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SSBBW Candy Godiva Big Bouncing Belly - Fat Admirer

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  • SSBBW Candy Godiva Big Bouncing Belly - Fat Admirer in Movie Clip Post
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SSBBW Candy Godiva Big Bouncing Belly - Fat Admirer in Movie Clip Post
In this clip, SSBBW Candy spends a lot of time playing with the big round sexy parts of her super sized body. She starts out seated in front of the camera, and she is completely silent the entire clip. She starts rubbing and squeezing her big belly, bouncing it at one point, and then she moves up to playing with her breasts. She squeezes them, squishing together at one point, and then she bounces them hard. Candy squeezes her nipples and and goes back to playing with her big belly again. Candy playfully squeezes, bounces, and slaps it. Candy lifts her big arms and starts to flap her "wings" against her sides, making a loud slapping sound in the process. Candy stretches out her arms, and goes back to playing with her belly again. Candy fingers her deep navel and goes back to bouncing her belly with her big thighs. Candy raises her arms and flaps them for a moment again before standing up. Candy starts out shaking her big belly while standing, and it's easier to move it around because it is not bunched up in what would be her lap. Candy reaches back and jiggles her hip for a moment as the camera has a side view of her big body as she stands. Candy bends over to straighten out the towel on the futon and then she sits back down again. A table with plastic cups with lids appears in front of Candy, and she stands and lifts her belly up just enough to drop it right onto the cups and the table. This causes the cups to scatter and the table nearly buckles under the weight of her big belly. Candy attempts to straighten the table out but her belly pulls it right over towards her. Candy tries once more to crush the plastic cups but they just seem to squeeze out from under her belly, and it's hard for her to get a perfect landing right on top of them because she can't see what she's doing and has to estimate. Candy is out of breath from all this activity, but she still doesn't say a word, and after some more belly jiggling, Candy looks at the camera and gives a facial expression that ends the clip without saying goodbye.

Download full video here -

SSBBW Candy Godiva Big Bouncing Belly - Fat Admirer in Movie Clip Post

Download full video here -

#1 - June 27, 2017, 09:37:39 AM

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