All Lotioned Up!

In this video, the Plump Princess sensually rubs lotion all over her soft, fat body, including her arms, belly, and legs. She moves, grabs, and handles her beautiful soft flesh as she rubs the lotion into her skin, making sure to show off every single curve of her body as she does so... Grabbing and shaking her arms, belly, and big, thick legs, this lotioned goddess will make you crave to feel the touch of her soft, fat, beautiful body...


In her little sheer top, the Princess waltzes around on camera for you, showing off her entire body from top to bottom - her big, heavy thick legs, her wide, big bubble ass, her growing, soft big belly and her breasts and arms. Shaking, slapping and jiggling her ass, legs, belly and body, the Princess loves to show off just for you...

I Can Tell I've Gained Weight

You've seen her eat, feed and stuff herself - now let her tell and show you all about her weight gain - how she's been gaining, where she notices the gains, her feelings on her body and gaining - lots off showing-off and fat-talk in this 6 minute video. VIDEO FEATURED ON WWW.PLUMPPRINCESS.COM

 Eating to Gain - A Jug of Eggnog

As if devouring an entire tub of yogurt wasn't greedy enough! In this 9 minute video, after finishing her tub of yogurt, the Princess moves on to drink an entire jug (1.5L) of eggnog. What? It's the most fattiest time of the year! After stuffing herself to the point of bursting, she shows off her swollen, stuffed, aching body for you...

 Eating to Gain - Tub of Yogurt

In this 7 minute video, the Princess sits her soft, heavy body down to indulge in an entire tub of rich, creamy thick yogurt (the most high-calorie yogurt you can find), hoping that it will help make her bigger and fatter, heavier and softer... VIDEO ALSO FEATURED ON WWW.PLUMPPRINCESS.COM

Come check out these lovely new videos at the Plump Princess Clips4Sale Store:

You can also find the last three videos on my website,!


In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an Angel ~
Looking to get f*cked hard...

New photo set with 94 photos, plus a sexy, sensual, hypnotic dancing video ~ only at!


« on: February 13, 2014, 04:58:24 AM »
So it's been a little while since I took my measurements, and with all of the changes and gains my body has been through over the years, I was delighted to measure my big, soft, beautiful body and see just what my proportions were and how big I actually was...

Come sit with me and watch as I measure my arms, bust, underbust, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and (c)ankles! ^_^

New 10 minute "Measurments" video up only at!

KISS! <3

Movie Clip Post / ~✝♡♔PLUMP PRINCESS♔♡✝~ Keep Me Waiting
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:49:56 PM »
I just got home, and I know you're coming over. You will be here, any moment...

I strut around my room carelessly, restlessly, stripping and playing and dreaming of all the fun we're going to have together once you're here...

I love the way clothes feel as they brush against my skin as I lift them off and peel them away from my big, soft body ~ I love the way my ass, legs, belly and breasts wobble and jiggle as I walk ~ I love how heavy my body thumps down onto my bed ~ I love the way my big, wide ass feels as I shake it in the air...

New 5 minute video up only at!


Well hello all my lovely darlings! ^_^

The holidays are fast approaching, and I have been stuffing myself like a stocking, eating and indulging so that I may fatten up in time for the holidays...

I have really been enjoying gaining weight again, and I'm delighted to start seeing more signs of weight gain on my lovely, beautiful body. Of course, I have been eating and drinking like a fat, greedy girl these past several weeks, and all of that greed is definitely starting to pay off...

Eating to Gain - Tub of Yogurt

In this 7 minute video, I sit my soft, heavy body down to indulge in an entire tub of rich, creamy thick yogurt (the most high-calorie yogurt you can find), hoping that it will help make me bigger and fatter, heavier and softer...

Eating to Gain - Jug of Eggnog

As if devouring an entire tub of yogurt wasn't greedy enough! In this 9 minute video, after finishing my tub of yogurt, I move on to drink an entire jug (1.5L) of eggnog. What? It's the most fattiest time of the year! ;) After stuffing myself to the point of bursting, I show off my swollen, stuffed, aching body for you...

I Can Tell That I've Gained Weight

You've seen me eat, feed and stuff myself - now let me tell and show you all about my weight gain - how I've been gaining, where I notice the gains, my feelings on my body and gaining - lots off showing-off and fat-talk in this 6 minute video.

All three Stuffing/Eating/Gaining videos updated at!

KISS! <3

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